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  • ..about Lee Crockett's keynote... Also sums up our thoughts on attending Ulearn 2010!
  • U learn 2010

    1. 1. • We are providing funding to send a couple of staff to U-Learn 2010, • 6-8th October in Christchurch. • (Priority will be given to staff who have not been before to either U-Learn or Learning@school, but all expressions of interest will be considered.) • Visit the link below for more information on keynote speakers etc…   • http://www.core-ed.org/ulearn/10   • Please let me know if you would like to be considered. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with lots of interesting educationalists.   • Thanks Jane
    2. 2. • The ULearn10 programme is structured around three themes focusing on aspects of learning and leading. • Delegates are able to follow a theme through the conference, or explore different combinations of each theme. • When making workshop selections, you can choose to use 'Key Theme Alignment' as a filter to view what is being offered in each breakout.
    3. 3. Wednesday 6 October 7.30am onwards    Registration opens 8.00am                 Exhibition Hall opens 9.10am                 Conference opening and welcome ( Town Hall Auditorium) 9.15am                 CORE Professional Development and Travel Scholarship award 9.25am                 Guest Speaker – Hon Anne Tolley 9.45am                 Keynote – Lee Crockett ( Canada) 11.00am               Morning tea 11.45am               Breakout round 1 1.15pm                 Lunch 2.30pm                 Breakout round 2 4.20pm                 Keynote – Steve Wheeler (UK) 5.35pm                 Reception in Exhibition hall 6.35pm                 Dinner at your leisure Thursday 7 October 7.30am-8.45am    Earlybird workshop session 9.00am                Welcome to Day Two 9.15am                Keynote – Lane Clark (Canada) 10.30am              Morning tea 11.15am              Breakout round 3 12.45pm              Lunch 2.00pm                Breakout round 4 3.30pm                Afternoon tea 4.15pm                Reflection/meeting time ( self organised) 7.30pm                Conference dinner Friday 8 October 9.00am                Breakout round 5 10.30am              Morning tea 11.15am              Breakout round 6 12.45pm              Lunch 1.45pm                Principal Sponsor Prizes 2.00pm                Keynote – Stephen Heppell (UK) in Town Hall James Hay Theatre 3.15pm-3.30pm   Finale and closing Programme
    4. 4. Keynote Speaker • Lee Crockett, Canada - Keynote abstract • Lee Crockett is a national award winning designer, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, artist, author, and international keynote speaker. He is the Director of Media for the InfoSavvy Group and the managing partner of the 21st Century Fluency Project. • Lee is a "just in time learner" first and foremost, constantly adapting to the new programs, languages and technologies associated with today's communications marketing media. • Lee is the chief architect of the extensive network of websites, web-based applications and presentations of which the infoSavvy group is comprised. Lee is also the co-publisher of the Committed Sardine Blog, which is electronically distributed to more than 100,000 readers in over 60 countries. He is co-author of Understanding the Digital Generation and the upcoming books The Digital Diet, Living on the Future Edge, and Literacy is not Enough.
    5. 5. • Lane Clark, Canada -Keynote abstract • Lane Clark has a well-earned reputation as an expert in powerful pedagogy and in the design and delivery of engaging curriculum. Her authentic, transdisciplinary approach to learning is founded on teaching students how to learn, how to think and how to use latest technologies to enhance their learning. • As a teacher, Lane has taught in the mainstream throughout the primary and secondary levels; she has also worked with learners from across the ability spectrum and in numerous multi-age settings. • As a workshop facilitator and consultant, Lane has worked extensively with primary and secondary teachers, district level consultants, faculty of education professors and students, parent groups, school boards of directors, and business groups. • The students, teachers, schools and districts who have worked with Lane around the world have found her seminars and workshops to be insightful, energising and most important, practical and immediately transferable to the classroom. • Her reputation as a dynamic and inspiring presenter is well earned through her numerous international conference appearances each year and her highly successful workshop programs conducted throughout New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK and Europe. Keynote Speaker
    6. 6. Keynote Speaker • Professor Steve Wheeler, U.K. - Keynote Abstract • Steve Wheeler is Associate Professor in Education and Information Technology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Plymouth in South West England. He is the technology mediated learning co-ordinator for the Faculty and also convenes the University-wide e-learning research network. • Steve is co-editor of the journal Interactive Learning Environments, and serves on the boards of a number of other peer-reviewed journals including ALT-J and IRRODL.He has an interest in e-learning, distance education, Web 2.0 tools, 3D MUVEs, and creativity. Steve is the chair of IFIP Working Group 3.6 on distance education and is a fellow of the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN). • He has published more than 150 scholarly articles, and his latest book, published earlier this year by Information Age, is entitled Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures. His e-learning blog Learning with ‘e’s can be found at http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com  
    7. 7. Keynote Speaker •Professor Stephen Heppell U.K. - Keynote Abstract • Stephen founded and ran Ultralab for a quarter of a century, building it into one of the most respected research centres in e-Learning in the world. In 2004 he founded his own global and flourishing policy and learning consultancy, Heppell.net, which now has an enviable portfolio of international projects all round the world. • Stephen was a founder board member for Teachers.TV - a UK public service TV and broadband channel for professional development of teachers. He is at the heart of a global revolution in learning space design, with a string of major new building projects worldwide, including a 0-21+ academy in the UK, and a complete makeover of a national education system in the Caribbean. In 2008 Stephen received the BETT for Outstanding Achievement in ICT Education. He is credited with being the person who put the C into ICT. • Money alone won't make the Internet fly. Ultimately, its success lies with kids and other folk who don't follow dot-com stocks. That's where Stephen Heppell comes in. He's a digital do-gooder, helping to bring ordinary people into the Internet age.... looking about as threatening as Santa Claus with his twinkling blue eyes and bushy beard - Wall Street Journal, 2000. http://www.heppell.net
    8. 8. • Breakout 1 Macro to multi media and everything in between - Don't forget photography as a top ICT tool! Session Type: Presentation With all the fuss about the latest IWBs and other new gadgets we often overlook one of the simplest, cheapest and most accessible ICT tools there is...the humble digital camera! Used well, the digital camera can enhance lessons, engage students, strengthen communication skills and all at the push of a button! In this presentation you will learn some simple yet effective skills to improve both your own and your students photography, will see how the digital camera can be used across all curriculum areas and come away with a multitude of ideas to enhance your students engagement in learning. • Breakout 2 Social Networking using Edmodo and Blogs - Connecting the classroom and the home for primary aged students and their families! Session Type: Presentation • Breakout 3 Blogs, e-Portfolios, LMS, and Apps - what fits where? Session Type: Presentation • Breakout 4 Making Numeracy Fun Session Type: Equipment-based hands-on • Breakout 5 Music, Multimedia and Movies – Kids can do it all! A case study of a student produced full-length feature movie Session Type: Presentation • Breakout 6 eCompetencies -Linking eQuality Teaching- directly to the Key Competencies. Session Type: Presentation
    9. 9. ..DesktopULearn pixulearn10conferenceslidepres.pdf