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Affordable Commercial Roof Skylight Replacements By Roof Tech


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Roof Tech is an acclaimed Metal Roofing Company in Auckland, which provides best roofing solutions to customers at reasonable prices in NZ.

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Affordable Commercial Roof Skylight Replacements By Roof Tech

  1. 1. Affordable Commercial Roof Skylight Replacements by Roof Tech Prepared By Roof Tech Ltd
  2. 2. Commercial Roofing Contractors Auckland When it comes to Commercial Roofing, Rooftech are a specialist in commercial roofing and have been Commercial Roofing Contractors that have been delivering quality commercial roofs, we believe in two things: doing things the right way and doing things the right way all the time. Rooftech with its 27+ years of experience and knowledge in the Commercial Roofing industry has been delivering the right result for its clients. Based in Auckland, as a commercial roofing contractor we service & contract the entire Auckland region for all commercial roofing contracts. As a roofing contractor with 27+ years of working experience we deliver, metal tile commercial roofing, Long run Commercial roofing, Asbestos Removal, commercial skylight installation, commercial membrane roofing, Flashing, cladding and commercial roof repairs are some of our Commercial Roofing specialties. Whether it is a new roof, re-roof, roof repairs or just an extension / addition to your commercial roof; our specialist team of commercial roofers are ready to undertake any kind and size of metal roofing contract, with the skill sets they posses and the dedication to quality and attention to detail you will be amazed as what we can deliver.
  3. 3. As a reliable & trusted name in the commercial & industrial roofing segment it is important when putting our name on the line as a commercial roofing specialist that you receive a fair & competitive roofing estimate for your commercial roofing project or for your commercial roofing repairs. A question many ask; should I employ the services of a Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor? The answer to this very simple, what sets a professional commercial roofing contractor from an amateur is the skill set and experience one carries. Rooftech has been in the industry as a commercial roofing specialist and being doing so for the last 27+ years. Rooftech is recognized in the industry for the work they have done in the Commercial Roofing segment and their work is a testament of their professionalism and skill sets. The roofing technology and commercial roofing requirements and standards have changed significantly over the years, to ensure we deliver to the standards and quality we follow strict guidelines and we are also members of the licensed building practitioners, so you can be assured of the quality of workmanship. We are dedicated to providing commercial Roofing services with uncompromising adherence to quality standards. Give us a call on (09) 239 2496 or email us for a no obligation free measure and quote.
  4. 4. As far as commercial roof skylight replacement is concerned, it is done in schools, offices, retail outlets, hospitals, institutions and different workplaces. Today, homes are also adapting skylights for similar reasons to business that includes lighting ventilation and beauty. You can capitalize on skylights by simply adding some more accessories like roof monitoring, self-flashed skylights and fall protection. You will also get numerous added benefits like significant reduction in monthly electricity bills and energy savings because of natural lighting replaces artificial lighting. In simple words, you can reduce the use of electric lights up to 80% during the day time by getting commercial roof skylight replacements done.
  5. 5. Roof Tech’s Projects
  6. 6. Why Roof Tech Roof Tech is a 100% NZ Owned and Operated roofing company based in Auckland. A family-run business established by Glen Brydon back in 2005, Glen being a experienced professional roofer himself wanted to offer his acquired skills in roofing & cladding to New Zealand people and businesses. Glen has over 27 years of industry experience, he first acquired his Roofing Installation Certificate in 1990, with experience under his belt already. His drive for quality and innovation helped him work his way through dozens of commercial and private jobs. Glen worked as a contractor since gaining his certificate in 1990, in 2000 he went into working for other roofing companies to expand his experience and work environments. In 2005 he then went solo, creating the Roof Tech brand which still stands strong today and continues to grow. With a guarantee for quality workmanship and materials, Roof Tech is your best choice for roofing and cladding needs. Give us a call on (09) 239 2496 or email us for a no obligation free measure and quote. Our website is-
  7. 7. Roof Tech Ltd 28 Beresford Street, Pukekohe Auckland, New Zealand Phone No: (09) 239 2496 Post Code: 2120 Email: Web: