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Roots prospectus reference

  1. 1. We make you future ready...
  2. 2. To face the toughest of challenges withconfidence.To meet the demands of ‘change’ withadaptability and creativity.To contribute to society’s progress with hardwork and a spirit of entrepreneurship.To believe in yourself, not because you fearfailure, but because you have a burningpassion to be at the top of the block.To show the world that you have what it takes-the grit, talent and conviction that winnersare made of.To prove to the world that you are ready.future ready.At ROOTS, you discover yourself.
  3. 3. A WORLD OFOPPORTUNITYIS WAITING FOR YOU...ROOTS MAKES YOU READYIndia is poised at an exciting phase. Technology has advanced, businesses areexpanding rapidly and more and more MNCs are setting up base in India. This hasled to an explosion of employment opportunities in a variety of fields.A promising future beckonsIndia’s job market is all set to double in the next 5 years. Opportunities for businessschool graduates are booming, as companies feel business school students bringmore value to the workplace with their all-round capabilities. Sectors like IT,Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Retail,Biotechnology and Healthcare are witnessing unprecedented growth, creatingexcellent job prospects for competent individuals.Yet, many students are losing out in the job raceCorporate India is facing an acute shortage of skilled workforce. Only a smallpercentage of college graduates have the skills that companies are looking for.Present day corporate world demands innovative thinkers with good multitasking,leadership and communication skills. However, many colleges focus only onacademic aspects and leave out all-round development.• Focus only on textbook learning and grades• Lack of industry exposure for students• No focus on developing independent thinking• No importance attached to students’ personality development• No career guidance & counselling to help students prepare for future opportunities
  4. 4. At ROOTS, we bridge the gap betweenindustry needs & college output so thatyou stay ahead of competition!At ROOTS we ensure a well-planned learning exposure covering academic, industryrelated and personality development fronts, leading to a successful career for students. Real-time industry exposure right from Intermediate level Internationally recognized International Edexcel study tours certifications from UK With international certifications and a holistic curriculum that encompasses all-round Unique Corporate Unique choice of Traineeship learning, ROOTS makes courses that open Programs to students ready up vast career build work skills opportunities for the corporate world! Industry Not just a degree, mentorship but an overall program to put personality you on the development right track
  5. 5. VisionTo become an internationally acclaimed business school known for impartingexcellence in management education and creating competent professionals whocan drive change and set new standards in global businesses.Mission• Inculcating highest standards of knowledge• Inculcating highest standards of discipline, values and ethics• Constantly improving the curriculum and aligning it to meet industry needs and global standards• Providing holistic learning experience through industry and international alliances• Driving innovation, creativity and communication as the key ingredients in the learning process
  6. 6. ROOTS Philosophy An International School of Business & ManagementIndividualWe believe that every individual is a powerhouse of possibilities. At ROOTS, we mouldan individual to realize his/her full potential. By instilling in them right behaviour, rightbeliefs and right skill set required by the industry, we make them ready for thecorporate world.InstitutionThe responsibility to create future leaders who are capable of bringing innovation andchange to businesses and the society as a whole, rests with the institution. ROOTS isan institution that aims to create such young & talented leaders. With the best offaculty and curriculum that matches industry standards, we strive to create a holisticlearning environment that inspires students to think beyond the ordinary, and rise tothe challenges of the modern world.IndustryIndustrial progress holds the key to the progress of the nation. Industries need talentedand motivated individuals with sound education and a lofty vision to excel. Creatingsuch individuals is our guiding philosophy at ROOTS.
  7. 7. irector’s Message Director’s Message Vijay Sagar- Director Academics B.Tech., (IIT-M), PGDBA (IIM-A) The spirit to instill outstanding educational values coupled with a need to bridge the gap between industry requirements and academic output, has led to the formation of ROOTS. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to ROOTS – an institution that has carved a niche for itself in creating smart, savvy, industry-ready professionals who can face the challenges of modern businesses with confidence. With experienced faculty, a rigorous curriculum that provides an international exposure, and a plethora of personality enhancement activities, our students receive exceptional grooming that enhances their cognitive, emotional and physical abilities. Our international certifications are credited to be among the most recognized in the industry. Students are equipped with practical business insights and the intellectual rigor required by modern corporates. The faculty, comprising of brilliant academicians and industry experts, is considered to be among the best while the resources and facilities provide a holistic learning environment. As we continue to strive for new benchmarks, we welcome you to join us and discover a whole new learning experience at ROOTS.
  8. 8. Equipping you with the skillset to face the corporate worldA research based pedagogy Case Study ApproachAt ROOTS, students are encouraged to At ROOTS, case studies are anthink independently and intuitively. With important part of the curriculum. Witha pedagogy that’s a mix of classroom the case study approach we place anteaching, self study, case studies and emphasis on a student’s analyticalindustry visits, students get a real-time thinking and encourage him/her toperception of the industry. apply the principles learnt in the classroom to real life problems.Self StudyAt ROOTS, rigorous self study ismandatory. Students are encouragedto spend time in the library and refervarious books and journals, and • Case studiesconduct research on any particular • Guest lecturestopic of their interest, within the • Projects andcurriculum. assignments • Concept presentationsClassroom Learning • Paper presentationsInteractive group discussions, debates • International study tourand quizzes are part of the classroom • Industry internshipslearning process at ROOTS. Studentslearn to shed their inhibitions andshare their perspectives openly.
