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LOHAS Event: Facebook


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Room 214 and LOHAS partnered together to put on an intensive social media training workshop. Read through this Room 214 presentation on Facebook from the event to learn the best practices and strategies for the platform within the categories: What's New, Engagement, Content Strategy, Monitor and Respond, and Advertising and Offers.

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LOHAS Event: Facebook

  1. 1.
  2. 2. WHAT’S NEW
  3. 3. THE NEW FACEBOOK The newly released version is all about:• Reducing clutter• More focus on stories from the things and people that user’s care about• More focus on on visually appealing images and advertisements Fans have a choice of feeds (photos, music, groups, pages they are following) Same look across mobile devices, tablets and the web
  4. 4. GRAPH SEARCH & NEARBY Graph search enables people to find information through the filter of their friends When people search for something, the search is unique to them. The results are based on:• Social connections, engagement, likes, check-ins, proximity and ratings• Sponsored results are still available The “Nearby” function is essentially the mobile version of Graph Search
  6. 6. WHAT HAPPENS POST LIKE?YOU NEED A CONTENT STRATEGY Typically, only 15-20% of your fans will see anygiven post The vast majority of your fans only see andinteract with your page through their homefeedFOCUS ON ENGAGEMENT Fan engagement has a big effect on howmany people see your posts If your community is not engaged, you areletting potential fans go to waste
  7. 7. LIFE OF A STATUS UPDATEFacebook’s edge rank algorithm determines which fans and non-fans see stories from your pageWhat does it mean?You need engagement! The more comments, likes, and posts from your fans, the morepeople will see your updates
  10. 10. CONTENT STRATEGY:RULE-OF-THIRDS1. POSTS ABOUT YOUPosts about your brand/product/group whichcover news, new content (such as blogs andvideos), and anything else directly related2. POSTS ABOUT FANSRe-posted comments, posts, and other contentfrom your fans3. POSTS ABOUT INTERESTSGet to know your audience, and observe whatthey normally post to their own streams. Youshould be posting similar content to yourstream to identify with them.
  11. 11. STATUS UPDATE STATS Posts 80 characters or less in length have 27% higherengagement rates Posts which end with a simple question receive 15% higherengagement Pages that post outside of business hours have 20% higherengagement “Soft sell” words are more effective than hard sell words(ex. “win” vs. “promotion”)Status updates and page posts are the number one way peopleinteract with brands and organizations on Facebook
  12. 12. STATUS UPDATE TIPS Post Often: Pages that post 1-2 times daily have more fans andinteractions than pages who post only a few times weekly Don’t Over-Post: Time your updates to be at least 3-4 hoursapart so as not to overwhelm your fans Use Hashtags: Facebook just introduced the use of hashtags.Once they become available to you, incorporate them into yourpost Be Timely: Updates that refer to holidays and current events aremore likely to gain interactions Ask Questions: Ask your fans questions to get them talking Give Fans a Call to Action: Give your fans specific directions onhow to respond to your post (example: “Do you enjoy cake? Ifyes, click like!”) Go Beyond Text: There are several of ways to enagage your fans.Post photos, albums, links, videos and event invitesThere are a few general guidelines you can follow as you writeyour page updates, which can help you keep your fans engaged
  14. 14. MONITORINGFacebook’s Pages Manager App is an easy way for admins to check on their page activity, view insights andrespond to their audience on-the-go
  15. 15. RESPOND TOFANSWhen someone posts on your page, they want toknow there is a human on the other end of theconversation. Responding to to comments andquestions will increase engagement with yourfansCOMMENT TAGGINGWithin a comment stream, type “@” and acommenter’s name. It will allow you to tagspecific fans in your response. It also notifies thecommenter that you have tagged them in acomment
  17. 17. PAID ADVERTISING Starting this month, Facebook is doing a major overhaul of their advertising platform. Changesinclude:• Removing the questions product for pages (polls)• Removing advertising for offers• Combining promoted posts & sponsored stories• Changing specs• Targeting
  18. 18. FACEBOOK OFFERS Improved mobile layout (bigger images, easier to claim) Option to share with specific friends (rather than automatic sharing) Reminder before offer expires List of saved offers
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?