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Life processes informatin report.eden

  1. 1. Life Processes By Eden
  2. 2. IntroductionThe seven life processes are important to learnabout. MRS GREN is a easy way to help youlearn the life processes.
  3. 3. GrowthWell everybody knows that humans and animalsstart off as a baby and plants start off as a seed. Allliving things need to grow or they will die. Whenhumans grow the life cycle goes like this: start off asa baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adultand last of all elder, and of course there are more inbetween. By growing humans become morecapable of looking after themselves. Plants have togrow or they won’t be able to reach the sun andcould get stepped on. Plants need water to getnutrition.
  4. 4. NutritionAll living things need nutrition to survive. Nutritionis food and water. Humans also need vitamin c ortheir teeth may fall out and people wouldn’t beable to chew their food and they would starve.Plants nutrition is from the sun. Animals nutrition isplants and food, and water of course. Humansnutrition is food and water. Iron is a mineral thatgives you energy and is found in red meat, nuts andsome vegetables. Living things need nutrients togrow so people can protect themselves when theyare in danger.
  5. 5. MovementWe also protect ourselves with movement. Forexample, humans can’t stay in one place or theywouldn’t be able to eat, drink or go toilet, soeventually they would die. To breathe you haveto be moving.
  6. 6. RespirationRespiration is breathing and this is another ofthe seven life processes. Humans breathe inoxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plantsbreathe in carbon dioxide. The humans firstbreath is when they are born and their last iswhen they are lying in their hospital bedcrowded by doctors.
  7. 7. ReproductionWhen living things are grown up they canreproduce . Plants reproduce by producingseeds, humans and animals reproduce byproducing babies. Living things need toreproduce or their species would becomeextinct.
  8. 8. SensitivitySensitivity is what you feel, smell, hear, see andtaste. The senses are important in order to stayalive because if you didn’t have sensitivity yourlife would be boring, not only that but youwouldn’t be able to smell out a fire, see or heara burglar, taste any food etc. Humans andanimals poo out the food they eat.
  9. 9. ExcretionExcretion is the waste in your body and if livingthings didn’t get rid of that waste humans wouldburst, well not exactly but people would die.Waste can be earwax in your ears, snot in yournose, food in your tummy and water in yourbladder. Animals need to get rid of waste moreoften and trees and plants shed their leaves.
  10. 10. ConclusionSo there it is, the seven life processes, MRSGREN, Movement, Reproduction, Sensitivity,Growth, Respiration, Excretion and Nutrition.They are all just as important as each other.
  11. 11. BY EDEN