Germination powerpoint(science fair)


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Germination powerpoint(science fair)

  1. 1. GerminationGermination Aim- To see what effect does different fluids do on growing beans or plants and how it changes its growth.
  2. 2. Hypothesis-I think that the detergent bean will do nothing since I think itmight not dissolve into the bean and I also think that the milkand coke bean will survive because beans drink water like wecan so maybe they can also drink other things like we can
  3. 3. Equipment needed is-CokeVinegarRain-waterWashing powderDetergentOilBeans- Imperial GreenPaper collarJar The Test- We split the ingredients so each of us got two beans each on the experiment. Most of ours has stay the same since our first meeting apart from the tap water. We took pictures of our bean everyday at 4.00 oclock and we had to damp the paper collar every day and thats all we had to do
  4. 4. Fair testing- We made it a fair test by starting at thesame time and also ended at the sametime. We also made it a fair test by usingthe same type of bean and by using thepaper collar.Results-The coke bean got all brown and it dissolved.The detergent bean was turning brown and itsmelt niceThe tap water bean got a sprout and so did therainwater beanThe sea water bean got big and fatOil(Braxton) bean got really brown and ickyOil(Kudzai) bean died but it tried so hard tosurviveThe vinegar bean died and it smelt nasty.
  5. 5. Conclusion-My hypothesis was partially right. I was right about the detergentbean doing nothing but the Coke bean didn’t survive and I thinkthe caffeine in the Coke and possibly some other chemicals weretoo strong for the bean to survive and breathe and so it died Application-This experiment can help people in the community ifthey don’t have tap-water because their water pipesare broken so they might as well use rain-water. Alsothis might help farmers about what not to water theirbeans with which include Coke, Vinegar, Detergent andOil. I think it might also relate to other plants as welland it might have the same results with fully grownplants too.
  6. 6. Experiment pictures: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9
  7. 7. Independent variables:SeedsAmount of fluids(200ml)Paper collarDependent variables:200mls of fluidsControl variables:Tap-water bean and Rain-water bean
  8. 8. Table/Graphs- Result for my experiments DiedTap-water SproutDetergent Nothing Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day8 Day9 Blue circles=Detergent Blue squares=Tap-water R=Rainwater O=Oil Results(Group) C=Coke Sprout R T O2=Oil No.2 S=Seawater V=Vinegar D=Detergent Died T=Tap-water O C V P.S If 1 of the columns is in the bottom gap, it O2 means its doing S D something or nearly Nothing dead. If its in the Kudzai Braxton Leia Jessica(me) higher gap ,it means its nearly got a sprout
  9. 9. Bean fun facts-•Broad beans in the wild are about the size of a small fingernail•Red or Kidney bean contain harmful toxins when eaten raw•The top ten dry bean producers are Brazil, India, China, Burma,Mexico, America, Kenya, Uganda, Argentina and Indonesia•Most baked beans are made of Haricot beans
  10. 10. Research/bibliography-
  11. 11. Credits-KudzaiLeiaBraxtonJessica(Me)Miss Morton(helped)