  9. 9. Advantages of the case-study specialization, and present projectsapproach and reports to the faculty on a regular• Encourages participation basis. This hones their researching• Improves analytical skills skills, improves their ability to draw• Allows application of knowledge inferences and conclusions, and structures their thinking. “I find case study sessions very International Study Tours & interesting and thought provoking. Exchange Programs They stimulate my thinking and In order to understand global best help me apply whatever textbook practices in business, students are offered an international exchange knowledge I have gained, program. Selected students will be to real-time problems.” sent to a foreign university for one Anirudh, 2nd year, BBA semester where they can gain from a culturally and academically enriching experience.Guest LecturesExperienced professionals in the areasof Marketing, Finance, HR, Supply “The international tour was anChain, and other fields are invited enjoyable learning experience. I learntregularly to deliver lectures to about the functioning of differentstudents, thereby connecting companies in South East Asia,classroom learning with practical interacted with experts and also had aaspects. lot of fun during the whole trip.”Projects and AssignmentsStudents are required to research on Kushal Daga, 2nd year BBAtopics of their interest and
  10. 10. Presentations Industry visits and internships helpConcept presentations are a regular students gain crucial knowledgeand mandatory part of the curriculum. about industry trends.Students are required to give Industry Internshipspresentations on chosen topics, as a Students are facilitated with industrypart of the course. This helps them to internships for a considerableexpress their views in front of an duration to ensure that they gainaudience, which in turn leads to real-time work experience.enhanced confidence and Visits to different organizations helpprofessionalism. students to shape their theoreticalBeyond the classroom understanding.At ROOTS, learning does not just stopwithin the walls of a classroom. “I feel lucky to be interacting with so many industry experts. They have opened my thinking process with their invaluable insights.” Pavan Sharma, 1st year BBA
  11. 11. An atmosphere thatinspires & empowersCampus FacilitiesAdvantageous LocationROOTS is located in the heart of thecity’s business and commercial hub-Somajiguda, and is at a short distancefrom the proposed metro rail terminus. for their project work and for preparingIt is operational on a 25,000 sq.ft area seminar presentations. Students canand is equipped with state-of-the-artfacilities for students. access e-books, study materials, previous question papers, teachingSpacious Classrooms schedules, internal marks,Classrooms are spacious and attendance, daily circulars, etc.well-ventilated. Modern audio/videoequipment is provided to enhance the through the college LAN.learning process. “I use the net extensively for myLibrary & Book Bank projects. The 24-hour internetThe library is stocked with a vastcollection of books, journals and availability is a greatmagazines of various subjects. The advantage at ROOTS.”book bank provides each student with Abbas Batinwala, 2nd year, BBAthe entire set of books required forIntermediate, BBA and BA MassCom • Located in the heartcourses. of the city • Modern, spacious “I spend a lot of time in the library. classrooms It is well-stocked with all • Wi-Fi access the latest books.” • Library & book bank • Cafeteria Divya Sripada, 2nd year, BBA • Sports facilitiesWi-fi Internet Facility • Student CounsellingA 5 Mbps 24x7 Wi-Fi internet Centerconnection is available for students
  12. 12. Student Facilitation DispensaryIndustry experts and leading At ROOTS, we give our students theacademicians visit the campus regularly utmost care, and attend to everyand share their real life industry aspect of their well-being. Medical aidexperiences with the students. Regular is always made available in caseor private counselling at the campus students suffer from any emergencieshelps students cope with academic like falls and injuries.challenges and personal dilemmas.Students are given full personalattention when they need help in aparticular area. Our counselors arealways ready and willing to help andensure students’ welfare andwell-being. “No other college invests so much time in counselling students. The personal and career counselling that I received at ROOTS has helped me tremendously. I am much more confident of my abilities and also clear of my career goals.” Sadaf Lohia, 2nd year, BBACafeteriaThe proposed ROOTS cafeteria willbe serving variety of delicious andhygienic refreshments.Sports FacilitiesPhysical fitness plays a crucial role inoverall personality development.Students are encouraged to devote “After a hectic class, I play a game oftime for personal fitness. Inter-college table tennis to relax.”sports competitions are a commonfeature at ROOTS. Janak Patel, 2nd year, BBA
  13. 13. An international learningplatform with EdexcelWhat are Edexcel certifications? The Higher National DiplomaThe Edexcel certifications, which are At the end of the Edexcel course,known as Higher National Diplomas students will be awarded the Higher(HND), are internationally recognized National Diploma (Level 3 forqualifications awarded by Edexcel, Bachelors and Level 5 for Integrated).UK. These degrees are acclaimed for With a balanced mix of knowledgetheir high standards of education and and skill building, the Higher Nationalallow students direct entry into foreignuniversities. ROOTS students have Diplomas prepare students forthe opportunity to pursue Edexcel competitive careers as well as forcourses, parallelly along with their higher education in foreign universities.regular courses.
  14. 14. ROOTS students get an unbeatableedge with Edexcel!1. Direct entry into foreign 3. Worldwide recognitionuniversity programs The Edexcel degrees are recognized by many universities across Asia,Edexcel allows students direct entry Australia and Europe.into higher education programs inforeign universities.2. UK degree at one third of the “Edexcel has saved my foreigncost education expenses drastically.The Higher National Diploma makes Instead of paying for 3 years, I onlystudents directly eligible for entry into have to pay for 1 year.”select UK universities. This brings David Parker, 2nd year, BBAdown the cost of pursuing highereducation abroad. 4. A job-ready qualification The Higher National Diplomas (HND) prepare students thoroughly for the corporate world. They train students with a practical, industry-oriented approach based on real-time assignments and tests. Students learn to solve problems through a creative and independent thought process, rather than ‘learning by rote’ model. “The Edexcel course is an excellent Students also receive industry choice for students like me, who exposure as part of the curriculum, want to go to the UK which undergoes constant for higher studies.” upgradation to suit contemporary Pratik Chandani, 2nd year, BBA industry trends.
  15. 15. Wide choice of courses in tune withemerging career opportunitiesROOTS offers a number of courses tailor-made for industry needs. The coursesequip students with unique combination of qualifications including internationalEdexcel certifications.5-year Integrated Programsa) Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration (Intermediate+BBA+Edexcel UK, Level 5)b) Integrated Bachelor of Arts (MassCom) (Intermediate+B.A.+ Edexcel UK, Level 5)c) Integrated Bachelor of Commerce (Foreign Trade) (Intermediate+B.Com.+Edexcel UK, Level 5)Intermediate Programs Global Intermediate Programs CEC/MEC+ Edexcel UK, Level 3Undergraduate Programsa) Bachelor of Business Administration Global (BBA+Edexcel UK, Level 5)b) Bachelor of Arts (MassCom) Global (B.A.+ Edexcel UK, Level 5)c) Bachelor of Commerce (Foreign Trade) Global (B.Com.+Edexcel UK, Level 5) “ROOTS Global Intermediate Program empowers students with a definitive career advantage. In addition to the regular Intermediate course work, students get real-time industry exposure, study business subjects and obtain an international certification. No other college offers these advantages at the Intermediate level.”
  17. 17. ROOTS Integrated ProgramsROOTS offers a highly effective combination of study programs called theIntegrated Programs that combine Intermediate, Bachelors and Edexcelqualifications into one program. The Integrated Programs are of 5 yearsduration and are packed with all the vital skills a student needs to master,before entering the corporate world.1. What are the qualifications obtained?• Intermediate degree• Bachelor’s degree• Edexcel Level 3 & 5 certifications2. What is the program structure?Year 1 & 2• Intermediate in CEC / MEC from Board of Intermediate Education, AP• HND Level 3 from Edexcel UKYear 3, 4 & 5• Bachelor’s in BBA/B.Com. (Foreign Trade)/B.A. (MassCom) from Osmania University• HND Level 5 from Edexcel UK
  18. 18. 3. What make ROOTS IntegratedPrograms a great career decision?1. No commonly faced admission intermediate level itself through varioushassles industry alignment programs.With the Intermediate and Bachelor’s 3. Holistic learning packagelevels packed into one course, the The Integrated Programs equipIntegrated Programs are a one-time students with an all-round learningdecision. They save students and experience. Students go onparents the hassles of applying to international industry visits, interact withdifferent colleges and deciding between experts and learn effective businesscourses. communication skills, which prepare2. On the right career track early in them for fast-paced 4. Systematic progression inIn today’s competitive world, it’s vital to Edexcel certificationsremain focused on career goals right The Integrated Programs allow a steadyfrom an early age. The Integrated progression in the Edexcel course. OnPrograms align students towards completion of HND Level 3, studentspromising career paths right from the automatically progress to HND Level 5.4. Who are eligible forthe Integrated Programs?Students who clear the 10th standard exam (SSC/ICSE/CBSE) are eligible forROOTS Integrated Programs.
