Term 3 Week 7


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Term 3 Week 7

  1. 1. Term 3 Week 7 27th- 31st August 2012
  2. 2. Monday 27th August 2012Rāhina 27th Here-turi-kōkā 2012MathsWritingMorning Tea Reading – Inquiry research Sharing our findingsLUNCH The Arts with Mrs Moore Library
  3. 3. What do we want to know??? How many journeys to the moon? What fuels a rocket to space? Who first went in a rocket? How many people have walked on the moon? Where are rockets built? First moon landing. What is NASA? Other than humans what has been into space and why? What is Gravity? What are the planets? What is an acronym to remember the correct order of the planets? Neil Armstrong profile What is a space station? What do they do at NASA?
  4. 4. Quick 10 27.8.121. 123+30+20=2. 127-20=3. 15 4. 64÷8= x55. Descending 1.154, 2.444, 2.55, 1.46. a=9 4a=7. b=7.6 2b=8. c=8 4c + ___ = 379. 9²10. 5³
  5. 5. Tuesday 28th August 2012Rātu 28th Here-turi-kōkā 2012R.U.NTECHNOLOGYMORNING TEA Maths ReadingLUNCHTe ReoWriting – Dad is usual enough….
  6. 6. Tuesday 28th August 2012Keywords Propellant Reaction Gravity Atmosphere Launch Lunar Orbit Satellite Thrust Altitude Solar
  7. 7. Rātu 28thHere-turi-kōkā 2012 Kei te aha koe? What are you doing?Kei te ______ au. I am _______ He aha te wā maranga koe? What time do you wake up?Haurua mai I te ono karaka 6.30 He aha te wā ka tae mai koe ki te kura? What time do you go to school?Waru karaka. 8 o clock He aha te hākinakina pai rawa atu ki a koe? What is your favourite sport?He pai ki au te tēnehi. I like tennis E hia te utu? How much does it cost?Tekau ma rima tara. $15 Kei hea tō pukapuka? Where is your book?Kei runga I taku tēpu. On top of the table.
  8. 8.  My _______ is usual enough: he has A ______, A ______, A ______, A _____ place? And even a _________ I never ________ My _______ Does what __________ - played ….. Made …., dodged …….. Crept like ……. With …….. But I still love him!
  9. 9. Hōmai – Give meHoatu – Give away to Rm2 Hōmai te __________ki auGive me the _________. Hoatu te _________ ki a ia.Give him/her the ___________. Hoatu te _________ ki a _________.Give the ___________ to _________.
  10. 10. Wednesday 29th August 2012Rāapa 29th Here-turi-kōkā 2012R.U.NDads Day Writing – Publishing!Fitness on the courts 10.15MORNING TEAMathsReading – Note taking & Flying machines worksheet.LUNCHSpace Quiz to test notesFinishing Dads Day & Flying machines
  11. 11. Quick 10 29.8.121. 60+32+40+68=2. 870-30=3. 18 4. 72÷9= x75. Descending 7.34, 7.43, 7.005, 7.3046. a=7 8a=7. b=8.5 2b=8. c=9 3c + ___ = 299. 9²10. 10³
  12. 12. Thursday 30th August 2012Rāpare 30th Here-turi-kōkā 2012 R.U.NMathsQuick Write – Rockets/ SpaceMORNING TEAInquiry ‘Mini Challenge’ - Rubber band powered gliderLUNCHInquiry – Construction challengeBottle Rockets
  13. 13. Array 30.8.12 x 9 5 7 4 8 65898710
  14. 14. Friday 31st August 2012Rāmere 31st Here-turi-kōkā 2012R.U.N Summary of the Week of Rockets prep for KNETMORNING TEA Reading – Split info 12 Team AssemblyLUNCH Bottle rocket testing!
  15. 15. Flight Learning StorySummary of the WeekSummary to include: What you researched about on Monday. Any example of new vocab you have learnt - Tuesday About the challenge was for the rubber band powered challenge – Our Gliders. About the bottle rocket making.Reflection What have you enjoyed this week? What have you learnt? What changes would do to improve your glider and rocket? How did this week reflect INGENUITY?
  16. 16. Rockets Wrap Up – Thurs/Fri I challenge us as a class to reflect and wrap up our findings, what we have learnt and enjoyed about Rockets Week on KNET! We are each going to create a Learning Story on our homepage that will include:* 1 or 2 photos - summary of the weeks learning.
  17. 17. Summary of Rockets Week We are going to reflect on our whole week of ROCKETS using the Thinkers Hats - Yellow hat=Strengths- White hat=Facts- Black hat=Negatives- Green hat=Next time