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Rnh9:12 presentation


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Rnh9:12 presentation

  1. 1. Roots Natural HealthCoorporate Wellness Programs
  2. 2. Mission Statement
  3. 3. The Team Chelah Vega; Founder, director, head trainer. Bikini athlete, member of National Physique Comitee, bachelors in Health and Exercise Science, Wholistic Nutrition, Acupressure. Has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years.
  4. 4. Market Summary Market: Fitness Boom, massage boom, and health and wellness programs boom. Example: Snap Fitness, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Massage Envy, Curves, etc. Need some stats to put in some statistics…
  5. 5. Opportunities Problems and opportunities: – Consumers want to be respected and acknowledged. Given valid information, and receive products and services they can afford. Consumers want value, excellent service, and an alternative experience. Consumers want social interaction and a place to go where they feel comfortable and welcome. – RNH- One Stop Shop: Fitness Training, Group Classes, Massage, Body Work, Nutritional Consulting, work opportunities.
  6. 6. Business Concept RNH based on wholistic model that includes mind, body spirit. Looking out for each clients health, phsyiology, nutrition, spritual or emotional connection, and conscious awareness.
  7. 7. Competition Box Gyms, Independent personal trainers, core power, yoga studios, massage studios, back page. RNH Competitive Advantage: Do it all in one spot. Easy to access, affordable, and personal. Coorporate strategy but independent model.
  8. 8. Goals & Objectives Five-year goals – Increase membership rostor to 5,000. – Market Share of franshise and 5%. – Revenue/ Profitability goals: Each club yields $30,000.00/ month and $360,000 per year gross revenue. Exponential growth factor with franchise.
  9. 9. Financial Plan High-level financial plan that defines financial model, pricing assumptions, and reviews yearly expected sales and profits for the next three years. Use several slides to cover this material appropriately. Need help with this one!
  10. 10. Resource Requirements Multifunctional facilities, 4,000 sq feet. Gym with equipment, massage studio x 3, main administrative office. Child care. 6 yoga instructors, 4 massage therapists, 1 general manager, 3 assistant managers, marketing director, sales team x 3-4, plus 4 personal traininers. Resource requirements – Financial, distribution, promotion, etc. ?External requirements – Products/services/technology required to be purchased
  11. 11. Risks & Rewards Risks – Capital for marketing, overhead costs of lease. Addressing risk – Insure marketing mathes the financial needs. Rewards – Net Revenue per month? $15,000 per facility.
  12. 12. Key Issues Near term – Build out, Personell, Insurance, Marketing costs. Client management systems. Long term Expansion costs, training systems, management, franchise legal fees, tax auditing. – Lack of revenue generating activity and too much overhead = loss of net revenue. $30,000.00 for initial build out, lease and marketing costs for 6 months.