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David livingstone –what do we know about


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David livingstone –what do we know about

  1. 1. David Livingstone –What doDavid Livingstone –What do we know about this greatwe know about this great Scottish Explorer?Scottish Explorer?
  2. 2. QuestionsQuestions • What was his nationality? • Where was he from? • Where did he explore? • When was he born? • When did he die? • What town/city was he from? • How did he contribute to society?
  3. 3. Answers To QuestionsAnswers To Questions • He explored the African Nile River and Zambezi. He searched for the source of the Nile and crossed the Kalahari Desert. He was a doctor, missionary and explorer. He had 4 expeditions, exploring Africa. He discovered and named Victoria Falls, near Zimbabwe and Zambia. • He lived for 1813-1873, dying from dysentery in Africa. • He was born in Blantyre, near Glasgow, in Scotland. He is Scottish.
  4. 4. Contribution To SocietyContribution To Society • David Livingstone is horrified about the African slave trade and campaigns about the abolition of the slave trade. He stayed in Africa to work on stopping slaving, but is unheard from Europe. Another explorer, Henry Morton Stanley comes to Africa to find Livingstone and said the famous quote: ”Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”. Livingstone was OK and the two became friends. Stanley left and Livingstone started suffering from dysentery. On 1 May 1873, he was found in a prayer, dead. His body was taken to England and buried in Westminster Abbey, but the Africans kept the heart and buried it under a tree near where he died.
  5. 5. Map Of TravelsMap Of Travels
  6. 6. Thank You For WatchingThank You For Watching • Created by Thomas Speed Links: gstone
  7. 7. Thank You For WatchingThank You For Watching • Created by Thomas Speed Links: gstone