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Introduction to Web & Mobile Technology


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This deck gives you introduction to Web and Mobile technology. It's for novice who are pretty new to Web and Mobile technologies.

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Web & Mobile Technology

  1. 1. Roopesh Reddy SVB Introduction to Web & Mobile Technology
  2. 2. Agenda • History of Web • Web Apps in day to day life • Inner details of WWW • Tools & Technologies • Learning Path - Web • Introduction to Mobile Technology • Flavours of Mobile Apps • Mobile Web or Apps? • Learning Path - Web • Q&A
  3. 3. History of Web (WWW)
  4. 4. Web Apps in day to day life • Google is the best example
  5. 5. Inner details of WWW webpage a document displayable in a web browser website a collection of webpages web server a computer that hosts a website search engine a website that helps you find webpages
  6. 6. Tools & Technologies • A PC / Mac (Assuming Web browser is installed by default) • A Web Server (IIS / MAMP / Apache Tomcat) - All are open source. • An text editor.
  7. 7. Learning Path - Web How to create a website • Getting_started_with_the_web/How_the_Web_works • Getting_started_with_the_web • How_to_build_a_web_site • started-with-web/
  8. 8. Intro to Mobile Technology • Access on the Go is the motto • It has changed everything how we do before Mobile technology -
  9. 9. Mobile Platforms
  10. 10. Connectivity
  11. 11. Flavours of Mobile Apps
  12. 12. Mobile Web or Apps?
  13. 13. Native -Tools & Technologies Platform IDE / Editor SDK Programming Language Apple Xcode iOS Objective C / Swift Android Android Studio Android Java Windows Phone Visual Studio Windows Phone C# BlackBerry Eclipse BlackBerry Java
  14. 14. Hybrid -Tools & Technologies
  15. 15. Learning Path - Mobile Introduction to Mobile app development • SSZH4A_6.0.0/ c_mobile_concepts.html • • mobile-apps/
  16. 16. Questions??? O_O