DJ's Disco Day


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DJ's Disco Day

  1. 1. DJ’s Disco Day Written and Illustrated by Room 14 from Otumoetai Primary School
  2. 2. DJ’s Disco Day Written and Illustrated by Room 14 from Otumoetai Primary School
  3. 3. The big night has arrived. It’s time to get ready for theschool disco. I’m DJ and I’m going to wear my black jeans with my black and white striped shirt. My grey shoes with the big fat tread will go great with this outfit. All I need to do now is to spike my hair up.
  4. 4. There was a sudden knock at the door. I walked quickly to the doorit was my best friend Edwho was getting a ride with us. Hi, come in.
  5. 5. I looked at the time. It was time to go to the disco.It’s time to go to the disco Mum! Ok, go and jump in the car DJ.
  6. 6. We made sure we were in our car seats and had our seatbelts on.Mum started the car. Half way down the driveway the car stoppedsuddenly. Oh no, DJ! What is it? You gave me a fright Mum.
  7. 7. The car broke down! What are we going to do? Suddenly I had an idea.
  8. 8. Wecould rideour bikes to the school disco.We went outside andfound mine by the beautiful flowering cherry tree. “Oh no!I left my bike out in the rain and the chain is rusty. Now I can’t ride my bike to the disco.
  9. 9. Then we went around the corner past the lounge window lookingfor myblack and pink skateboard. We found it leant up against thehouse but mysilver and red helmet wasn’t there. So we went insideto askMum if she knew where it was. I don’t know where it is But mum if I don’t find my helmet then I won’t get to the school disco before it starts
  10. 10. Maybe we could ride our scooters to the disco instead. So we wentinto the shed and Inoticed thatmy helmet that I couldn’t find wasupon the high shelf but I couldn’t reach it. Then I spotted myscooter behind all Dad’s tools. This is driving me crazy. How am I ever going to get to the school disco!
  11. 11. Suddenly I had an exciting idea. What a great ideaI know we could walk we haven’t had any exercise today.We were just about to walk out the gate and weremembered our road safety rules. The walkingschool bus doesn’t run at night so we had tothink about how to walk safely so we didn’t getinjured.
  12. 12. I must stay on the house side so I don’t get run over.I reminded mum and Ed to stay on the house side of the footpath.Then we went out the gate and walked down the street.
  13. 13. On the way to the school disco it started raining. “What a disaster!”Luckily I had brought my new red and white umbrella with me so Ipopped it up.
  14. 14. When we got to the school there was lots of traffic. Oh no!What should we do now?Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a pedestrian crossing.
  15. 15. We went to the crossing but there were no road patrollers. Iremembered Constable Doris teaching us to Stop, Look and Listen.So we stopped and did our kerb drill and waited for a car to stop.
  16. 16. One car stopped for us and we walked safely across the road.I wasso relieved as we ran in the school gate with our tickets. Finally! I’m so glad we made it before the disco started. After all that fuss I’m ready for a dance.
  17. 17. DJ is going to a disco but he has problemsgetting there. Can he get there before it starts or will he give up?