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Bhrastachar poster show


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Samudaya was established in 1975 with defined objective of defending composite culture and protecting unity and integrity of our great nation through cultural activities such as theatre-both Stage and Street-, film shows, seminars, painting exhibitions, cultural jathas and so on.

We are glad to inform you that Samudaya is embarking on a State wide Cultural Jatha against corruption and price rise from 15th May to 28th May 2011. Jatha comprises of display of cartoons by eminent cartoonists appeared in news papers, distribution of literature, street plays, poets’ meet, seminar, songs and of course, speech.

We furnish here below the details of Jatha passing through different places of our State. As you see there are two Jathas one starting from Dharwad and the other from Bidar both culminating at Bangalore.

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Bhrastachar poster show

  2. 2. Adarsh, Satyam and Common Wealth! What virtuous names for vicious scams! Spate of corruption scandals 2G Spectrum : Rs. 1,76,000 cr. Commonwealth : Rs. 58,000 Cr. Mining Scandal : Rs. 22,000 cr Land Scams : Rs. 17,000 cr India is the only country with Annual GDP Growth 8% Dollar billionaires (49 spawned in one decade) 54 GDP share of Dollar billionaires 31 % Population below offiicial poverty line 48% Population spending Rs. 20 (half a $) per day 77 % Population chronically hungry Rs. 23 Crores Stunted children (under 3 years) 38 % Anemic children (under 3 years) 79 % Anemic pregnant women 58 %Spate of questions ? Why so many scams ? Why so frequent ? Why a massive increase in quantum? Why denials ? Why cover-ups ? Why has it become acceptable? What has brought us this far ? Whythe media is ineffective ? Why the silence on corporates ? Why should we take this lying down ?What the corruption has got to do with Price Rise ? What can we do ? Why ?...What ? .How ?..
  3. 3. Vegetable Price Rise reminding IPL Auction ! • Vegetable price increase 67% in 9 months • Onion prices jumped from Rs. 80 to Rs.110 this Jan • Petrol prices hiked 7 times since deregulation • Speculation in essential commodities =1.5 times budget • corporate share in food retailing tripled in past 4 years “ • Onion symbol of food inflation of 2011, as Sugar in 2010 • Waiting for 8th oil price hike for state elections to be over ! • Food Price increase at 2011 Jan at 18.32 % above 2010 jan level (2010 was the worst year for food price increases• month on month food increase also above 9% most part of 2010 touching 11 in Nov 2010 Retail Price Rise (per kg) in Karnataka (in last one year) Apr 2010 Max Onion Rs. 11 Rs. 65 (Dec 10) Tomato Rs 14 Rs. 45 (Dec 10) Potato Rs. 12 Rs. 22 (Dec 10) Groundnut oil Rs. 64 Rs, 80 (Jan 11) Urad Split Rs. 73 Rs, 80 (Dec 10) (GoI data at NIC website)
  4. 4. Corruption has always been around, everywhere ! …….Major Scams since 1947 1948-1991 (in crores of Rs)Mundhra Scandal 1957 1.2Dhamateja Loan 1960 22.0Kairon (Punjab CM) 1963 NABiju Patnaik (Ors CM) 1963 NAKuo Oil Deal 1976 2.2Antulay Trust 1981 30.0HDW Commissions 1987 20Bofors Pay-off 1987 64 1992-1998 (in crores of Rs) Harshad Mehta Security 1992 5000 Indian Bank Rip-off 1992 1300 Sugar Import 1994 650 Vote for Notes - 1 1995 ?00 MSShoes Share Price Rig 1994 699 Bihar Fodder Scam 1996 950 Urea Import 1996 133 Hawala Jain Diary 1996 ?00 Bhansali Financial Pyramid 1997 1000 Harshad Mehta Share Price Rig1997 ?000 Sukharam Telecom 1997 1500 Companies Vanishing Post-IPO 1997 330 Teak Plantation 1997 2600
