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Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYMobile StrategyTen Reasons Why Mobile MattersThere’s been a lot of buzz around mobile marketing...
Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGY   6. Smartphone competition pushes innovation.                                                ...
Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYBefore You Start | To get on the right path of mobile marketing success, answer these questions...
Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYMobile Marketing TacticsYour mobile goals and strategy will help you to determine the best tact...
Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYWhat We Like   •   Today’s consumers are constantly connected, so mobile experiences make a lot...
Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGY  Room 214 | MOBILE STRATEGY  Connect With Us:   •   Email   •   Facebook   •   Twitter   •   S...
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Fine Tune Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


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This POV document from social media agency Room 214 will guide you through creating an expert mobile marketing strategy.

We will teach you to ask the right questions, give you tools to sell your co-workers on mobile tactics, and provide specific tactics and examples to help you succeed.

This is your guide for becoming a leader in mobile marketing.

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Fine Tune Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

  2. 2. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYMobile StrategyTen Reasons Why Mobile MattersThere’s been a lot of buzz around mobile marketing and rightfullyso. The adoption and usage statistics support mobile as acritical marketing channel in 2012 and beyond. Here are tenreasons why mobile cannot be overlooked in your marketingstrategy. 1. The majority of your customers use mobile devices. Market research from Nielsen reports that Smartphone adoption is outpacing feature phones. Google Insights states that over 50% of all U.S. adults own a smartphone as of the beginning of 2012. 2. Mobile media data usage is on the rise. ComScore shares that more than half of U.S. mobile phone owners browse the mobile Internet, use applications or download content. If you include SMS the audience grows to 76%. 3. Mobile Internet has gone mainstream. According to Google Insights 81% of smartphone users browse the Internet in a typical week. 77% use a search engine and 48% watch videos. 4. Mobile search is the largest growing trend among cell phone users. Google mobile search “Over 50% of all volume has increased 400% in the past year. U.S. adults own 5. Shopping experiences are happening on mobile. ComScore reports that 46% of mobile users a smartphone.” perform shopping activities. Top activities include product comparisons, local store search, coupons and product details.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  3. 3. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGY 6. Smartphone competition pushes innovation. “In a typical week, Android continues to lead the U.S. smartphone market share, but with the multitude of platforms and service 81% of smartphone providers the competition pushes each other to innovate. users browse the 7. Mobile is a way to connect with your customer Internet.” anywhere they are. Mobile devices are always on and can be accessed everywhere which can extend your marketing programs beyond the session based experiences. 8. Mobile provides rich brand experiences. Mobile is versatile, making brands extend their marketing programs in a multitude of ways – video, text, photo, location-based incentives, QR codes, gaming, apps, the list continues. 9. Mobile is an integrated marketing opportunity. Mobile is most successful when it’s different disciplines can be applied with relevancy. If you are pushing social media, what is the experience for the 150 million people who access Facebook from mobile devices each month? If you are launching a new product, what does that product look like on a mobile device? Can someone purchase it? 10. Mobile can be affordable. It does not require building a custom app to get into mobile marketing. Sometimes the simplest execution can provide the most positive results. In A Nutshell The facts speak for themselves. It’s clear that mobile marketing is critical to a growing communication channel your customers are using everyday. To produce the best mobile results it’s critical to define your goals and strategy before jumping in. Nobody likes failure. A smart mobile plan, prioritized by goals, will put you in the position to succeed.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  4. 4. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYBefore You Start | To get on the right path of mobile marketing success, answer these questions.What are your goals for mobile marketing?Are you looking to drive sales? What about increasing Facebook fans? Are you looking to extend the reachof an advertising campaign or increase downloads of an app? There can be a number of different goals, butfocusing on one primary goal will start you on the right path to achieving it.How are your customers using mobile? What content do you wish to leverage?Are your customers using smartphones for product Do you want to drive traffic to your retail stores? Doresearch, entertainment, social networking or more you have video content you want to distribute? Whatfor simple text and email? Knowing how your about location based offers or coupons? Knowing thecustomers are using their mobile devices and what relevant content you want to incorporate up front willmedia they’re consuming will help you focus on allow for a complete experience for your end users.what experiences will most resonate with them.What experiences should you consider? What timeline are you working against?The best mobile