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  • Brad excellent slides. May I use them as part of a yoga anatomy course? This course is designed for vets who want to become yoga teachers for other vets.
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  1. 1. Annanamaya Kosha Pranamaya Kosha Manomaya Kosha Vijnanamaya Kosha Anandamaya Kosha
  2. 2. Awareness is the result our interaction with and experience of the outer world. This awareness is processed at the different levels of being. Deeper awareness corresponds to more subtle ways of embody. Anandamaya Kosha • Bliss Body Vijnanamaya Kosha • Wisdom Body Manomaya Kosha • Mental Body Pranamaya Kosha • Energetic body Annanamaya Kosha Similarly, experience is based in how we sense the world. The more attuned we are to the more subtle our experience, the way we negotiate the world is of a more subtle level of being • Physical Body
  3. 3. Anandamaya Kosha “Bliss Body” Vijnanamaya Kosha “Wisdom Body” Manomaya Kosha “Mind Body” Pranamaya Kosha “Energy Body” Annanamaya Kosha “Food Body” A “sheath” is a covering or skin that covers. Peel these away to reveal the “true self”.
  4. 4. Kosha Attributes Annanamaya Kosha Pranamaya Kosha Manomaya Kosha Vijnanamaya Kosha Anandamaya Kosha Food Apparent Sheath Air Apparent Sheath Mind-Stuff Apparent Sheath Wisdom Apparent Sheath Bliss Apparent Sheath Physical body Energy Body Mental Body Intellectual Body Bliss Body Asana Prana (Energy) Manas (Mind) Vijnana (Intellect) Ananda (Bllss) Stability Vitality Clarity Wisdom Bliss Physical Subtle
  5. 5. GROSS Anatomy OM Inhale KOSHA Annamaya Kosha: Food-apparentsheath Pranamaya Kosha: Air-apparentsheath Integration Hips, Sacrum, Genitals, lower back, genitals, womb, bladder, and kidney Asana: Dynamic extension from and toward the core Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra “Personal Power” “Get up and go” Fire - Male Navel, Solar Plexus, digestive system Tapas: Sun Salutation, Core Strength, Boat Pose, Warrior poses, twists, passive backbends Pranayama: Breath restriction; Organization and movement of Prana Anahata: Heart Chakra “un-struck” or “unhurt” Air (female) U “Uh?” 8-LIMB Yama / Niyama: Foundation Swadhisthana: Sacral Chakra “ Creativity or one’s own place Female - Water - Yellow A “Ah” CHAKRA ANATOMY AND POSTURES Muladhara: Root Chakra “Primal Rooted Postures: Instinct” Feet, Legs, Spine (base), large Male - Earth - Red intestine Heart, upper chest, and upper back: passive chest openers, shoulder stretches, backbends love and appreciate as we practice Pratyahara: Sense Withdrawal O “Oh” Vishuddha: Throat Chakra “Expression” (male) Neck, throat, jaw, and mouth, expression actions: Camel, bow, shoulder-stand, bridge, plow Dharana: Concentration M “M” Subtle Anatomy Manomaya Kosha: mindstuff-apparentsheath Vijnanamaya kosha: wisdomapparent-sheath Ajna: 3rd Eye Chakra “Insight” (female) Forward folds, postures placing pressure on forehead. Creative, focused, affirmative energy Dhyana: Meditation Silence Anandamaya Kosha: blissapparent-sheath Sahasrara: “Pure consciousness” White & Male (I suspect union) Meditation Primary; Postures that Samadhi: Freedom (moska) through confront preconceived notions, fears, and anxieties