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Matariki powerpoint


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My Matariki powerpoint(: 'x

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Matariki powerpoint

  2. 2. What is Matariki?ANSWER: Matariki is the constellation of stars known in many parts of the world. Matariki is also known as the seven stars/sisters. Matariki is the beginning of the Maori New Year.
  3. 3. What does Matariki mean? Matariki has two meanings, both of which refer to the cluster of stars. Matariki means Tiny Eyes and Mata Ariki means Eyes of God.
  4. 4. When is Matariki Celebrated? Matariki is  NAMES OF THE celebrated on STARS: different dates  WAITI every year( for  WAITA example: in 2012 it would be  TUPU-A-NUKU celebrated on 21st  TUPU0A-RANGI of June, Then in  WAIPUNA-A-RANGI 2013 it would be  URURANGI celebrated on the 10th of June)  MATARIKI
  5. 5. Why is Matariki Important? Matariki is important because the brighter the stars are the warmer the season will be. It is also when families gather together and think about the past and the future.
  6. 6. Ways to Celebrate Matariki: There are loads of  A FAMILY FEAST ways to Celebrate  A NEW HARVEST Matariki with your  TREE PLANTING family and in doing so, start your own  SLEEP UNDER THE family traditions. STARS Some ideas to get  NEW YEARS you started include RESOLUTONS NEXT PAGE  ATTEND A MATARIKI EVENT