  5. 5. And some more!Scams have never been in short supply here 1999-2004 (in crores of Rs)Mobile License Policy Change 1999 46,000Modern Foods Privatisation 2000 2,050BALCO Privatisation 2001 4,050Ketan Parekh K-10 Scrip Rig 2001 1,250UTI Collapse 2001 4,800Dinseh Dalmia 2001 595Stock Market collapse 2001 1,15,000Wheat Import 2003 10,000NICE Land Grab 2004 10,000Karnataka Land Scam – 1 2004 1,550 2005-2011 (in crores of Rs) IPO-Demat 2005 146 Taj Corridoor 2006 175 Satyam 2008 10,000 Army Ration pilferage 2008 5,000 Rice Export 2009 2,500 Madhu Koda Jhrakand Mine Lease 2009 4,000 Orissa Mine Lease 2009 7,000 Karnataka Illegal Mining 2009 22,000 Operational Lotus 2009 ?,000 Karnataka Land Sacm - 2 2009 5,800 Vote for Notes - 2 2010 ??,000 Commonwealth Loot 2010 58,000 Resort Politics 2010 ??,000 2G Spectrum 2011 1,76,000 Hassan Ali Tax evasion 2010 89.000
  6. 6. Scams increased in torrentsafter Economic Reforms in 1991Period/ Number of Scam loot Remarks Yrs (in Rs. Crores) Resig Convi Major Typ Max Tot nation ctions Scams s1947-1990 5 5 8 Tens 64 150 rot reaches PM 45 (2+3)1991-1998 3 3 13 Hund 5,000 25,000 PM is accused (2+1) reds 81999-2004 0 2 10 Thou 1,15 2 No arrests sands 6 Lakh lakhs2005-2010 1 1 15 Ten 1,76 4 Denials till FIR; (1+0) thous Arrests in 4 cases 6 Lakh lakhs ands • Major scam occurances gone up from 1 in 6 years to 1 in 6 months • Scams are direct result of economic reforms in 1990s unleashed by Manmohan Singh and later accelerated by Vajpeyee and Dr. Singh’s regimes • Scam size grown in torrents from tens to hundreds, thro’ thousands to lakhs of crores in the 4 phases • Resignations , arrests and convictions reduced to trickle and cases are delayed indefinitely • Scam has reached top echelons of Politicos, Bureaucracy, Army, Industrialists and Judiciary too
  7. 7. COMMONWEALTH COMMONWEALTH GAMES LOOT Rs. 58,000 Cr. Original Estimate Rs. 617.5 Crores Cost of Commonwealth Games 2002 (UK) : Rs 2,100 crores 2006 (Australia) : Rs 5,000 crores 2010 (India) : Rs 60,000 crores!!! 2014 (UK,estimated) : Rs 2,200 crores! • Every concievable trick was used to loot - overcharge, fake front companies to cover up nepotism, no or single tender, • 90% of infrastructure cost was looted • Every concievable item was overcharged – from toilet paper, transport to stadia cover- • Org Com violated all conceivable norms to loot and cover-up the loot and violations • Consistent bad quality and horrible delays also did not wake up the authorities anti- • All anti-corruption checks failed to detect, prevent the malafied action of OC and its coterie • All bodies above OC including Central Govt. denied any wrongdoing till it was impossible to continue • Investigation, action to presecute is also too less too late“ The Commonwealth Games were no showcase, but a mirror of India 2010. If they showcasedanything, they showcased Indian crony, casino capitalism at its most vigorous. To build such a societyand then expect The Games wont reflect its warts and sores is high optimism… ” P Sainath The Hindu 06 Jun 2010
  8. 8. 2G Orgy Of Rs. 17,60,00, 00,00,00,000 Why did we decide to audit ? “In January 2008, Department of Telecommunications issued 120 new licences for unified access services on the same day. These licences were issued at price which had been discovered in 2001. Issuance of 120 licences in just one day and at a price discovered in 2001 has drawn the attention of Media, Parliament and informed members of the civil society. Questions have been raised regarding the transparency in the allocation process and the failure in maximization of revenue generation from the allocation of spectrum, which is a national asset. This department had been receiving innumerable references from Members of Parliament and other sources repeatedly, questioning the allocation process and the price fixed for such allocation ” from Executive Summary of CAG Report on 2G Spectrum“Who says there was no auction in 2 G ? Therewas in fact a successful auction of spectrum — only it was not conducted bythe government but by its corporate sector cronies who made a fortune on thedeal. Having been gifted that scarce public-owned resource by the public-government, the cronies then auctioned it privately for astronomical sums ofmoney ..Also auctioned alongside were the governments individualMinisters,posts and integrity. Two auctions for the price ofnone..” P Sainath The Hindu Feb 21, 2011none..”