  19. 19. 5. What are the programs offered?ROOTS 5-year Integrated Programsa) Integrated Bachelor ofBusiness AdministrationIntermediate+ BBA +Edexcel UK, Level 5b) Integrated Bachelorof Arts (MassCom)Intermediate+ B.A.+Edexcel UK, Level 5c) Integrated Bachelor ofCommerce (Foreign Trade)Intermediate+ B.Com.+Edexcel UK, Level 5
  20. 20. a) Integrated Bachelor ofBusiness AdministrationThe 5-year Integrated Program in Job opportunitiesBusiness Administration aims to lay a The course prepares students forbroad foundation in the basic tenets of challenging roles in Management,management including Finance, Market Analysis, HR, Administration,Marketing, HR, Operations, etc. etc., as well as for rigorous MBA programs.Degrees Obtained• Intermediate (CEC/MEC) from Advantages Board of Intermediate Education, AP Mini Notebook, International Study• BBA from Osmania University Tour, National Study Tour, Industry• HND Level 3 & 5, from Edexcel UK Visits, Student Kit (blazer, t-shirt, bag) and Placement Assistance.Course duration: 5 years• In the first 2 years, students pursue Intermediate in MEC/CEC from BIE and Higher National Diploma Level 3 • For those who want to from Edexcel UK pursue careers in• In the remaining 3 years, they pursue business fields like BBA from Osmania University, Finance, HR, Hyderabad and Higher National Marketing, etc. Diploma Level 5 from Edexcel UK • Equips students withPedagogy business andThrough a mix of case studies, industry managerial skills • Industry exposurevisits and internships, students learn to • International study toursdevelop conceptual skills, business • Personalityinsights, communication skills and development programsmanagerial expertise.Eligibility10th standard (SSC/ICSE/CBSE)
  21. 21. Syllabus and Course ProgressionIntegrated Bachelor of Business AdministrationIntermediate Edexcel Bachelor of EdexcelCEC/MEC Level 3 Business Administration Level 5CEC 1. Business First Year 1. Business Environment1. English Environment 1. English 2. Managing Financial2. Second Language 2. Business 2. Second Language Resources and Decisions • French Resources • Sanskrit 3. Organizations and • Sanskrit 3. Business • Hindi Behaviour • Arabic Communication • Telugu 4. Marketing Principles • Hindi • Arabic 5. Aspects of Contract and • Telugu • French Negligence for Business3. Civics 3. India Heritage and Culture 6. Business Decision4. Economics 4. Principles of Management Making5. Commerce 5. Business Economics and 7. Business StrategyMEC Entrepreneurial Development 8. Research Project1. English 6. Financial Accounting 9. Management Accounting:2. Second Language Second Year Costing and Budgeting • French 1. English 10. Managing Business • Sanskrit 2. Second Language Activities to Achieve • Arabic • Sanskrit Results • Hindi • Hindi 11. Sales Planning and • Telugu • Telugu Operations3. Mathematics • Arabic 12. Human Resource4. Economics • French Management5. Commerce 3. Environmental Studies 13. Business Law 4. Human Resource Management 14. The Internet and 5. Business Statistics E-business 6. Fundamentals of Marketing 15. Operations Management 7. Elements of Financial in Business Management 16. Business Ethics 8. Business Communication Third Year 1. Business Environment 2. Management Accounting 3. Business & Corporate Law 4. Information Technology 5. Management Science 6. Elective • Financial Services • Sales and Advertising • Leadership 7. Elective • Investment Management • CRM • Change Management 8. Project Report 9. Comprehensive Viva - Voce 10. Science and Civilization*
  22. 22. b) Integrated Bachelorof Arts (MassCom)Mass Communication is a relativelynew career with high paying returns, Education, APwhich has gained prominence with the • B.A. MassCom from Osmaniaexplosion in Media and Entertainment Universityindustry. MassCom careers are an • HND Levels 3 & 5, from Edexcel UKexciting combination of glamour, Course duration: 5 yearsfast-growth and money, and are • In the first 2 years, studentsespecially suitable for those with a flair pursue Intermediate in MEC/CECfor creativity, and excellent from Board of Intermediatecommunication skills. The degree Education, A.P, and Highermakes one eligible for careers in National Diploma Level 3 fromAdvertising, Journalism, Media, Edexcel UKPublic Relations, Television Anchoring, • In the remaining 3 years, theyProduction, Direction and Corporate pursue B.A. MassCom fromCommunications. Osmania University, HyderabadDegrees Obtained and Higher National Diploma• Intermediate (CEC/MEC) from Level 5 from Edexcel UK Board of Intermediate • For those who want to pursue opportunities in media related fields like Advertising, PR, etc. • Students gain a wide perspective of the media world • Varied choice of subjects like Psychology and Journalism, that stimulate intellectual thinking • Students develop good communication skills
  23. 23. Syllabus and Course ProgressionIntegrated Bachelor of Arts (MassCom)Intermediate Edexcel Bachelor of EdexcelCEC/MEC Level 3 Arts (MassCom) Level 5CEC 1. Business First Year 1. Business Environment1. English Environment 1. Introduction to Mass 2. Managing Financial2. Second 2. Business Communication and Journalism Resources and Decisions Language Resources 2. Communicative English 3. Organizations and • French 3. Business a. Phonetics Behaviour • Sanskrit Communication b. Remedial Grammar 4. Marketing Principles • Arabic 3. Second Language 5. Aspects of Contract and • Hindi 4. English Negligence for Business • Telugu 5. Indian Heritage and Culture 6. Business Decision3. Civics 6. Computer Skills – Introduction Making4. Economics Second Year 7. Business Strategy5. Commerce 1. Writing for media 8. Research ProjectMEC 2. Communicative English 9. Management Accounting:1. English a. Broadcast Media & Writing Skills Costing and Budgeting2. Second b. Conversational English 10. Managing Business Language 3. Second Language Activities to Achieve • French 4. English Results • Sanskrit 5. Environmental Science 11. Sales Planning and • Arabic 6. Computer Skills: Office Operations • Hindi Automation Tools 12. Human Resource • Telugu Third Year Management3. Mathematics 1. Mass Communication and 13. Business Law4. Economics Journalism 14. The Internet and5. Commerce a. Media Development E-business b. Advertising & Public Relations 15. Operations Management 2. Political Science in Business a. Political Thought 16. Business Ethics b. International Relations 3. Communicative English a. Electronic Media, Radio & Television(ERTV) b. Entrepreneurship Development 4. Science and Civilization*
  24. 24. Pedagogy develop the basic skills neededStudents learn the functions of various to pursue careers as creativemedia departments and the heads, film producers, reporters,significance of media in today’s journalists, etc. in media firms,society through case-studies, guest production houses, newspapers,lectures, assignments and visits to radio, and other media houses. AdvantagesEligibility Mini Notebook, International10th standard (SSC/ICSE/CBSE) Study Tour, National Study Tour, Industry Visits, Student KitJob opportunities (blazer, t-shirt, bag) andAt the end of the course, students Placement Assistance.
