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Social Media and the #dhpoco Lifecycle, Research Without Borders, Columbia University


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Social Media and the #dhpoco Lifecycle, Research Without Borders, Columbia University

  1. 1. #dhpoco
  2. 2. What is #dhpoco?  A community of scholars committed to global explorations of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability within cultures of technology  A theoretical model that blends postcolonial critique with digital humanities  An emergent field of study invested in decolonizing the digital, foregrounding anti- colonial thought, and disrupting narratives of technological progress
  3. 3. Lessons from #dhpoco Social media provides a mode of scholarly invention Social media revives the art of playfulness in scholarly inquiry Social media directed towards actionable outcomes yields scholarly transformation
  4. 4. Social Media as Invention
  5. 5. Social Media as Invention The hashtag (#dhpoco) as site of inquiry Twitter as forum of collaboration and experimentation Twitter as a permanent and impermanent mode of scholarly communication
  6. 6. Social Media as Invention
  7. 7. Social Media as Invention Tumblr as space of curation and creation Curated links and posts related to #dhpoco yielded archive of #dhpoco origins Tumblr tags reveal organic evolution of core concepts of #dhpoco
  8. 8. Social Media as Play
  9. 9. Social Media as Play Social media fosters invention and play for #dhpoco Engagement with social media creates culture of mixing and remixing, thinking and rethinking Social media reinforces importance of feedback and openness to widening community of #dhpoco
  10. 10. Social Media and Actionable Goals Levering social media for scholarly communication requires attaching conversations on social media to actionable outcomes
  11. 11. Social Media and Actionable Goals
  12. 12. Social Media and Actionable Goals
  13. 13. Join #dhpoco Twitter: #dhpoco Website: #dhpoco founders: Adeline Koh (@adelinekoh) and Roopika Risam (@roopikarisam)