Nancy's migration


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Nancy's migration

  1. 1. MY FAMILY’SMIGRATION STORY made by nancy wang
  2. 2. LIFE IN CHINA AND THE REASON TO MOVEMany years ago, my family lived in China.Mum, dad, sister and grandparents.They lived a fairly wealthy life together and they were happy.My mum wanted more children.Due to the endless rises in the population, China had a verystrict birth policy.One couple may only have one child.
  3. 3. THE DECISION IS MADEMy parents decide to migrate to New Zealand.Although New Zealand was a very small country, my familythought that it was the perfect place to bring up a growingfamily.
  4. 4. ARRIVING AT NZAfter the decision was made, my family got on a plane andarrived at New Zealand.We did not have any family in New Zealand so we were onour own.It was quite hard for us in New Zealand because of all thedifferent challenges we had to face.
  5. 5. LIFE IN NEW ZEALANDAt first living in New Zealand seemed like paradise. It was abeautiful country and everything was going along well.My family spent all of their spare time travelling around thecountry, experiencing the breathtaking views andattractions.We gradually adapted to this new lifestyle and we settleddown in Auckland.
  6. 6. THE IMPACTA few years later, my sister was born. (goal accomplished)Three years after that, my mum had another baby.We stayed in New Zealand for as long as I can remember.My mum got a job as a immigration agent and my dadstayed a business man.We miss our the rest of our family very much but we oftengo visit them in China.