  25. 25. c) Integrated Bachelor ofCommerce (Foreign Trade)The 5-year Integrated Program inB.Com. (Foreign Trade) impartstheoretical and practical insights intointernational trade, import/exportpractices, globalization, and otheremerging areas in commerce andeconomy.Degrees Obtained• Intermediate (CEC/MEC) from Board of Intermediate Education, AP• B.Com. (Foreign Trade) from Osmania University• HND Levels 3 & 5, from Edexcel UK • For those who want to pursue careers in the field of International Trade, Taxation, Trade Laws, etc. • Students gain understanding of commerce and economy • Focus on practical learning aspects through case studies
  26. 26. Syllabus and Course ProgressionIntegrated Bachelor of Commerce (Foreign Trade)Intermediate Edexcel Bachelor of Commerce EdexcelCEC/MEC Level 3 (Foreign Trade) Level 5CEC 1. Business First year 1. Business Environment1. English Environment 1. Financial Accounting 2. Managing Financial2. Second Language 2. Business 2. Basics of Foreign Trade Resources and Decisions • French Resources 3. Business Organization & 3. Organizations and • Sanskrit 3. Business Management Behaviour • Arabic Communication 4. Fundamentals of Information 4. Marketing Principles • Hindi Technology 5. Aspects of Contract and • Telugu 5. India’s Foreign Trade Negligence for Business3. Civics Second year 6. Business Decision4. Economics 1. Advanced Accounting Making5. Commerce 2. Business Statistics 7. Business StrategyMEC 3. Elements of Export Marketing 8. Research Project1. English 4. Taxation 9. Management2. Second Language 5. Foreign Trade Financing Accounting: Costing • French Procedures and Budgeting • Sanskrit Third year 10. Managing Business • Arabic 1. Corporate Accounting Activities to Achieve • Hindi 2. Foreign Trade Documentation Results • Telugu 3. Business Law 11. Sales Planning and3. Mathematics 4. Auditing Operations4. Economics 5. Shipping and Insurance 12. Human Resource5. Commerce Practices & Procedures Management Elective papers 13. Business Law 1. Insurance 14. The Internet and 2. Banking E-business 3. Accountancy 15. Operations Management 4. Retailing in Business 5. Taxation 16. Business Ethics 6. Finance 7. Marketing 8. Secretarial Practice & Office Management 9. Computer Applications 10. Business Mathematics
  27. 27. Course duration: 5 years Eligibility• In the first 2 years, students pursue 10th standard (SSC/ICSE/CBSE) Intermediate in MEC/CEC from BIE Job opportunities and Higher National Diploma Level Students can find excellent job 3 from Edexcel UK prospects in companies dealing with• In the remaining 3 years, they International Business, International pursue B.Com Foreign Trade from Trade, Trade Laws, Insurance Osmania University, Hyderabad Policies, etc. and Higher National Diploma Level Advantages 5 from Edexcel UK Mini Notebook, International StudyPedagogy Tour, National Study Tour, IndustryA mix of case studies, classroom Visits, Student Kit (blazer, t-shirt, bag)discussions, industry visits and and Placement Assistance.internships.
  29. 29. Global Intermediate Programwith Triple AdvantageThe Global Intermediate Program • Regular career counselling isimparts a thorough foundation in imparted in order to exposeIntermediate subjects, them to the various careerand prepares students for various optionschallenging Bachelor’s programs. • Coaching for other competitiveDegrees Obtained exams like CA foundation,• Intermediate (CEC/MEC) from CLAT, etc. is also imparted Board of Intermediate Advantages Education, AP Mini Notebook, International Study• HND Levels 3 from Edexcel UK Tour, National Study Tour, IndustryCourse duration: 2 years Visits and Student Kit (blazer,• In the 2 years, students pursue t-shirt, bag). Intermediate in MEC/CEC from Board of Intermediate Education, AP, and Higher National Diploma Level 3 from Edexcel UKPedagogy• A strong emphasis is placed on Global Intermediate conceptual understanding and Programs Triple `problem-solving skills Advantages• Mock tests and assignments are • Academic qualification held frequently. Students learn the • Edexcel certification importance of time management, • Coaching for which plays a crucial role in competitive exams cracking competitive exams
  30. 30. Syllabus and Course ProgressionIntermediate EdexcelCEC/MEC Level 3CEC 1. Business1. English Environment2. Second Language 2. Business • French Resources • Sanskrit 3. Business • Arabic Communication • Hindi • Telugu3. Civics4. Economics5. CommerceMEC1. English2. Second Language • French • Sanskrit • Arabic • Hindi • Telugu3. Mathematics4. Economics5. Commerce
  31. 31. “To survive in today’s competitive world, students need to be prepared with all-round skills. ROOTS education imbibes students with this crucial tool.”Eligibility10th standard (SSC/ICSE/CBSE)Edexcel BTEC Level 3The Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Business is a 30-credit and 180guided-learning-hour (GLH) qualification that consists of three units thatprovide for a combination of 30 credits. Specialized coaching for other competitive exams Apart from the regular Intermediate course, ROOTS also provides coaching for other competitive exams. Common Law CA Foundation NIFT Coaching Admission Test (CLAT) CA coaching is For those who aspire The CLAT is an all imparted for for illustrious careers India entrance exam aspirants who in the fashion for admissions into desire to pursue industry, ROOTS the 14 National Law careers as Charted provides specialized Schools. ROOTS Accountants. NIFT coaching for intensive CLAT entry into the coaching aligns prestigious NIFT students to tackle institutions. this exam.
  32. 32. Multi-faceted personality developmen Multi-faceted person At ROOTS, our students are equipped At ROOTS, our students are equipped with all-rou with all-round competencies to face the corporate They learn to think independently, challenge learn to think independently They age-old conventions and ev al De sic Intermediate Program Intermediate Program + Edexcel Certification, UK Phy onal D Board of Intermediate Education Board of Intermediate Education + Edexcel Certification, UK oti e De m itiv gn E• MEC • MEC• CEC • CEC CoCognitive Development-Knowledge Cognitive Development-KnowledgeBuilding Building• Classroom discussions • Classroom discussions• Research based learning • Research based learning• Projects and assignments • Projects and assignments• Case studies • Case studies• Conceptual presentations • Conceptual presentationsEmotional Development – Attitude Emotional Development – AttitudeBuilding Building• Student counselling • Student counselling• Management games • Management games• Mentorship programs • Mentorship programs• Case studies • Case studies• Team projects • Team projects 5-year Integra• Student clubs & competitions • Student clubs & competitions Board of Intermed• CSR initiatives • CSR initiatives Osmania University + EdPhysical Development - Competency Development - Competency PhysicalBuilding Building• Corporate Traineeship Program • Corporate Traineeship Program• Guest lectures • Guest lectures Integrated BBA • Integ •• Workshops • Workshops• Communication skills lab • Communication skills lab Integrated B.Com •
  33. 33. stry-ready professionals professionalsnt to create industry-readye world, with a study model that istheir personality.gned to enhance every aspect of designed to enhance every aspect of their of taking on life’s challenges. capable of taking on life’s challenges.volve into confident human beingsevelop Undergraduate Undergraduate mePrograms ProgramsDeve lop Osmania University + Edexcel Certification, UK Osmania University + Edexcel Certification, UK m nt t evelo pm en • BBA Global • BBA Global en • B.A. (MassCom) Global • B.A. (MassCom) Global t • B.Com. (Foreign Trade) • B.Com. (Foreign Trade) Global Global “At ROOTS, our students receive “At ROOTS, our students receive education for life. Every aspect of education for life. Every aspect of a student’s personality a student’s personality undergoes development.” undergoes development.” Vijay Sagar - Director Academics Vijay Sagar - Director Academics ROOTS Advantage ROOTS Advantageated Programs • • International Study Tour International Study Tourdiate Education + • National Study Tour • National Study Tourdexcel Certification, UK Book • Mini Note Book • Mini Note • Student Kit • Student Kit • Industry Visits • Industry Visits • Placement Assistancegrated B.A. (MassCom) • Placement Assistance m. (Foreign Trade)
