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16 Habits of Mind


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Published in: Education, Technology
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16 Habits of Mind

  1. 1. The 16 Habits of Mind
  2. 2. Stick to it. Complete tasks. Remain focused. Persisting
  3. 3. Take your time. Think before you act. Remain calm, thoughtful and deliberate . Managing impulsivity
  4. 4. Concentrate on what others are saying. Try to get a better idea of what they mean, as well as how they are feeling about the topic Listening with understanding and empathy
  5. 5. Look at a situation in another way. Change your perspective. Consider different options. Thinking flexibly
  6. 6. Check your work again. Build a desire for exactness. Craft your work as you would a piece of art or music. Striving for accuracy
  7. 7. Be aware of your own thought, strategies, feelings, and actions – and how they affect others. Know which strategies work for you and which ones don’t. Know what you need to do to improve your results. Thinking about thinking
  8. 8. How, what where, why, when, who? How do you know something is true? Develop a questioning attitude. Find problems to solve. Questioning and posing problems: Ask questions
  9. 9. Use what you learn. Transfer what you learn in one situation to another. Applying past knowledge
  10. 10. Gather information using all the sensory paths: taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. Gathering data through all senses
  11. 11. Try a different way. Generate novel ideas. Seek original ways of doing and thinking. Creating, imagining, innovating
  12. 12. Let yourself be intrigued by the world’s phenomena and beauty. Find what is awesome and mysterious in the world. Fully appreciate the world around you and the advantages you have. Responding with wonderment and awe
  13. 13. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but do it responsibly. Take risks, but also take care. Taking responsible risks
  14. 14. Laugh a little. Look for the strange and unexpected in life. Laugh at yourself whenever you can. Go through life with a smile on your face. Enjoy humour, but know when it causes others to suffer. Finding humour
  15. 15. Work together. Truly work with and learn from others in situations. Thinking interdependently
  16. 16. Be clear. Communicate accurately in both written and oral form. Avoid over-generalisations, exaggerations and deletions. Communicating with clarity and precision
  17. 17. Learn from your experiences. Be humble enough to admit you don’t know. Resist accepting “good enough” all the time. Enjoy learning new things. Remaining open to continuous learning
  18. 18. The 16 Habits of Mind <ul><li>Our Way of Thinking! </li></ul>