AutoCAD 2010 tutorial


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AutoCAD 2010 tutorial

  1. 1. Workshop on 2D- AUTO CAD BASICSWorkshop Objective: The objective of Workshop is to familiarize the AutoCAD-2006 software interfaceand provide the learners the ease to work on the software.By the end of the Workshop you will be able to: ü Draw and edit a Drawing ü Provide dimensions to a drawing ü Work on Layers and other object properties ü Set and plot the drawing as per standard ISO FormatsNo of Days of Workshop: 6 DaysSchedule: Day 1 Chapters 1,2 & 3 Day 2 Chapters 4 & 5 and Ex I Day 3 Chapters 6 & 7 and Ex II Day 4 Chapter 8 Day 5 Chapter 9 and Ex III Day 6 Chapters 10 & 11 and TestOther facilities: § A printed Manual covering all the 11 chapters and 3 Exercises. § A CD consisting Audio and video tutorials.
  2. 2. WORKSHOP CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Units and Scales If youre asking yourself "what scale do I draw in?" or "what units should I use?", you need this tutorial. Chapter 2 Using Co-ordinates All about the use of co-ordinates in AutoCAD. Chapter 3 Drawing Aids All about drawing aids Chapter 4 Drawing Objects Getting to grips with AutoCADs basic drawing tools. This is an ideal start for the AutoCAD beginner. Chapter 5 Direct Distance Entry The essential way of working with AutoCAD Chapter 6 Object Selection Shows the many ways objects can be selected. Covers the building of selection sets with implied windowing, fences etc. Chapter 7 Object Snap
  3. 3. An overview of all the AutoCAD object snaps (osnaps) with some worked examples. Also covers the use of temporary tracking points and object snap tracking. Chapter 8 Modifying Objects This tutorial runs through all of the modify tools, demonstrating practical examples in each case. Chapter 9 Dimensioning This tutorial describes the options and commands available for dimensioning drawings and how to use them. The correct use of AutoCADs dimension tools is the key to producing clear and concise measured drawings. Chapter 10 Object Properties This tutorial describes how to control the display of objects (colour, linetype etc.) using layers. It also explains what layers are and how they should be used. Chapter 11 ISO Paper Sizes There has alwas been some confusion over the size of standard ISO drawing sheets with AutoCAD.The stated sizes in the plot dialogue box are not the true ISO sizes. This tutorial explains why and how to plot to scale from Model Space. Exercise I Masterplan Exercise This exercise can be used to practice your basic drafting skills. Exercise II Masterplan Exercise This exercise can be used to practice your basic drafting skills. Exercise III Site Layout Exercise This exercise is designed to help you test out your basic AutoCAD skills. Youll need an understanding of the Draw and Modify tools and how to use co-ordinates. All the Trainees are provided with a drawing that could cover all the exercises coveredTEST above their performance is evaluated.