  35. 35. a) Bachelor of BusinessAdministration GlobalThe Bachelor of Business EligibilityAdministration (BBA) Global aims to 10+2lay a broad foundation in the basic Advantagestenets of management including Mini Notebook, International Study Tour,Finance, Marketing, HR, National Study Tour, Industry Visits,Operations, etc. Student Kit (blazer, t-shirt, bag) andDegrees Obtained Placement Assistance.• BBA from Osmania University• HND Level 5 from Edexcel UKCourse duration: 3 years• In the 3 years, students pursue • Students graduate with BBA from Osmania University and BBA and Edexcel Higher National Diploma Level 5 Level 5 certifications from Edexcel UK. • Case studiesPedagogy • Industry visits• Case studies • National study tour• Industry visits • Placement assistance• Assignments• Guest lectures
  36. 36. Syllabus and Course ProgressionBachelor of Business Administration GlobalBachelor of Business EdexcelAdministration Level 5First Year 1. Business Environment1. English 2. Managing Financial Resources2. Second Language and Decisions • Sanskrit 3. Organizations and Behaviour • Hindi 4. Marketing Principles • Telugu 5. Aspects of Contract and • Arabic Negligence for Business • French 6. Business Decision Making3. India Heritage and Culture 7. Business Strategy4. Principles of Management 8. Research Project5. Business Economics and 9. Management Accounting: Entrepreneurial Development Costing and Budgeting6. Financial Accounting 10. Managing Business Activities toSecond Year Achieve Results1. English 11. Sales Planning and Operations2. Second Language 12. Human Resource Management • Sanskrit 13. Business Law • Hindi 14. The Internet and E-business • Telugu 15. Operations Management in • Arabic Business • French 16. Business Ethics3. Environmental Studies4. Human Resource Management5. Business Statistics6. Fundamentals of Marketing7. Elements of Financial Management8. Business CommunicationThird Year1. Business Environment2. Management Accounting3. Business & Corporate Law4. Information Technology5. Management Science6. Elective • Financial Services • Sales and Advertising • Leadership7. Elective • Investment Management • CRM • Change Management8. Project Report9. Comprehensive Viva - Voca10. Science and Civilization*
  37. 37. b) Bachelor ofArts (MassCom) GlobalThe Bachelor of Arts in Mass Course duration: 3 yearsCommunication (BA-Mass • In the 3 years, students pursue B.A.Communication) is an industry driven MassCom from Osmania Universityprogram designed to train students for and Higher National Diploma Level 5exciting careers in Media, Advertising from Edexcel UK.and Corporate Communication. PedagogyThe curriculum is relevant to the • Case studiesindustry and aimed at meeting the • Media/Production house visitsmanpower requirements in the media • Assignmentsand advertising sector, which are • Guest lecturesamong the fastest growing Eligibilityindustries today. 10+2Degrees Obtained Advantages• B.A. MassCom from Osmania Mini Notebook, International Study Tour, University National Study Tour, Industry Visits,• HND Levels 5 from Edexcel UK Student Kit (blazer, t-shirt, bag) and Placement Assistance. • Students graduate with B.A. in MassCom and Edexcel level 5 • A course for those who want to pursue opportunities in media related fields like News, Advertising, PR • Students gain a wide perspective of the media world • Varied choice of subjects like Psychology and Journalism, that stimulate intellectual thinking • Students develop good communication skills • Placement assistance
  38. 38. Syllabus and Course ProgressionBachelor of Arts (MassCom) GlobalBachelor of Arts Edexcel(MassCom) Level 5First Year 1. Business Environment1. Introduction to Mass Communication 2. Managing Financial Resources and Journalism and Decisions2. Communicative English 3. Organizations and Behaviour a. Phonetics 4. Marketing Principles b. Remedial Grammar 5. Aspects of Contract and3. Second Language Negligence for Business4. English 6. Business Decision Making5. Indian Heritage and Culture 7. Business Strategy6. Computer Skills – Introduction 8. Research ProjectSecond Year 9. Management Accounting:1. Writing for media Costing and Budgeting2. Communicative English 10. Managing Business Activities to a. Broadcast Media & Writing Skills Achieve Results b. Conversational English 11. Sales Planning and Operations3. Second Language 12. Human Resource Management4. English 13. Business Law5. Environmental Science 14. The Internet and E-business6. Computer Skills: Office 15. Operations Management in Automation Tools BusinessThird Year 16. Business Ethics1. Mass Communication and Journalism a. Media Development b. Advertising & Public Relations2. Political Science a. Political Thought b. International Relations3. Communicative English a. Electronic Media, Radio & Television (ERTV) b. Entrepreneurship Development4. Science and Civilization*
  39. 39. c) Bachelor of Commerce(Foreign Trade) GlobalThe Bachelor of Commerce in B.Com. (Foreign Trade) from OsmaniaForeign Trade imparts theoretical University and Higher Nationaland practical insights into Diploma Level 5 from Edexcel trade, import/export Pedagogypractices, globalization, and other • Case studiesemerging areas in commerce and • Industry visitseconomy. Students can find excellent • Assignmentsjob prospects in companies dealing • Guest lectureswith international business, import &export industries, etc. Eligibility 10+2Degrees Obtained• B.Com. (Foreign Trade) from Advantages Osmania University Mini Notebook, International Study• HND Levels 5 from Edexcel UK Tour, National Study Tour, Industry Visits Student Kit (blazer, t-shirt, bag)Course duration: 3 years and Placement Assistance.• In the 3 years, students pursue • Students graduate with B.Com. (Foreign Trade) and Edexcel Level 5 certifications • A course for those who want to pursue careers in the fields of International Trade, Taxation, Trade Laws, etc. • Students gain understanding of commerce and economy • Focus on practical learning aspects case studies • Placement assistance
  40. 40. Syllabus and Course ProgressionBachelor of Commerce (Foreign Trade) GlobalBachelor of Commerce Edexcel(Foreign Trade) Level 5First year 1. Business Environment1. Financial Accounting 2. Managing Financial Resources2. Basics of Foreign Trade and Decisions3. Business Organization & Management 3. Organizations and Behaviour4. Fundamentals of Information Technology 4. Marketing Principles5. India’s Foreign Trade 5. Aspects of Contract andSecond year Negligence for Business1. Advanced Accounting 6. Business Decision Making2. Business Statistics 7. Business Strategy3. Elements of Export Marketing 8. Research Project4. Taxation 9. Management Accounting:5. Foreign Trade Financing Procedures Costing and BudgetingThird year 10. Managing Business Activities1. Corporate Accounting to Achieve Results2. Foreign Trade Documentation 11. Sales Planning and Operations3. Business Law 12. Human Resource Management4. Auditing 13. Business Law5. Shipping & Insurance Practices 14. The Internet and E-business & Procedures 15. Operations Management inElective papers Business1. Insurance 16. Business Ethics2. Banking3. Accountancy4. Retailing5. Taxation6. Finance7. Marketing8. Secretarial Practice & Office Management9. Computer Applications10. Business Mathematics
  41. 41. Leadership thatinspires personalexcellence“ROOTS aims to set a benchmark in • Core Teambusiness and management education. • Industry FacultyWith a confluence of brilliant faculty • Corporate Team and cutting-edge curriculum we • Admissions Team constantly endeavour to be among • Advisory Board India’s most recognized B-schools.”
