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LOHAS and Room 214 partnered to put on an intensive social media workshop. Read through this presentation on Twitter from the event to learn more about: Good practices for SEO, who to follow, how to monitor your feed, responding and engaging, contests, promotion, and advertising.

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LOHAS Event: Twitter

  1. 1. INFO@ROOM214.COM | @ROOM_214 | ROOM214.COM
  2. 2. GOOD PRACTICES FOR SEOChoose A Good Handle: Should be yourexactly brand name, or very closelyrelated to your brands name. Easy to find,and easy to guess.Select Account Name Wisely: Youraccount name appears next to yourprofile, and doesn’t have to match yourhandle. Use the variation of your brandname with the most web searches.Make Your Bio Count: You get 160characters to describe yourself. Userelevant keywords and let fans know whatto expect from your account.Link To Your Site From Twitter & ViceVersa: Doing both will help your Twitteraccount appear in more searches for yourbrand.The First 42: The “lead-in” of each tweetappears to be important for SEO as it willdetermine what appears in the tweet’stitle tag when it shows up as a searchresult on Google.
  3. 3. FOLLOWINGFind the right users:• Who are your customers? What are theirinterests?• If they are tech-geeks, follow the mostinfluential tech geeks.• Research your audience, then follow atargeted group of individualsStay away from these users:• Not active in the last month• Spam accounts only posting aboutthemselves, or auto-posting content• Uneven follow-to-follower ratio• Users are individually tagged by categories• Search/browse Twitter lists and followusers• Offers other similar categories and lists• Users self tag themselves with interests• Automatically ranked by influence/followers• Good for location based searches
  4. 4. MONITORINGAt-large Conversation Search:• Set up Twitter keyword searches for yourbrand, industry and your competitors• Respond to complaints, questions, andpositive posts about your brand• Respond to opportunitiesHashtags:• Hashtags are used to group tweets thatdiscuss the same topic• When including a hashtag in a post, yourtweet will appear in a timeline of alltweets with that hashtag• Trendistic tracks and archives popularTwitter hashtagsTrending Topics:• The most used keywords on Twitter atany given time• Join these conversations to gainvisibility, but be careful to stay relevantto to discussion at handFree Monitoring Tools
  5. 5. RESPONSEDirect Response:• Time sensitive - requires a quickresponse time from your team• Reply to @mentions and DMs directlyPublic Response:• Publicly thank those who re-tweet yourupdates• Re-tweet creative or interestingcomments from your brand’s advocatesActive Response:• Respond to questions and commentsabout your brand and your competitors.• Many users will post complaints withoutdirectly mentioning your Twitter accountAt-Large Conversations Active Response
  6. 6. CONTESTSRetweet contest:• Instruct fans to re-post a message in order to gainentry into your contest• Track the number of entries with a hashtag or anURL• Select a few random winnersHashtag contest:• Instruct fans to post a Tweet and include a specifichashtag to gain entry• Use Twitter search to track all tweets using thathashtag• Select random winnersSimple Trivia Contest:• Instruct fans to re-post a message in order to gainentry into your contest• Track the number of entries with a hashtag or URL• Select a few random winnersBrandX: Repost this to win tickets to tonight’sgame: "RT: I love @brandX check out their productshere http://bit.ly/game"BrandX: Tell us about your favorite movie and usethis hashtag #moviecontest if you want a chance towin free movies for a year.BrandX: Friday Trivia! In what year was Brand Xfounded? 10th, 20th, and 30th correct answers wina free trip to Canada.ReTweet ContestHashtag ContestTrivia Contest
  7. 7. PROMOTEPromote Your Account EverywhereDigital•Web•Email signatures•Blogs•Email newsletters•Facebook/LinkedinIn-Person•Packaging•Events•Point-of-purchase•AdvertisingFacebook Landing PageRoom 214 Email Signatures Room 214 Blog Team Twitter FeedPepsi Raw Packaging In-store Window Cling QR Based Event Flyers
  8. 8. ADVERTISEPromoted Tweets:• Amplify your tweets to appear on relevantsearches• Cost-Per-Engagement - only pay when a userreplies, retweets, clicks or favorites your tweetPromoted Trends:• Feature a trend related to your business at thetop of the Top Trends• Massive Exposure / High Cost (reports of $80k -$100k for 24 hrs)Promoted Accounts:• Part of Twitter’s account recommendation• Twitter looks at your account and followers toID similar accounts and followers• More personal and accurate• Cost per Engagement