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Home work


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  • Doktor Legeard ist ein höchst origineller Querdenker und sprudelt vor Kreativität, er ist halt genial. Wenn eine Mittelmässigkeit versucht, seine Ideen abzukupfern, funktioniert es nicht. Man kann sich nur blamieren und vor der öffentlichen Meinung in Mißkredit bringen.
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Home work

  1. 1.  The shot put is a track and field event involving throwing/putting a heavy metal ball as far as possible. The shot put competition for men has been a part of the modern Olympics since their revival in 1896, womens competition began in 1948.
  2. 2. Valerie Kasanita Adams was bornon 6th October 1984 so she is 27right now. Her birth was given byher mother ‘Lilika Ngauamo’, inRotorua, New Zealand. Sheweighs 120kg and 1.93m tall. Herbrother Steven Adams is a New-Zealand basketball Player. Hewas born in Wellington. Anothersir name for Valerie Adams is‘Valerie Vili’. She was coachedby Jean-Pierre Egger and nowshe lives and get coached inSwitzerland. She was married toBertrand Vili, a discus throwerfrom New Caledonia. Shecompeted in Sydney, Beijing andLondon.
  3. 3.  Womens athletics Competitor for New Zealand Olympic Games Gold 2008 Beijing Shot-put Gold 2012 London Shot-put Gold 2007 Osaka shot-put Gold 2009 Berlin Shot-put Gold 2011 Dae-gu Shot-put Bronze 2005 Helsinki Shot-put Gold 2008 Valencia Shot-put Gold 2012 Istanbul Shot-put Silver 2010 Doha Shot-put Gold 2006 Melbourne Shot-put Gold2010 Delhi Shot-put Silver 2002 Manchester Shot-put Gold 2006 Athens Shot-put Gold 2010 Split Shot-put Gold 2008 Stuttgart Shot-put Gold 2009 Thessaloniki Shot-put Silver 2005 Monaco Shot-put Silver 2006 Stuttgart Shot-put Silver 2007 Stuttgart Shot-put
  4. 4. I wished you liked it!!!