  42. 42. Roots Team Vijay Sagar- Director Academics B.Tech., (IIT-M), PGDBA (IIM-A) Vijay Sagar is an industry veteran, with 3 decades of extensive experience in championing organizational growth in many MNCs and Indian companies of repute. He has pursued excellence in areas such as Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing and Export Sectors. He has also conducted extensive training in various upcoming areas like Lean Manufacturing, Quality Function Deployment, Six Sigma, Production Planning & Control. Rajiv Vyas – Dean, Academics MBA, PGDCA, M.Phil., Ph.D Rajiv Vyas functions as academic head of ROOTS. Under his guidance, ROOTS has evolved into one of the most sought-after schools for business studies. His career spans 23 years, and is a blend of academic and corporate experience. He has lent his exceptional insights in fields such as Marketing, Quality Management, Production Operations and Administration in MNCs of repute. He has functioned in leadership and decision-making roles including Director, Genteel School of Business Economics, Pune; Head of the Department at WLC College, Hyderabad, and as senior faculty member in prestigious institutions like Osmania University, JNTU - SMS, IIPM, ICFAI, etc. “ROOTS bridges the gap between industry demands and college output. Students from diverse backgrounds connect in thinking, share experiences and grow to become better-equipped individuals.”
  43. 43. Monisha Anand – Dean, Operations Masters in Human Rights & International Law, Certified NLP TrainerMonisha Anand has 23 years of academic and corporate experience inmanagement related fields. She has served as administrative head of leadingbusiness organizations as well as faculty in noted educational institutions.Monisha has also conducted personality development, public speaking, andcounselling sessions in various schools. Event management, choreography,drama and script writing are also her areas of interest. Neeraja Peddapalli Head (Commerce Stream) M.Com., MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D, PGDCANeeraja Peddapalli has rich experience in the field of Commerce. Her highlycredited papers on “Human Resource Accounting” in a national seminar held inHyderabad and on “Futures & Options” at Department of Commerce, OsmaniaUniversity are testimony to her caliber.She has joined ROOTS after 15 years of imparting excellence in commerceeducation to undergraduate and graduate students in different prestigiousinstitutions including Keshav Memorial Degree and PG College, and LittleFlower Degree & PG College. “Today, the job market has an unprecedented number of career options. At ROOTS, students learn to assess their inherent skills and choose the path that suits them best.”
  44. 44. C. Swapna Deepika Reddy Faculty- Marketing & HR MBAAn MBA from OU, and currently teaching Marketing and HR, Swapna Deepikafirmly believes teaching is her chance to shape the thinking and personality ofindividuals who will go on to change the society in many ways. She alsofunctions as head of student wing activities. Jyothi Raja – Faculty, Psychology M.A. Psychology, Certified NLP Trainer (USA)Jyothi Raja has over two decades of experience in the fields of Psychology,Human Resources and Communication Skills Training. She has served as facultyin reputed institutions and is the founder of Sri Deepthi Counselling andGuidance Center, Hyderabad. She has conducted numerous workshops inNGOs and reputed organizations like the NAANDI Foundation and AndhraMahila Sabha.She guides students in developing effective interpersonal skills. Jyothi Raja hasreceived numerous awards and felicitations including the prestigious ‘MahilaPratibha Award’. Many of her articles have been published in leadingnewspapers. She is also a frequent guest in television talk shows. “Practical industry knowledge is vital in commerce and business education. ROOTS students gain plenty of such exposure during their course work. Academic excellence through independent thinking, corporate exposure and international certifications...this is what sets ROOTS apart.”
  45. 45. Kavya Rohith AS Faculty - Marketing MBA, BBMKavya Rohith is an MBA from JSS University, Mysore. She has worked asassistant professor in a reputed institution before joining ROOTS. Impeccableinterpersonal skills are her forte and she has conducted many training programsfor aspiring management graduates. Hasita G Kalgutkar - Soft Skills Trainer B.A. (Lit.)Hasita is a certified professional trainer with vast experience in soft skills training.With excellent interpersonal skills and savvy Business English, she drives thetraining programs at ROOTS with energy. Her commitment to infuse studentswith confidence and self-belief has shaped the personality of many students atROOTS. Hasita mentors students in the areas of leadership building, teambuilding, Business Communication & English, CTP (Corporate TraineeshipProgram) & placement related activities.  “Effective communication is an essential component in building a successful career. ROOTS soft skill training empowers students with the confidence to face the corporate world.”
  46. 46. Kathi Mahesh Kumar Faculty - MassCom M.A. (MassCom)Mahesh Kumar is a graduate of Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, FineArts and Communication. He is a documentary and short filmmaker with vastexperience in working with leading media channels like ETV and Gemini TV. Hehas worked with international and national organizations like UNICEF, WorldBank, AusAID, Clinton Foundation and Save the Children.Industry Faculty Ravi Kumar PGD Banking, Certificate in Commodity Derivatives & Technical Analysis from NSE, MumbaiRavi Kumar has over 15 years of rich industry & academic experience in the fieldof Finance. His areas of specialization include Derivatives, Corporate Finance,Financial/Cost/Management Accounting, Financial Markets & Systems, etc. inwhich he has delivered numerous lectures. He has been actively involved inAcademic Coordination activities, project internships and other co-curricularactivities in many institutions. Ravi Kumar has also conducted workshop trainingprograms on NSE Stock Exchange NCFM and has worked with reputedbusiness schools as visiting faculty.He is currently associated with Cognizant Technologies as Manager – Training,Finance.“In today’s world of unrelenting competition, staying ahead requires skill and knowledge. ROOTS ensures students are well-equipped with both.”
  47. 47. Krishna Prasad MBAKrishna Prasad is an MBA with rich experience in premier academic andcorporate establishments and has held various leadership roles in leadingbusiness firms, before joining ROOTS as faculty in the Finance Department.With his vast corporate experience he imparts practical business insights in hisclassroom lectures and creates an enriching learning experience for students. Zakir Hussain MBA, Marketing; B.Com, B.Ed., L.L.B.Zakir Hussain has around half a decade of corporate experience in keymanagement areas such as HR, Business Strategy and Business Ethics. He haspublished papers on Marketing Research, Business Economics, OperationsManagement and other topics and has also conducted extensive trainingprograms in softs skills, voice and accent in corporate organizations. “The faculty at ROOTS is undoubtedly one of the best. With rich experience in diverse fields, they provide an enriching real-life learning experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.” Aishwarya, 2nd year, BBA
  48. 48. “ROOTS imparts education that’s not just about books and concepts, but also of right spirit and right values.” Bhavanarayana Kandala MBA Finance, PGD Materials Mangement, B.Sc.Bhavanarayana Kandala has over 3 decades of management experience inmilitary establishments pan India, in the fields of HR, Materials Management andbudgetary aspects.He also has 14 years of rich academic experience in reputed business schools,where he has taught varied subjects including Business Statistics, OperationsManagement, MIS, Marcomm, Tax, etc.
  49. 49. Corporate Relations Cell S Mallikarjun – Head, Corporate Relations MBAMallikarjun has over 2 decades of managing industry-corporate partnerships.With an international exposure to global corporate culture and vast experiencein placing students in blue chip companies, he guides ROOTS students inplacement related activities. Moogu Shashivardhan Manager – Corporate Relations MBAA veteran in the field of Corporate Partnerships, Moogu Shashivardhan bringsyears of experience in building strategic relations with top corporate houses. AtROOTS, he conducts key Training and Management Development Programs,apart from other innovative corporate-student initiatives. He is keen on bridgingthe gap between the industry and the academic world, and works consistentlyin building ROOTS relations with the industry. “A sound education system is one that inspires a student to go beyond his capabilities and realize his true potential. The balanced curriculum at ROOTS achieves this objective.”
