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  • Aarons sf powerpoitn 2012

    1. 1. Question/Aim How do different liquids effect plant (Pansies) growth.
    2. 2. Hypothesis Soft drinks: The leaves will fall of the plant will die. Bathroom Concoction: Everything will shrivel up, fall off and die. Sea Water: Plant will die quite slowly. Rain water: Plant will live happily and NOT die. Tap Water: Plant will die quite slowly and flowers will change colour.
    3. 3. Test Feed pansies 6 teaspoons of certain liquid per day at around 5:00 p.m & take photo of (LABLED) plant, for one week.
    4. 4. Equipment Teaspoons (1 each=6) Soft drinks Bathroom Concoction Tap Water Sea Water Rain Water (225 Ml per liquid) Pansies (one per person=6) Ice cream containers (one per person)
    5. 5.  Results Tuesday- (Start of Experiment) - One flower is looking ill but the rest is OK including the leaves and roots. Wednesday- Same as yesterday, except a few leaves which have fallen off and crumpled up and a flower thats dying. Thursday- Like yesterday, except that some leaves near the soil are dead and the flower that was dying is now dead. Friday- 2nd flower beggining to die. (seawater seems to effect flowers), Leaves are starting to turn yellow and gold. Saturday- 2nd flower dead and some leaves are also dead. My theory: this species of plant probably dislikes seawater, because Pansies usually arent found planted near the ocean). Sunday- Same as Yesterday but as I was inspecting the plant I found a leaf that had a part of it that was Transpareable-ish gray. Monday- All of the other alive flowers have their petals curling inwards. Leaves as green as ever.
    6. 6. Results Pictures Day Two Day Three Day SevenDay One Da y Five Da y SixDay Four
    7. 7. Plant Table KeyPercentage Leaves Flowers100% G=5p W=0p C=5p Sub-Key: P=points75% G= 4p W=2p C=4p G=green50% G=3p W=3p C=3p W=wilted25% G=2p W=4p C=2p C=Colour0% G=0p W=5p C=0p
    8. 8. Plant TablePlant: Score: Final Score:Tap water 5g p+5w p+4c p 14 pRainwater 3g p+4w p+3c p 10pSea Water 5g p+3w p+3c p 11pSoap Soup 0g p+0w p+0c p 0pCoca Cola 4g p+4w p+4c p 12p 47p
    9. 9. Plant Graph & Facts Median=11 p Mean=9.4 or 9 Mode=NONE Range=14
    10. 10. Variables It would’ve been more exact if we watered them in the same place so that the temperatures and amount of sunlight would’ve been the same. It also could’ve been better if all the plants were the same kind.
    11. 11. How this relates to Sharing The Planet  This can relate to sharing the planet by Humans intervening and watering plants with a new man-made formula or liquid,and cause a positivity, and help try and make up for all of the negative things humans have done to all kinds of vegetation.
    12. 12. Conclusion The best choice out of these for Pansies is Tap water and if your pipes break your Pansies wont last a full week!
    13. 13. Application Maybe for when a scientist wants to get plants to reproduce faster like rainforest trees because people are chopping them down too fast for them to reproduce again, they could try and make a liquid for the tree, shrub etc, that theyre trying to preserve and that liquid would help it produce better or faster resources. E.g: wood, fruit, vegetables etc.
    14. 14. Bibliography/Sources Graph was made at: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/create .