  9. 9. 12- 12-zero figure from Horse’s Mouth Rs. 17,60,00, 00,00,00,000 CAG Formula vs. Kapil Sibal FormulaWhat CAG found on 2G Spectrum (i) Gaps in policy implementation (ii) Telecom Commissionwas not consulted (iii) Views and concerns of Ministry ofFinance overruled (iv) Advice of Ministry of Law and Justicewere ignored (v) Honble Prime Ministers suggestions werenot followed (vi) Arbitrary changes by DoT in the cut-offdate. (vii) First Come First Served Policy was not followed(viii) Issue of license to ineligible applicants (ix) Presumptivevalue of spectrum allocated to 122 new UAS licenceesand 35 Dual Technology licencees in 2007-08 (x) Value ofadditional spectrum allotted to 13 existing operators beyondcontracted quantitiesfrom Executive Summary of CAG Report on 2G Spectrum
  10. 10. 2G and other Orgy Partners courtesy : Radia Tapes “The telecom, mining and oil exploration policies were designed to benefit certain big business houses and select corporates. State policy has brazenly become an instrument in the process of accumulation of capital..........The recent revelations have confirmed the hard truth. The prime minister presides over a cabinet in which some are advocates of certain business interests and some are businessmen themselves. A few are lawyers who have represented the very corporates with whom they have to deal with in the portfolios they look after. It is illegal money generated by the corrupt big business-politician-bureaucrat nexus that is flowing into the political system and perverting politics and democracy. There is a direct link between this corruption and the illegal money which is being Disclaimer: This maze is an Artist’s impression of 2G and other Orgyparties. Any resemblance with persons partying in public or private not used on a large scale in elections..” co-incidental, more likely to be factual. Prakash Karat .-CPI(M)
  11. 11. Karnataka Landscams Land Scam in Karnataka has occurred in this decade in many forms • over – acquisition for development projects (e.g. NICE) • ‘fixed’ auction of govt lands at low prices, to ‘interested’ parties • Using discretionary powers for allocation to ‘interested’ trusts, education institutions, mutts, companies, political favourites, relatives, friends etc. • De-notification of land • in the name of acquisition for SEZ from farmers • Handing over forest land to companies• According to AT Ramaswamy committee that investigated first phase of Land scams (upto 2004 ?) about 41,000 acres of land in and around was scandalously grabbed• NICE over-acquisition scam amonuts to more than Rs. 10,000 crores• Taking a conservative price of Rs. 1000/sq.ft. for land grabbed (41,000 acres) works out to loot of Rs. 1550 Crores• Value of land grabbed by Yediyurappa family alone in and around Shimoga alone, said to amount to Rs. 2000 Crores• Yediyurappa Govt has denotified at least 600 acres of prime land in and around Bangalore, with a value of around Rs. 3800 crores• Lokayukta is investigating 18 cases of Land grab by CM Yediyurappa alone• Lokayukta filed an FIR and Urban Development Minister Katta had to resign• Any time an FIR may be filed on CM in any of these cases
  12. 12. Karnataka Minescam Mining scam mainly consist of • Mining without required lease license • Extending license to adjoining areas, state also • Illegal transport, Export of minerals • Extortion from illegal mining companies • Tamper with land records to obfuscate borders and illegal mining areas • Conduct mining with forged license papers • Using forest areas and free areas as dumping ground • Undervalue exports to a fromt company • Evasion of taxes on mining and exports • Reddy brothers of Bellary owning Oblapura Mining Company are the major perpetrators • Used their proximity with former AP CM YSR and current BJP govt to cover-up and carry on all illegal activitis• 2003-04 to 2009-1010, a total of 304.91 lakh tonnes of iron ore had been exported without valid permits. 71.28 lakh tonnes was illegally exported in 2009-10 alone.• the nominal value of the illegally exported iron ore from Karnataka comes to Rs 15,245 crore• CEC appointed by Supreme Court has indicted OMC of Reddy brothers of most suspected scam methods listed above• CEC has also indicted both state governments of allowing and conniving with illegal activities of mining companies• ED has estimated IT evasion of at-least Rs. 86 crores using undervalued exports to a front company• Total estimated loot in mining scams is Rs. 22,000 crores• Supreme Court has banned mining in 19 mining leases in Bellary area and exports .