  50. 50. N Lakshmi Admissions ManagerLakshmi possesses 10 years of professional experience in the educationindustry across diverse verticals like Mass Communication, VisualCommunication, Fashion Technology, Architecture, etc. in both Indian andInternational Programs.As Admissions Manager at ROOTS, Lakshmi encourages and assists studentsin achieving their career ambitions. “Every human being has an unexplored potential for achieving excellence. This is what we strive to develop in our students. With case studies, industry visits, soft skill training, and other methods, ROOTS curriculum brings out the best in students.”
  51. 51. “Industry needs are changing by the day. New business models require people with multi-faceted personalities. At ROOTS, focus is placed on developing all-round individuals who can function under different circumstances.”Ready to take onthe corporate worldPlacementsHard-working, committed and talented The Corporate Relations Cellindividuals with a strong will to excel… An exclusive body called TheROOTS graduates have carved a niche Corporate Relations Cell co-ordinates all placement related activities.for themselves in the industry. Therigorous curriculum, internship • Industry stalwarts are invited toopportunities and the overall deliver guest lectures • Workshops are held to improvepersonality grooming at ROOTS play a soft skillscrucial role in helping students get • Career counselling sessions arerecruited by top MNCs. organized to familiarize students with the plethora of opportunities available “The pedagogy at ROOTS is very • Mock interview sessions are held effective in inculcating the spirit of frequently to let students masterinnovative thinking, which is a vital interview techniques asset in today’s workplace.” • Industry visits are regularly HR, FAR N PAR arranged • Students are taught the nuances of creating an impressive resume
  52. 52. Potential Recruiters • Google • Edelweiss • Deloitte • CII • FAR N PAR • ING Bank • HSBC • Reliance • Doc Suggest • Tata Finance • Gati • Airtel • Barclays Bank • Blue Dart • Indusland Bank • FactSet • Dr. Reddy’s • Capital IQ • Uninor • TMI Network • Coromandel • Croma • Monster • Aparna Group Gromor • HDFC Bank • Capmark • BIG 92.7 FM • Jet Airways • Kotak Securities • India Infoline • ICICI • Kingfisher
  53. 53. Recruiters’ SpeakVery often, we find students lack industry knowledge and have very poorcommunication skills. But ROOTS students are a different lot. Industry visitsexpose them to corporate life and soft skills training improves theircommunication skills vastly. This makes it easier for us to find the rightcandidate. HR, GoogleIt was a pleasure interacting with ROOTS students. We find them to behardworking and enthusiastic. They adapt very well to the corporateenvironment. HR, TMI NetworksROOTS students are an exceptionally talented lot. With good subjectknowledge, communication skills and the right attitude, they are equippedperfectly for the workplace. Recruiting Head, Doc SuggestThe holistic learning experience at ROOTS moulds the overall personality ofstudents. They possess all-round skills that companies look for. Recruiting Officer, Tata FinanceThe pedagogy at ROOTS is very effective in inculcating the spirit of innovativethinking, which is a vital asset in today’s workplace. HR, FAR N PAR
  54. 54. Mentorship ProgramThis is a unique program that enhances students’ knowledge aboutthe functioning of the industry by giving them an insider’s perspective.Every student works with a “mentor” who could be a senior executivefrom a reputed MNC or a noted academician. The program allowsstudents to discuss career options, learn about industry trends andgain practical business insights.A Vidhyadhar Reddy Dean, Dept. of Business Management, Osmania UniversityV Shekhar Head, Dept. of Business Management, Osmania UniversityK Narendranath Dept. of Business Management, Osmania UniversityRanga Pothula CEO, Infor India Pvt. Ltd.P Kamaraju Senior Chartered AccountantGVS Kumar CEO, Apex Corp.Dr Sandhya Gopakumaran AVP, Learning and Development, HSBCSrinath Reddy D Head of Operations, TRX India Pvt. Ltd.Bhaskar Varma Regional Sales Manager, TulipJaideep Avasarala Lead Recruiter, GoogleNikhil Indrasenan Business Head, Channels & Academy, Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd.Raghunath Akasam Director, Akasam Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Kaali Sudheer Curator, Muse GallerySanjay K Basarkar CEO, Talent Pool of India
  55. 55. Unfolding the dream ofa promising future • International Certifications • Soft Skills Training • Corporate Traineeship ProgramPersonality enhancementprogramsAt ROOTS, we mould students withskills that will last a lifetime. Eminentpersonality development trainers areinvited to train students to build vital ROOTS play a major role in shapinglife skills. Coupled with an international tomorrow’s global managers.curriculum, ROOTS provides a rich With their focus on conceptual learning,learning environment that prepares these certificates expand students’students to face the future boldly. thinking, give a wide exposure to international best practices, and1. International Certifications shape them for challenging positionsThe international certifications that are in global corporates.offered as part of the curriculum at
  56. 56. 2. Corporate Traineeship • Enhances experientialProgram understanding of real lifeThe CTP helps students explore business, by applying theory todifferent career paths by facilitating real life situationshands-on learning in various areas of • Helps to enhance people skillsinterest. CTP helps students gain • Summer Internship Programsprofessional exposure, builds (SIPS) and live projects facilitateconfidence and other necessary skills hands on training and live exposurethat are needed to secure a good job. to students at every levelAdvantages• Helps to learn more about a “I am amazed at the transformation chosen field within the functional in myself after undergoing ROOTS specializations of management Corporate Traineeship Program. and business administration It has drastically improved• Bridges the gap between campus my confidence.” and the corporate world, making Sri Swathi, 1st year, BBA students future ready DO Experience the activity by performing it APPLY REFLECT • Connect the experience • Share observations to real world examples publicly • Apply the knowledge • Process / analyze the to different situations experience
  57. 57. “ROOTS soft skill training has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Today I can boldly speak in front of a large audience without any inhibitions.” Nouman Khan, 1st year, BBA3. Soft skill trainingImpeccable communication skills build confidence and personality. At ROOTS,specialized training is imparted to help students improve their soft skills.This includes training in Spoken English, public speaking, business etiquetteand written communication.