experiences incorporate mobile Your mobile presence can depend on how much timespecific features, like click to call or click to you have to implement an experience. You may needdownload app. Take into consideration how you to realign your goals if you don’t have enough time tocan take full advantage of the functionality of a implement the complete experience. Or you maymobile device and how that content is viewed decide that the extra time is worth the wait. Mobileacross different screen sizes. For example, don’t doesn’t have to be a drawn out process, but just likeexpect an effective mobile search campaign if users web-based projects, you have to be realistic aboutaren’t landing on a mobile optimized website. what’s possible within a timeline.What budget can I dedicate to mobile? Who will manage your efforts?Your budget is also an indicator of what’s possible. Mobile takes management. If youFor example, if you have a small budget, a custom build it, it doesn’t mean they willapp is probably not the route to take. Instead, you come. Just like social media, itmay want to create a mobile search campaign takes resources to maintain athrough Adwords, supported by an optimized premium experience - one thatlanding page. Or, you can leverage free services includes optimization andlike Instagram, check-in apps and social apps. improvement based on feedback.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  5. 5. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYMobile Marketing TacticsYour mobile goals and strategy will help you to determine the best tactics to incorporate intoyour plan. Reviewing the following tactics and features will help you to consider the greatestnumber of possible consumer connections to blend with your strategy.Mobile Web Optimization: Mobile Content:Can your website can be easily used from a mobile Are your customers using smartphones for productphone? A mobile optimized website should be simple research, entertainment, social networking or moreto navigate, read and make a purchase. for simple text and email?Great Mobile Web Examples / 1140 CSS Grid SMS Campaigns / Mobile Apps / Mobile Web ToolsMobile Search Campaigns: SMS Programs:People are searching for store locations, driving Text messaging remains as one of the most useddirections and local results. With a search campaign mobile channels. There are several services whichyour ads can appear within to those results. can help you manage an SMS community.How To Get Started / Starwood Hotels 20x ROI Tatango / Vibes Media / BetwextMobile Advertising: Social Marketing:Billions of mobile banner ads are served every Social media apps are some of the most usedmonth. Several ad networks can help you drive app mobile apps and websites. Concentrate on yourdownloads, mobile site visits, and more! presence, and take advantage of paid advertising.Admob In App Ads / Adwords Mobile / Get Started 40M Mobile Social Users / Facebook Mobile AdsCustom Applications: Mobile Commerce:Sometimes a mobile website doesn’t give the impact When a customer searches for a product in-storethat you’re looking for. Mobile apps can be created are you prepared to steal that sale? Your sitefor function, style, or personality to represent you. should be ready to capture sales online.30+ Tools For Building Mobile Apps Digby Mobile Retail Platform / Mobi-Cart / TrendsLocation-based Services: Mobile Barcodes:Check-in services like Foursquare, Facebook Places As QR codes, Snap Tags, and other barcodesGoogle Places, and Yelp are driving awareness for become more prevalent, there is amazingphysical locations. You need to take advantage. opportunity to create branded experiences.Tips / Claim: Google Places, FB, Yelp, Foursquare 7 QR Campaigns / Lego QR Campaign / QR FailsROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  6. 6. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGYWhat We Like • Today’s consumers are constantly connected, so mobile experiences make a lot of sense • Mobile gives brands the opportunity to connect with customers locally and in a timely manner • Many mobile tactics can be leveraged to increase the benefits of your marketing strategies • Mobile applications incentivize users to generate more content • The multitude of mobile providers and platforms drive innovation • Mobile features and tactics can extend the lifespan and experience of an advertising campaignWhat We Don’t Like • Mobile platforms (operating systems and devices) are unique, so development can be complex • Different service providers can create unknown road blocks • Varying processes for submitting, and making updates, to incompatible app platforms forces efforts to be duplicated • Accounting for diversities in mobile screen sizes and devices can be challenging • A lot of companies are having a hard time grasping mobile as a budget itemCostBudget will depend on strategy and development requirements. To implement a mobile strategy it couldrange from $5,000 to cover a few basics, up to $100,000 plus. Don’t discount the necessary ongoingmanagement of a mobile program, either through an agency or an internal team member.Final Thoughts On Mobile StrategyMobile is not a buzz word, it’s a critical communication channel to include in your marketing mix. There areendless creative ideas to be integrated into your mobile efforts, but It takes planning and strategic thought togarner success. Room 214 can help you define your goals, strategy and determine which tactics will fit yourbudget. When is the last time you looked at your web stats to see what percentage of your audience isviewing your web properties through a mobile device? Don’t wait any longer to connect with your mobilecustomers. Mobile is now.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  7. 7. Room 214 || MOBILE STRATEGY Room 214 | MOBILE STRATEGY Connect With Us: • Email • Facebook • Twitter • Slideshare Subscribe to future Reports and Digital Marketing Insights: | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214