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Katy perry...


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Katy perry...

  1. 1. Katy Perry
  2. 2. Why Katy??We chose Katy because she is different from otherartists because her songs are more meaningful andbecause she has a special talent of communicating withher audience that we all admire.We also chose Katy because we love her style ofclothing. What she wears is colorful and fun.
  3. 3. What type of music does she sing...Katy Perry sings pop, rock, dance and Gospel genresof music.Katy Perry writes much of her own songs, so all thematerial is her original and very much her own flavor.
  4. 4. What does she play continued...Pop: This music actually stands for popular music!Rock: rock and roll influenced by Rhythm, Blues andcountry!Gospel: This music describes the life of Jesus in thebooks of the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Lukeand John.
  5. 5. Early Life of Katy PerryKaty Perry was born At seventeen Katyon the 25th of October left her home for Los1984 in Santa Barbara , Angeles, where sheCalifornia. worked with Glen Ballard, on an albumKaty has two other for Island Records.siblings. She has a sisternamed Angela Hudsonand a brother namedDavid Hudson.
  6. 6. Early Life continued...Katy’s birth name isKathryn Hudson,Katy Perry is just herstage name so thatpeople can notice her.As a teenager Katywas influenced bychurch music becauseher father is a pastor.Katy Perry tooksinging lessons at theage of nine!!
  7. 7. CareerOn Katy’s ‘WarpedTour’ in 2008 sheperformed a song called‘I Kissed a Girl’.‘I Kissed a Girl’ reachedthe top charts in thesummer holidays in 2008on the Billboard Top100.
  8. 8. Highlights And AwardsKaty’s song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ earnedher a nomination for Best FemalePop Vocal in 2009. She has beennominated 8 times for GrammyAwards.Katy Perry was named ‘Artist ofthe Year’ by MTV in 2011.Katy Perry has sold to date, over37.6 million digital tracks inAmerica and 11 million albumsworldwide, and 74.6 million digitaltracks worldwide.Katy Perry has just completed a 3DBiopic-concert film ‘Katy Perry: Partof Me’ 2012.
  9. 9. Highlights & Awards Continued She was married to British comedian,She has won five singles Russell Brand from 2010that have reached to 2012.number one!She won an award forthe most fireworks usedin a performance.
  10. 10. Katy Today...Katy Perry’s Katy Perry isdocumentary ‘A Part of working on ‘TheMe‘ will be released in Smurfs 2’!! She is theAmerican cinemas in voice of Smurfette!!June! So not long forNew Zealand fans towait!
  11. 11. Comparisons Between our New Zealand artist and our International artist Similarities Gin Wigmore Katy Perry Plays piano Song Plays ukelele. Is an American. Writer Won Vodafone award. Has been nominated 8 Sings Pop Is a New Zealander. times for a Grammy. Artist of the year Has a documentary Both talented and Hasn’t got a documentary about her life as a musician. have about her life. unique styles Likes music from the past, Likes to dress in like 60’s and 70’s. costumes when she performs.
  12. 12. Insights on our artist...We have learnt thatmusic can change yourlife if you reach for yourdreams like Katy Perry.Also we learnt thatbeing different fromother artists is a goodthing because it makesyou unique and special.
  13. 13. Glossary ~ - It is the listDocumentary ~ It is movie Billboardon their life. from the top 100 list from the most famous artist toI kissed a girl is one of the most unpopular artist.Katy’s songsMTV~means MusicTelevision. Admire ~ When someone likes that person and theirGrammy - It is a award for personality.outstanding achievementsand performances. Warped ~ It is a summer Festival. Insights ~What we have learnt about our artist.
  14. 14. Websites we used...WikipediaCreative CommonsGoogle ImagesKaty Perry BioOxford Dictionary
  15. 15. This was made by...LouiseJennyAshleigh