  58. 58. Young, vibrant spirit. Students get to explore their creative side and pursue theirenvirons that favourite hobbies like music and dance. Various activities of the studentencourage club include: • Competitions – Quizzes,holistic growth Technical Writing, Debates, Presentations, etc.Life at ROOTS • Guest lectures • Inter-institutional meetsWe believe that education is not just • Film showsabout knowledge building, but should • Dance & song competitionsencompass all round development. And • Dramas & skitsthat’s what we strive to bring about. • Sports & adventure activitiesState-of-the-art infrastructure, fun-filledstudent club activities and interactions “I thoroughly enjoy participatingwith industry experts equip students in the extracurricular activities.with a diverse and holistic learning It’s a great opportunity toexperience. interact and make new friends.”Management Club Santhosh, 2nd year, BBAThe Management Club functions as aforum for lively managementdiscussions, guest lectures,paper writing competitions, business • Student Clubsgames and a host of other activities • Extracurricular activitiesthat foster intellectual development like drama, music andand hone a student’s leadership and danceindependent thinking capabilities. • Intra and Inter campus eventsStudent Club • Sports MeetsThe ROOTS Student Club is a fun-filled • Freshers’ Party andlearning platform that brings together Farewell Partystudents from different backgroundsand instills vital life skills, a sense ofculture, brotherhood and team
  59. 59. Campus Events “There is never a dull moment atROOTS campus is dotted with young college. Activities are alwaysenergetic individuals with a flair for life. happening on campus andFestivals and special days are everybody is involved.”celebrated with a buzz of activity. Mustafa, 1st year, BBA• Management Games• Parent-Teacher Meetings• Celebrations on special occasions “I find the Management Club activities• Freshers’ Parties very interesting. Clubs at ROOTS• Farewell Parties give us ample opportunities to develop our personality.”• Workshops• CSR Activities Vivek Chhajer, 2nd year, BBA• Study Tours
  60. 60. ROOTSBoard AdvisoryPS Rama KrishnaMasters in Commerce, Certifications - Project Management; Associate of Indian Inst.of Banking; Industrial FinancePS Rama Krishna has nearly 3 decades of experience in Banking, BPO and ITESindustries. He has served in pivotal roles in leading financial institutions likeCranes Software & Karvy Computershare, in key areas such as BusinessProcess Analysis, Project Management, Delivery Management, BusinessArchitecture, Solutions Integrations and other related fields. He has received TopPerformer Award for 3 consecutive years in the banking industry, and is currentlyworking as Chief Information Officer in Suryachakra Global Enviro Power Ltd.Ranga Rao KothamasuC.A., M.B.M, B.Com., Certifications- NCFMRanga Rao Kothamasu has over 18 years of experience in the Banking andFinancial Services domain. He has served in senior management roles in reputedcompanies like HDFC Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, etc. His areas ofspecialization include General Banking Operations, Capital Markets, RetailBanking, Accounts and Relationship Management.Ranga Rao is currently AVP of ShareKhan Ltd., Hyderabad.Raghunath AC.A, I.C.W.A.IRaghunath A is an investment banker with 19 years of experience. He is thefounder and director of Akasam Consulting Private Ltd. a SEBI registeredMerchant Banking outfit and an Investment Bank. He also serves as guest facultyin several management institutions like JNIDB, IPE, ISB as well as in otherreputed industry forums.
  61. 61. Advisory BoardDr. Debendra Prasad KarPh.D in Organizational Behaviour from IITK, LLB, MBABachelor’s in EconomicsDr. Debendra Prasad Kar has 19 years of rich experience in HR leadership,Advisory, Research and Consulting domains in reputed Indian and MNCs likeA V Birla Group, J K Corp., and SHV Energy Pvt. Ltd. He has also beenassociated with leading management institutes and has taught OB and HRM toMBA students. Dr. Debendra has been selected by the American BiographicalInstitute Inc., USA as Member of Research Advisory Board in 1996. He haspublished numerous papers in leading journals.Presently he is Head of HR in a leading infrastructure company and handles theentire gamut of Human Resource and Administration functions.Kaali SudheerArt CuratorKaali Sudheer is curator and founder of Muse, a non-profit art gallery inHyderabad. By conceptualizing numerous theme-based art shows and events,he brings together artists and art lovers on a common platform. As curator, hehas worked with young artists from around the world. At ROOTS, he guidesstudents who are interested in pursuing art as a profession.Chalapathi PutrevuMBAChalapathi Putrevu is a seasoned HR professional with 16 years of experience inall realms of Human Resource Development including training, recruitment andOD functions. He has worked in organisations of repute, where he madecontributions in Corporate HR Strategy, Corporate Planning and Institutionbuilding across different industry verticals. Chalapathi is a highly motivated andresult-driven individual, and is known for his effective public speaking capabilities.He has delivered guest lectures at reputed management institutions includingNational HRD Network, Hyderabad Chapter.
  62. 62. Advisory BoardProf. Dr. Venkataraman SritharanFABMS, Post Doc. in Molecular Diagnostics of Tuberculosis and other MycobacterialInfections, Ph.D. in Microbial Biochemistry, M.Sc., B.Sc.Dr. Venkataraman Sritharan has over 3 decades of industry and teachingexperience in the field of Biotechnology. He has served as senior faculty memberand research fellow in reputed academic institutions like Harvard School of PublicHealth USA, IcfaiTech, Anna University and Delhi University where he has ledpioneering research projects. He has also functioned as senior research scientistin corporate houses like Reddys Diagnostics, Biological E Ltd., Centre forCellular and Molecular Biology, IISC and other organisations. He is member ofvarious professional societies including the American Society of Microbiology,USA; and has authored numerous research publications.
  63. 63. ROOTS Alliances CorporateROOTS fosters rich alliances with leading corporate houses.Representatives from the following companies have visited ROOTS forenhancing our capabilities to meet corporate demands.1. CII2. Google ( I )3. FAR N PAR4. Doc Suggest5. Reliance Communications6. India Infoline7. Deloitte9. Capital IQ10. Value Labs11. Smart IMS12. TMI13. VIP Industries14. Bonanza Portfolio15. HLL16. Airtel17. Lantic Software Solutions18. Angel Broking19. Kelly Services20. Barclays India21. Cigniti22. Times of India23. Karvy24. Kamineni Hospitals25. Royal Bank of Scotland26. ING Vysya Bank27. BMA Wealth Creators28. Ma Foi Ranstad
  64. 64. From the Chairman’s deskBP PadalaChairmanThe world is shrinking to evolve into a global village. New age borderlessworkspaces demand multi-faceted professionals who can function efficientlyunder change.At ROOTS, we inculcate in students the right attitude, and train them tobecome ambitious, dynamic thought leaders who will take on the challengesof the modern world. Leaders who are filled with a burning spirit to exemplifyexcellence in life.With well-designed courses offering international certifications, we strive to setglobal standards in management education. Emphasis is laid on developingoverall personality through a balanced mix of curricular and extra-curricularactivities. Student counselors guide students in gaining a clear understandingof their career goals and what it takes to achieve them.Through our innovative program structure and the dedicated efforts of ourhighly experienced faculty members, I am happy to note that our measureshave yielded excellent results, with our students getting successfully placed inreputed Indian and multinational companies.I welcome students to join this vibrant community of thinkers and realize theiraspirations with us.
  65. 65. Make the rightcareer choice today!ROOTS creates an all-round learningexperience for students and bridges Visit the campusthe gap between industry demands @ SOMAJIGUDAand college output. Students learn to and discover for yourself thebe confident, industry-ready wonderful learning environmentprofessionals with multi-faceted at ROOTS.capabilities. Call us today on +91-96765 80070, and speak to our admissions team about the right course for you. Email your queries to our admissions team at A satisfied parent “I was very keen that my daughter receives good management education.I looked at many business schools but was not satisfied with their pedagogy & infrastructure. When I found ROOTS, I looked no further. The balanced curriculum, focus on all-round personality development and reputed faculty have really impressed me. I know she is in safe hands.” K. Sudhakar, F/o Sneha, 1st Year, BBA
  66. 66. Adjacent to Katriya Hotel,Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda,Hyderabad - 500082.Mobile: +91-96765 80070Ph: 040-66747421email: