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Smarp Culture Manifesto


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Smarp's internal culture manifesto to describe how we work and what impact we aim to have. This document was originally created as an internal manifesto to align our company and help both existing team members and new hires understand our culture.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Smarp Culture Manifesto

  2. 2. 2 Purpose of this document INTRODUCTION This document outlines who we are and who we aspire to be as Smarpers. It is here to serve as a guide to our ways of working. We realize we are not quite there yet on all aspects, but it is important to know what we want to be and acknowledge what we need to work on improving. As we evolve this document will be updated as required. smarp
  3. 3. WHY DO WE EXIST? smarp
  4. 4. WHY DO WE EXIST? To improve the lives of our customers* through better communications. * Especially their employees. We consider them our end-customer even if they are not the buyer. 4 smarp
  5. 5. WHY DO WE EXIST? We do this by creating a platform that serves as the primary place where employees find and share professional content. 5 smarp
  6. 6. WHY DO WE EXIST? We are working to make knowledge sharing simple and rewarding for all our customers. 6 smarp
  7. 7. WHY DO WE EXIST? Better knowledge sharing enables value driven leadership. 7 smarp
  8. 8. WHY DO WE EXIST? Our platform is built to support this evolution and works best with customers who share our thinking and vision. Old thinking: Profit Hierarchies Controlling Planning Privacy New thinking: Purpose Networks Empowering Experimentation Transparency 8 Organizations need to evolve smarp
  10. 10. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? As a SaaS company, we are just people with laptops. As such, our culture and people determine our destiny. 10 smarp
  11. 11. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? We believe that a great culture attracts exceptional talent. 11 smarp
  12. 12. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? Exceptional talent + Great culture + Compelling vision = Success 12 smarp
  13. 13. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? Our vision and goals are ambitious as nothing noteworthy was ever achieved through mediocre goals. 13 smarp
  14. 14. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? Exceptional people are not fulfilled by mediocre goals. We look for and hire exceptional people who believe in our vision and values. 14 smarp
  15. 15. WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT TO US? Exceptional people don’t need turn-by-turn directions but need a destination. We value ownership and autonomy and encourage everyone to find the best path to their destination. 15 smarp
  16. 16. HOW WE WORK smarp
  17. 17. HOW WE WORK Our six values guide our everyday work. They are here to help us make better and more aligned decisions. The hashtags are used internally when referring to the values. 17 smarp
  18. 18. HOW WE WORK 1. Get shit done, be accountable #GSD All Smarpers are encouraged to act fast and take full ownership of their work. Being able to act fast and in an agile way is one of our core competitive advantages as a growth-company. 18 smarp
  19. 19. 2. Fear of Missing Out #FOMO We do not fear failing, but instead fear missing out on opportunities. We fail fast and treat each failure as a learning opportunity. 19HOW WE WORK smarp
  20. 20. 3. Work smart, work hard #BESMARP We always look for the smartest way to do things. This means finding the solution that has the highest impact with the least amount of time or effort required. This allows us to move quickly and prevents us from doing things in a certain way just because “that is how it has always been done”. 20HOW WE WORK smarp
  21. 21. 4. Be a team player, collaborate & have fun #COLLABORATE We operate like a professional sports team where we win and lose together. As such, it is important we collaborate closely and celebrate our successes together. 21HOW WE WORK smarp
  22. 22. 5. Get out of your comfort zone #NOPAINNOGAIN We all grow by doing things that are outside of our comfort zone. Constant learning is a big part of our culture and that happens best by trying new things. 22HOW WE WORK smarp
  23. 23. 6. Be part of the solution - positive attitude #SOLVER As we move quickly and evolve we will always face new challenges. We encourage everyone to find solutions to these challenges and work with a positive and supportive attitude. 23HOW WE WORK smarp
  24. 24. We value diversity. We believe that team diversity makes us smarter and better equipped to work with and understand our diverse global customer base. Thus, we have about 20 nationalities in our team and embrace our differences. 24HOW WE WORK smarp
  25. 25. Results matter. Without results we won’t be around to achieve our vision. 25HOW WE WORK smarp
  26. 26. Results matter more than the effort we put in to achieving them. Time alone is not a measurement that creates value for us or our customers. We measure results, not working time when looking at impact. 26HOW WE WORK smarp
  27. 27. We are data driven and measure our results based on facts and impact. This is a work in progress as we constantly try to identify and improve on the data we collect and what conclusions we can draw from it. 27HOW WE WORK smarp
  28. 28. Arguments should be won by the person who has the best data-backed and logical argument, not by rank or the loudest voice. 28HOW WE WORK smarp
  29. 29. We believe in consultative decision making. Everyone has a voice and will be heard but once a decision is made, we expect everyone to put in their best work regardless if they agree with the decision. 29HOW WE WORK smarp
  30. 30. We like simplicity. Simplicity in our product, simplicity in metrics, simplicity in goals, simplicity in compensation models. Most important, simplicity in how we work. 30HOW WE WORK smarp
  31. 31. We aim to be as transparent as possible.* Transparency is not about being able to get information by asking, but about being able to find any information and answers without asking. * Except when we are legally required not to be or need to protect the privacy of individuals. 31HOW WE WORK smarp
  32. 32. We believe in constant learning. We experiment constantly and believe in learning by doing. We take risks and value creative solutions. We don’t mind failing, as long as we learn and don’t repeat the same mistakes. 32HOW WE WORK smarp
  33. 33. We win together and lose together. We operate like a professional sports team where individual efforts are highly valued, but results are achieved together. Everyone needs to be a contributing member of the team for us to be successful. 33HOW WE WORK smarp
  34. 34. As such we understand that: Company result > Team result > Individual result We value individuals who show that they are able to prioritize our customers and the entire company when making decisions. We have no room for those who pursue individual gains at the expense of others. 34HOW WE WORK smarp
  35. 35. We are proud. Proud of our positive impact on our customers. Proud of our growth. Proud of the people who grow with us. 35HOW WE WORK smarp