  13. 13. Kar(nataka) Kar(nataka) Circus TAGS our LEADERS have earned us • Karnataka seen as most corrupt states in India • State ruled by real estate and mining mafia • Fixing and toppling of Govt.s by the Mafia • Operation Lotus to Resort politics, theyve done it all • Average rate of MLA around Rs. 50 crores“Karnataka is on the path of becoming number one state in the country in corruption….” Prof. G Venkatasbbayya veteran scholar - in the Presidential Address of 77th Kannada Sahitya Parishath Parishath
  14. 14. Black Money - Swiss Banks, Hawala and Mutts • Corruption scams are not the only form in which we are being looted by the rich and ugly • Legal/Illegal Tax evasion, Black Money, Hawala, Depositing black money in - Swiss Banks and other tax havens, underworld and religious mutts – are some other forms • This rich and ugly brigade include politicians, bureacrats, actors, industry captains, traders, underworld dons • Most of such money is earned in shady activities and dealsIndia is first among deposits in Tax havens,• over 3 times the 2nd and 3rd runner-up - UK and Russia,• 14 times 4th and 5th Ukraine and China• India lost over $ 460 Billion (Rs. 21 Lakh crores) since 1947 in illegal capital outflows• Losing Rs. 240 crores per day in illegal outflows• India has a 74th place per Transparency index even below Pakistan
  15. 15. Subverting Democracy - Bribing Voters to Fixing Govt.s “ Electoral corruption has taken several obnoxious forms • funding of parties with black money by corporates and underworld • Bribing of leaders for party tickets • Overspending on elections • Dubious means (e.g. Paid news) to cover-up expenditure over legal limits • Bribing of voters in cash or kind (sari, liquor etc.) • Bribing of voters with post-election bounties • Bribing/Horse-trading, offering ministership/other positions to MLA/MP to defect and manufacture majority • Bribing for vote of confidence • Auction of ministry/ministers for highest bidder from corporates • Fixing of governments by likes of Amar Singh on behalf of corporates like Tata-Ambani• It is said that • Rs. 50 -100 crores required for a ‘becoming’ a MLA • Rs. 500 crores required for a ‘becoming’ a MP• In horse-trading for forming and retaining BJP government in Karnataka , price of MLA shot up from few crores to 50 Crores• In 2009 Lok Sabha Vote of Confidence MPs were offered up- to Rs. 500 crores• Hence MP/MLAs resort to massive corruption to recoup the expenditure, often even resorting to bribes for asking questions in LA or Lok Sabha and worse• Upper House (Rajya Sabha) seats are being auctioned to corporate reps (e,g, Anil Ambani, Rajeev Chandrashekhar)• They often serve in Committees/Task forces that have an impact on their business, in clear case of conflict of interest
  16. 16. ABC of Indian Media by P Sainath The dominant media are Advertising not pro-corporate or pro-big business. They Bollywood are corporates. They are big business. Some have margins of profit Crime that non-media outfits Cricket might envy. Media Celebrity corporations are into hundreds of businesses CORPORATE beyond their own realm....... . ... The Indian Premier Leaguerepresents an advanced merger ofcorporate control, political power andmedia stenography. The media cover thewarts in that enterprise only when forcedto by its internal feuds. Corporate bossesown cricket teams. The nation’s mostloved sport stands privatised. Mediacompanies own IPL teams too, or aretheir media sponsors. Politicalheavyweights are the big bananas in theIPL Republic. These links are structuraland not about individuals.... The media are mostly stenographers to power, not its banana peel. Especially to corporate power. The Radia tapes, whether in origin, content or fallout, do nothing to dampen that dictum..... If the Radia tapes show us anything, they show us again who runs this country. Corporates...... Given this long corporate-media jugalbandhi, should it surprise us that a lobbyist for two giant business groups is able to influence which story will appear on what page of which newspaper and even who will write it?
  17. 17. Judiciary aids or abets corruption “ Judicial system that is expected to the watchdog to prevent and punish corruption is aiding or abetting high level corruption in many ways • Long delays in the judicial process • Many loopholes that aids powerful escape • Poor conviction rates, few instances of powerful going to jail ( 11 Of 46 major cases since 1947) • Some in judiciary has strong links with politician-bureacracy-business nexus • Corruption in the judiciary at all levels • Corruption has reached higher echelons of high and supreme courts also Some of the instances of corruption at judiciary • A former chief justice of Supreme Court is accused of serous corruption, apart from “judgement fixing” in many cases of major scams including Karnataka illegal mining scam • Several High court justices (including Chief Justices) are accused of large scale corruption • Many Justices have refused to voluntarily disclose their assets • Known Assets of many Justices indicate serious large scale corruption • Some of the cases in which alleged “judgement fixing” has taken place include – Karnataka MLAs defection/disqualification On the positive side, in 2G and Commonwealth scams judiciary has shown exemplary commitment, that shown the possibilities“...Our Republic will drown if corruption gains control of State power and lucre purchases that most important wing of the State. Thejudiciary. In these days of graft seeping into every corner of the nation, the risk of the poor perishing and the rich grabbing the nation’sresources is serious. To regain ‘self-rule’, it is not enough to mouth platitudes; a new do-or-die movement must be launched where allrogues, rascals and freeloaders are eliminated..... But in such a time of crisis, the former Chief Justice of India (CJI), KG Balakrishnan,has been accused of horrendous corruption.... Even more disgraceful is his refusal to step down as chairperson of the National HumanRights Commission (NHRC)... is the prime minister’s job to show him the door without delay. ..”
  18. 18. Policies beget Scams - Evolution Neo- Liberal-Accelerated (Package-4) : Fixing Governments, Minister, PM, Cabinet etc. - Auction 2005-2011 to highest bidder (open to Foreign Business and Govt. Neo-Liberal (Accelerated) also) – 2G, Nuclear Deal Sell/Lease Natural Resources (Mine, Gas/Oil, Forests, Spectrum ) – Landscams, Minescams + Package 3 Scam Package – 4: Typ scam 10,000s of Cr.s, Max Rs. 1.76 Lakh Cr.s, 15 scams in 6 years, 1 in 5 months 1999-2004 Neo-liberal Neo- Liberal(Package-3) : Polcy fixing (New or Change) - Auction to highest bidder (open to Foreign 1991-1998 Business also) – e.g. Telecom, Liberalization Sell/Lease Public Assets (Land, Water) – e.g. Landscams Favored for Privatization of PSUs – e.g. BALCO + Package 2 Scam Package – 3: Typ scam 1000s of Cr.s, Max Rs. 1.15 Lakh Cr.s, 10 scams in 6 years, 1 in 7 months Liberalization (Package-2) :1948-1991 Pre-Liberalization Fixing Sectoral Policy favorable to a Company (e.g. Import Excise policy on Petro products fixed in favor of Reliance ) + Package 1 Scam Package – 2 : Typ scam 100s of Cr.s, Max Rs. 5,000 Cr.s, 13 scams in 8 years, 1 in 7 months Scam Package – 1: Pre-Liberalization (Package 1) Typ scam 10s of Cr.s Max Rs. 64 Cr.s Industry License; Exemptions, Incentives, Fiscal/Budget Policies 8 scams in 44 years Govt Purchases, Contracts (e.g. Bofors) 1 in 6 years
  19. 19. Flowchart of Corruption Industry(Disclaimer : This is a picture of only a subset of respective segments. Does not mean whole segment is part of the industry) Deal to Fix Policy : Bureacracy New/ Change, Deal to Fix Min, CoM, PM, Policy-New/ Change, Budget, Post Pliant Offcrs, Remove non- pliant offcrs, oversee services from Bureacracy, Scam cover-up, delay action Cabinet of Ministers License, Waivers, Exemptions, Influence Ministers, PrepareParty/ reqd docs, File pushing, Revealelection info, Sabotage investigation,Funds, Weaken case in courtBuy MPs,FixCoalition Pay-off, Kick-backs, Shares, Employ Electroral Relatives, Plum Tax Black Corruption Position Havens Money
  20. 20. Why Corruption ? Crony Capitalism ! Banana republics are run on cronyism. People of great power wield great power, but people of lesser power or people who have fallen out of power go to jail without adequate evidence or their bodies are found in the trunks of cars. The danger is that you could degenerate into that kind of atmosphere unless the necessary parts of government play their role in upholding the law and fine, let no one be above the law......So I think it can happen, I mean a Banana Republic kind of an environment could emerge, if we don’t put an end to this kind of thing and under the guise of freedom of speech or the guise of many other numbers of so-called rights of democracy abused, the luxury of a democracy. Ratan Tata When a person like him makes a statement, I think we should take him seriously," - It was gratifying to have the Sharad Pawar head of India’s most“In fact, every policy decision, or reputed business house confirm the existence ofchange in policy, in most of these crony capitalism in thesectors are being made based on country. True, others havethe money which is handed out by believed this for 20 yearsthe consortium of Indian big but it carries more weightbusiness and MNCs. Whole when Ratan Tata says so.institutions and state agencies are As he put it in a televisionsuborned by big capital. India is fast interview with admirable candour: “Yes, I can seereaching the level of Thailand, evidence of it. ” GeePhilippines and Indonesia - all whiz! It exists, aftercountries which see the free play of all.....Mr. Tata rightly warnsMNCs and crony capitalism... us against becoming Prakash Karat a banana republic..... P SainathIf four public figures across the spectrum are agreeing..It must be true.. Corruption is caused by Neo- Neo-liberal policies driven by and encouraging CRONY CAPITALISM !
  21. 21. APL, BPL and IPLincentiVes for The rich and ugly, death Sentence for farmers • Corruption scams and illegal capital outflow are not the only form in which the rich and ugly loot • Govt. gifted away to rich and ugly Rs. 5 lakhs crores in last budget, under just three heads - corporate income tax, excise and customs duty by foregoing revenues (=2.5x the 2G scam losses) • Rs. 21 lakhs crores (or half a trillion dollars) is the legal loot of rich in last 5 years (since 2005-06) • It is also equal to the black money siphoned off since 1948. But this legal loot done in public in budget , has equalled it in just 5 years • The same budget cuts Rs. 5568 Crores from Agriculture • While Food subsidy for the poor is being cut in the name of APL and BPL, Super-rich Scandal-infested IPL is given IT rebate “If auctions are not taking place then what is the basis for you to calculate a loss? ... We have a budget which gives subsidy for food, Rs.80,000 crores per annum, some people may say these foodgrains should be sold at marketplace. Will we say then because they are not sold at market prices, because you are giving them a subsidy, it is a loss of Rs. Rs.80,000 crores?Firstly, he equates plunder with the pathetic subsidies tossedat the worlds largest hungry population. We rank 67th out of84 nations in the Global Hunger Index. Secondly, subsidiesfor the super-rich soar each year. While food subsidies forhundreds of millions were cut by Rs. 450 crore in the lastbudget.
