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B2B Product Demonstration


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A demonstration of emedia UK's innovative and effective lead generation, brand awareness and click-through campaign options.

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B2B Product Demonstration

  1. 1. accelerated leadgeneration How our Lead Generation Programmes Work
  2. 2. How Cost-per-Inclusion worksClick-to-Web campaignsuse ‘inclusions’ - one ofthe adverts in our emails.Every bulletin consists of4-6 inclusions, each withtheir own imagery, up to70 words of copy, call-to-action and links.
  3. 3. How Sponsorship Inclusions workMuch like Click-to-Web, a BulletinSponsorship campaign uses‘inclusions’ - one of the adverts inour emails.A Bulletin Sponsorship allows you todominate a bulletin.Your are guaranteed top-billingwithin the message, top headline, 70words of copy, call-to-action, link tochosen url, imagery and a towerbanner that spans the bulletin.
  4. 4. How Cost-per-Lead works Cost-per-Lead programmes guarantee timely, specific results. Tell us:How many Your targetleads you audience Return to you need a campaign We analyse your plan with requirements and timescales collateral and a Cost- available per-Lead rate What product/ for approval Your budgetcollateralpromoting A CpL campaign guarantees a ROI, plus high levels of exposure as we use multiple, selected bulletins to generate the response you require.
  5. 5. How Cost-per-Lead worksWe run an inclusion for your product in our email bulletins- whichever best reach your target market. The reader, if interested, clicks on one of the links of your inclusion.
  6. 6. How Cost-per-Lead works The reader is taken to a customised form, already They then populatedanswer any with their qualifying details toquestion(s). check. And submit them to get access to your collateral.
  7. 7. How Cost-per-Lead works The reader is then taken to a screen confirming that the collateral has been emailed to them.
  8. 8. How Cost-per-Lead works The results are collated, cleaned and verified by us, makingsure that they match your qualifying criteria, before being sent to you or fed into your CRM system.
  9. 9. How emedia Surveys work We help you to develop the 8 questions that will form your bespoke Upon completion, you survey. You select your target receive a report of the audience and wefindings and full contact identify the ideal details of respondents. bulletin audiences. Each interaction is followed-up via our emedia will prepare the Lead Nurturing survey, using yoursoftware, ReTouch, with branding.a customised message. We run your survey in Approval. We only begin multiple, sole branded, a survey when you are bulletins to get 100% happy with the subscriber participation. format.
  10. 10. How emedia Surveys work The subscriber receives a solus email featuring your offer/information, branded under one of our email bulletin titles, and clicks to take part.
  11. 11. How emedia Surveys work The reader is taken to a customised form and answers questions in the survey.
  12. 12. How emedia Surveys work On completion of the questions, the reader is taken to a form already populated with their details to check before submitting.
  13. 13. How emedia Surveys work The reader, upon submittal, is taken to screen confirming receipt and informing that advertiser may contact…
  14. 14. How emedia Surveys work Before being redirected to a url of your choice.
  15. 15. How emedia Surveys work The results are collated, cleaned and verified by us, makingsure that they match your qualifying criteria, before being sent to you.
  16. 16. How our Turn-Key Solution works Decide who youIt’s up to you. want to contactWe can use any of We can nurture or We review andour campaign enrich your leads, optimise yourproducts and lead ensuring they are marketing assets warm for follow-up to drive leadsenhancements tocraft a completesolution that fitsyour needs. You pay only for We create original the results from collateral to within your target strengthen yourTotally new, market campaigncompletely bespoke,100% effective. We tell you how many leads to expect and when you’ll get them
  17. 17. accelerated leadgeneration Contact: +44 (0)207 098 2200 30 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4EA emedia is a division of Reed Business Information Limited, part of the Reed Elsevier Group plc. Reed Business Information Limited is a company registered in England & Wales. Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey. SM2 5AS. Company Number: 151537 VAT Number: GB 235 7235 65