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Just for motivation, story behind my career


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Just for motivation, story behind my career

  1. 1. THE STORY OF MY CAREER PRESENTED BY ROFIQ FAUZI For Pesantren Networkers 2014 ID Networkers
  2. 2. MY PREVIOUS JOB 01. TRANSMISSION ENGINEER Learn about Telco transmission infrastructure, installation and maintenance, especially in microwave transmission 02. NETWORK ENGINEER Learn lot of thing about TCP/IP, Telco network topology and infrastructure, how to install, maintenance and troubleshooting 03. PROCUREMENT I learn lot of thing here, how to handle meeting, how to make formal letter, how to build communication and relation ship with corporate vendor ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  3. 3. MY NEW JOB If you want to be an entrepreneur, it's not a job , it's a lifestyle..(Niklas Zennstrom) ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  4. 4. EVOLUTION OF YOURSELF Human Evolution JUMP!! Are next human will more clever than before? No They just learn something new, and know more thing What you need to do? Jump!!! , to become future person of you Evolution in Yourself To make us clever, we just need to know something early that another people. ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  5. 5. Learn Like A Baby Learning to Walk Baby Learning to Walk How many times they fall down? Tens, hundreds of times, uncountable No matter how many times they fall down, always stay strong and have the courage get back up again. Walking is not skill or talent, its gift Intelligent also gift from Alloh, you just only need to repeat and repeat, until you can do that and understand much. Learn like a baby learning to walk ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  6. 6. Frog Under Coconut Shell The frog who lives under the coconut shell thinks that the coconut shell is its entire world Knowledge is unlimited, why you not explore...... IMAM SYAFI’I SAID: Hey, what happening out there?!!! • Clever people will not be silent at home • Leave your homes and adventure to another country • You see that stagnant water becomes damaged and dirty • If water continue flow will becomes clear and not muddy puddle • The arrow will never reach the target if it does not leave the bow Leave your comfort zone ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  7. 7. From Who You Get Money From Who You Get Money? JUMP!! From Your company, your parent, your business? No Alloh your company your parents your business You get money from Alloh, so if you loose your work, your job or your parent, you still a life, right? What you need to do? Do not dependent upon other than Alloh. anywhere, anytime, any job, you will get a salary/income/money that comes from Alloh ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  8. 8. Be Different, Be Unique Make you unique Be expert in one thing that people can’t do that Be Different with Certification of the hundred or thousands of job applicants, you will be selected if you have certification Be Different in faith human in front of Allah is same, only thing that make difference is the level of faith (keimanan) ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  9. 9. MY MOTHER’S PRAY My Mother I am nothing without my mother True Love The only love that I really believe in is my mother’s love for her children (me) My mother stand beside her husband’s (my father) resting place Surah Al-Ahqaf 46 :15 “And We commanded human to do good to his parents. His mother bore him with pain, and gave birth to him with pain. And his bearing and weaning are in thirty months…” Always ask and get permission to your mother if we want to do any urgent matter / decision. ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME “If you cannot survive in the tired of learning, then you will be suffering by the pain of stupidity” (Imam Syafi’i)
  11. 11. OUR CONTACT DETAILS If you have any other questions or would like me to clarify anything else, please, let me know. I am always glad to help in any way I can ADDRESS: Jakarta & Semarang, Indonesia WEBSITE: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: +62 8156583545 LINKEDIN: FACEBOOK: SKYPE: ID – NETWORKERS | WWW.ID-NETWORKERS.COM rofiq.fauzi