  22. 22. “Mera Baap Ka Sapna..Sab ka Maal Apna” Sapna.. ..Sab Apna”Ambanis dizzying growth • Ambanis practised the worst form of crony capitalism and been(RIL – primary arm of Ambanis Mera baap ka sapna the prime drivers of Neo-liberal policies that are responsible bothonly, not counting Anil’s empire) Sab ka maal apna for Corruption and Price Rise • UPA and NDA and other regimes have been pliant to Ambanis1980 Rs 212 Cr (Tot Inc) • Ambanis had a big role in 2G scam, fixing Telecom & Oil ministers1985 Rs 744 Cr (Tot Inc ) • Ambani stranglehold on Energy policy has direct impact on price1991 Rs 1,944 Cr (Net Worth ) rise1995 Rs 8,405 Cr ( Net Worth)2000 Rs 23,024 Cr ( Turnover) • Turnover has grown > 10 times in2005 Rs 89,124 Cr (Turnover) this decade2010 Rs258,651 Cr (Turnover) • Networth increased in 90s 12 times • Total income increased in 80s 9Profits of Ambanis grown • 16 times in 1980s times • 8 times in 1990s • growth in 80s due to ‘fixing’ of yarn customs, excise, import-export duty • 7 times in in this decade policies • growth in 90s due to PSU Privatization, diversification into oil refineries, telecom • growth in this decade due to growth in Telecom, diversification into Gas, Mera Sapna Retail etc. Sab ka Apna • In every diversification policies fixed to Ambanis advantage • Handing over a national asset -Krishna Basin – for a song to Ambanis • combined with therir entrenched position in oil, virtually makes energy sovereignity to AmbanisR”… It wasn’t long ago that a whole session of Parliament went by in just debating the dispute between the Ambanibrothers. A private spat over a public-owned resource called natural gas. Oddly enough, Parliament has never had a public-whole session focussed on agriculture. Not even through the sector’s worst crisis in the past decade. Whether it is gas,spectrum, or mining, luxury private townships or other dubious land deals, the last 20 years have seen the consolidation India....”of corporate power on a scale unknown in independent India....”
  23. 23. Price Rise and Government Policies • Price rise is neither market nor natural phenemenon • It is caused or affected by delibarate Govt policies • It can also be prevented or fought by right policies unprecedented price rise in last few years are caused by Neo- liberal policies • Oil Price de-regulation • Allowing Commodity forward trading • Allowing 2.5 times excess stocking in Govt godowns • Dismantling of PDS in the name of targeting • Corporate takeover of retail (including food) • Reducing role of public agencies in commodities wholesale trade • Import-Export policies of essential commodities • Cut in subsidies to agriculture inputs making it unviable Also not fighting following with right policies • Commodity speculation • Hoarding and black-marketingPolicies that can fight and prevent price-rise• Ban speculative and forward trading in essential commodities• Use excess foodgrain stock for universal PDS• Remove Ad valorem tax on petroleum products• restructure tax system and reduce drastically Rs. 30 of indirect tax on petroleum• Ban corporate and FDI entry in food retail• Import-export policy that encourages production and reduces domestic prices• Comprehensive policy to make agriculture viable • Restore subsidies for agriculture inputs • Priority lending at 4 % interest • Procurement prices that encourage producers • Other policies recommended by National Commission on Farmers in the wake of widespread Farmers suicide
  24. 24. Corruption, Price Rise and us • Unprecedented levels of both Corruption and Price Rise - are caused and encouraged by neo-liberal policies • Neo-liberal policies are being driven and encouraged by Crony Capitalism that is growing rapidly in the last 20 years of so called ‘Economic Reforms’ • Both are symptoms of a system • need to overhaul of the system to eradicate them2G scam losses = 1.76 lakh crores = 2 years of cost of universal PDS = 5 years of RTE implementationCommonwealth scam = 58,000 Crores = 2 Lakh Primary Health Centers = 12 lakh low-cost houses = 1 lakh PHC + 6 lakh housesTax Concessions to Rich in 2011 budget = 1.20 lakh crores = I year of REGA like program + 1 year RTE impl = 2 Loan waiver schemesRevenues Foregone per 2011 budget = 5 lakh crores (corp IT+ Customs+ excise) = 2 years of (universal PDS + REGA like program + Loan waiver schemes + RTE program)
  25. 25. Instruments to fight Corruption Our constitution provides for several instruments to fight corruption CAG : Comptroller and Auditor General CBI : Central Bureau of Investigation JAC : Joint Accounts Committee JPC : Joint Parliamentary Committee CVC : Chief Vigilance Commissioner Acts like FEMA, Prevention of corruption, Money Laundering Lokayukta Right to Information Act Public Interest Litigation• But most instruments (e.g. CAG, CBI, JAC, JPC) are meant to be used by the Executive to investigate cases• Hence will of Executive is must to use them• Pressure for Executive to use them have to come from MP/MLAs or Media• Citizens have very few instruments to fight corruption (Lokayukta, Right to Information Act, Public Interest Litigation)• Some of them are not available in all states (e.g. Lokayukta, CVC) or centre (Lokpal)•
