Fortune Fame and Fiverr


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Fortune Fame and Fiverr

  1. 1. Fortune, Fame, & Fiverr Jamie Rooke, Anne-Sophie Dufesne, William Mlinarich MSCR 3210
  2. 2. Fiverr Background *Worlds largest marketplace for small services*● Launched in 2010 by Israeli entrepreneurs Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman● Now have about 1,000,000 gigs posted
  3. 3. Fiverr Background● Basic How-To: ○ Post a skill (through pictures and videos) ○ Offer to sell it for $5 ○ Go up in status with more buys ○ Can be a skilled professional or an amateur● Skill Categories: ○ Gifts, Graphics & Design, Video & Animation, Online Marketing, Writing & Translation, Advertising, Business, Programming & Tech, Music & Audio, Fun & Bizarre, Lifestyle, and Other
  4. 4. Fiverr Background● Users go up in levels once they consistently: ○ Gain great customer satisfaction ○ Deliver gigs on time ○ Maintain high quality and ratings● Levels allow for : ○ Profits greater than $5 per gig ○ Distribution in multiple amounts ○ Ability to add extras to gig ○ Recognition to promote profile
  5. 5. Case Study- "bookreviewstew"● Actor selling video services, such as birthday greetings and promo videos● Fiverr accounts for 60% of his income● Makes sure to maintain customer satisfaction at all times● Tips for new users: Use popular gigs for inspiration
  6. 6. Case Study- "anarchofighter"● In just one year of posting his services on Fiverr, "anarchofighter" was able to buy a house from his Fiverr earnings● Offers business services, such as brand promotion on local media and copywriting● Gig Extras include individual videos with improvements and super fast service
  7. 7. Fiverr Survey ResultsTotal Participants: 24 Fiverr Members
  8. 8. Fiverr Results Cont. Dollars Made Per Week
  9. 9. Fiverr Survey Cont. Hours Spent on Fiverr Per Week
  10. 10. Fiver Survey Cont.● 58.3% of participants hope to become a success story on Fiverr while 41.7% are simply on Fiverr for the fun of it.● 66.6% of participants use Fiverr as a primary source of income while one 33.3% of participants hold a separate primary form of employment.● 75% of participants stated that they do have more than one talent/service they offer on Fiverr. While only 25% hold only one talent/service on Fiverr.● 83% of participants intend to be using Fiverr a year from now while only 17% intend to give up on Fiverr at some point.● 83% of participants stated that Fiverr has in fact helped their career either financially or socially.
  11. 11. Fiverr Survey Cont.● This survey was conducted on the official Fiverr blog on two separate discussion boards in order to obtain a variety of users.● Each participant is a registered user. We were able to verify this because in order to comment on the blog you need to be a user.● Overall, 83% of the participants surveyed said that they have had success on Fiverr.● For those who did not have success on, which the exception of one, did not post multiple talents/services and all spent less than 5 hours a week on● Individuals who reported collecting more than $100 per week all spent between 10 and 30 hours per week on and offered several, if not more, talents/services.
  12. 12. We Made Our Own Gig!Lets See Our Success ● Gig was posted for 10 days ● Promised delivery time of 3 days ● Shared on my facebook and twitter accounts ● Checked account everyday
  13. 13. And......We Got No Hits!What I think went wrong....● Not enough gigs were posted● Not enough time was spent on fiverr● Most top sellers have videos of what they are offering or sample pictures● Sellers offer additional services to a gig
  14. 14. Conclusion● Successful Fiverr sellers spend more than 5 hours a week on the website.● Having more than one active gig at the same time gives the seller a better chance of getting a hit.● Most people anticipate to still be using Fiverr a year from now.● Most Fiverr users have hopes of becoming success stories like the ones posted on the site.● More people use it as their primary source of income.
  15. 15. Conclusion● The results of our survey indicates that Fiverr can be a successful way to make money if the seller dedicates a lot of time to the site. Just like any other job, you have to put in the time to make a profit. Fiverr allows flexibility in hours and the amount of work varies depending on the gig.● Although becoming a success story is not guaranteed sellers hope to achieve this status and are willing to put in the work to get there. If users are able to master the site and market themselves well they do have a chance in achieving top rated status.
  16. 16. Bibliography● 5851●●