  26. 26. Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Measures • Effectiveness of most of the measures have been pathetic in major scams as shown by rate of conviction (6 Out of 38 Major cases since 1991) • At best, there have been political ‘sanyas’ • Bureacracy is rarely even accused and never convicted or punished Some of the famous acquittals or no-actions • Bofors, Karnataka Landscam, Karnataka Minescam, HDW, BALCO privatisation, Vote for Notes-1, Vote for Notes-2, Operation LotusSome of the reasons for ineffectiveness• Lack of will, commitment from Executive• Lack of urgency in taking cognizance of the scam• Political/Bureacratic intervention in the investigation and later phases• In-ordinate delay in investigation, proceeding and prosecution• Witnesses turning hostile due to inducement, pressure or threat• Destruction of evidence by powerful accused often in connivance with business- bureacracy-political nexus• lack of deterrent punishment
  27. 27. Political will to fight Corruption “ • Political parties who play a major part in creating pressures on Executive not shown the will to act on corruption and price-rise • Bofors has been a case that despite its political importance, govt.s of alternative political alliances led by Congress & BJP have not shown political will to take it to its logical conclusion • Hawala Diary case where politicians from both alliances (led by Congress & BJP) were involved was buried • Frequent noises at election time about Black Money, Swiss bank deposits similarly has not seen follow-up from both• Radia tapes and wikileaks have exposed the nexus of all political parties (with the exception of left) with Indian & Foreign Business, Foreign Govt,s, Bureacracy• Similarly published assets and its growth after a term (in govt or opposition) of candidates of various political parties (again with exception of left) have shown the corruption of political parties• Enthusiastic support to neo-liberal policies (again with exception of left) have shown their lack of will to fight unprecedented levels of corruption and price-rise
  28. 28. be- Is Jan Lokpal Bill be-all of fight against Corruption ? •“ Anna Hazare’s fast for pressing for Lokpal Bill has galvanized the people expressing the frustration against denial, inaction in the face of massive corruption, • Demanding participation of civic society in drafting bills of importance also is a positive development, •But many aspects of Jan Lokpal Bill proposed and the nature of some elements trying to control the movement raises many serious issues Few other weaknesses also are noteworthy • Jan lokpal bill as a be-all of anti-corruption measures • Apolitical and ignoring of all parliamentary institutions • Narrow definition of corruption • Lack of understanding of the root of problem – crony capitalism and neo-liberal policies“.....proposed Lokpal has the makings of a super-monster. By absorbing all existing anti-corruption agencies, the Lokpal will havecomplete powers of independent investigation and prosecution. It will be an institution with overriding powers — but without anyaccountability. As such, ........ If the Jan Lokpal is to live up to its jan character, its authoritarian and centralised structure should bedispensed with and it should be turned into an instrument of peoples empowerment. ..” Prof K N Panikker
  29. 29. We pledge to have Price-ZERO tolerance for Corruption and Price-Rise We PLEDGE TO 1. Have ZERO tolerance for corruption at high places and price- rise 2. If we see, hear corrupt practices, we will speak out 3. Support and protect whistleblowers against corruption in all organizations including corporates 4. Use RTI to expose corruption in all organizations 5. Refuse to sell vote for notes or other allurements 6. Refuse to vote to a candidate whose assets significantly increased after a term 7. Utilize all avenues to participate in policy-making and oversseing of public programs WE DEMAND 1. A comprehensive effective Lokpal Bill by this August 15 drafted with public consultation 2. Teeth to Karnataka Lokayukta including cabinet ministers in the jurisdiction and suo moto powers 3. Resignations of all accused in the recent scams - 2G, Commonwealth, Karnataka Mine and landscams 4. time-bound action and speedy conviction of accused in recent scams 5. RTI to be extended to private organisations including corporates 6. Protection of Whistleblowers Bill 7. Ban on Forward trading of essential commodities If we see, hear 8. Reduction of indirect taxes on Petroleum products anything about 9. Strict action on Black-marketeers and hoarders of essentials 10. Universalisation of PDS 11. Implementation of Swaminathan Commission CORRUPTION, recommendations (2005) to make Agriculture viable we will speak out
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