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Astec roofing

  1. 1. Restore your roof with anASTEC® Re_PlyTM Systemand get more roof for less money!
  2. 2. ~,J wJt ~ ~£A~I/O~;;11iw ~- .. ~t~~ APPROVEDAdd ASTEC Advantages to Your RoofAdd aWind Breaker -An ASTEC Re-Ply surfaceseals all joints. laps. andfas eners under a monolithicseamless barrier that strongwinds. and driving rain orhail. virtually cannot rattle,lift. or erode.Add a Solar Shield -Ceramic and titanium-basedASTEC Re-Ply roofing surfaceshave very high reflectivity and heatdissipation - reducing heat andharmful UN rays on your building.+- This infrared aerial photographindicates tlJOt the ASTEC Re-Plyshielded surface is 50°F coolerthan the unshielded roof.Add a RenewableWarranty -Every ASTEC Re-Ply Systemis Warranted for ten years afterapplication. As the warranty periodends. you may chose to have yourASTEC Re-Ply surface inspected.cleaned. restored. and the warrantyrenewed for another ten years.(Check all the benefits on the ASTECRe-Ply I O-Year Renewable Warranty.)With periodic ASTEC inspectionsand maintenance - this could bethe lost roof you will ever need!Add a CorrosionBarrier -ASTEC Re-Ply roofing surfacesare virtually impervious toocean salt spray, acid rain.and many other airbornecorrosives and abrasives.I is formulated to withstandvery hostile environments."EI Nino produced some of the heaviest rainsweve seen in this part of the country for many years.And no problems from the (ASTEC) root ... "The ASTEC Re-Ply System is fluid-applied in multiple layers.The seamless, cured membrane outperforms ordinary roofing surfacesover a broad range of key test characteristics (see back cover.)
  3. 3. ASTEC® Re_PlyTM Systemfor Metal RoofsApply Final Layer:Flow on a second layer of ASTEC #900 CeramicFinish for Metal. This final application will createa seamless, titanium-white surface of hlghly-reflective. ceramic-embedded roofing that remainswaterproof. pliable, and virtually ImperVIOUSto airborne corrosives over years of hos Heenvironmental conditions.Procedures will vary by rooftype and condition.Contact us, or for details.Seal Roof:Flow on ASTEC WPM#9 Waterproof Sealerover all areas of caulking. reinforcing fabric, andfasteners to create a watertight base for the finalseamless layers.Apply Core Layer:Flow on the first layer of ASTEC #900Ceramic Finish for Metal. It provides a tough,weathertlght. monolithic core layer. bonded overevery square Inch of the roof surface.Prepare Surface:Remove scaling rust. and pressure washto achieve a clean. sound surface. Tightenor replace loose fasteners.Seal Seams & Fasteners:Caulk open seams. Reinforce all seams.flashings. and penetrations with hightensile strength fabnc.Encapsulate Corrosion:Apply ASTEC 8-16-71 Rust Control,speCially formulated to neutralize and haltfurther metal corrosion.When the Anaheim Convention Center decided to fix theirsevere leaking and worsening corrosion problems, they chose themonolithic ASTEC Re-Ply System to restore and enhance their unique metal roof."We looked at a variety of products, but nobody had a system like ASTEC. .. "Improves Metal Roofs• Creates a seamless, weathertight barrier.• Eliminates rust and corrosion.• Reflects away heat and harmful U. V radiation.• Surpasses R19 heat gain testing.• saves big temperature control and cooling costs.• Greatly reduces thermal shock damage.• Improves appearance.• Eliminates roof replacement expenses.• Provides a 1O-Year Renewable Warranty.
  4. 4. •Procedures will vary by rooftype and condition.Contact us, or for details.Apply Core Layer:Flow on the first ASTEC Re-Ply Finishlayer. It will bond with the ASTEC Basesealer and provide a monolithic core baseFor the final surFace.Apply Surface Layer:Flow on the Final ASTEC Re-Ply Finishlayer. The new surFace will be a seamless.titanium-white ply of a highly-reFlectiveroofing that is waterproof. pliable. andVirtually imperVIOus to airborne corrosivesover years of hostile environmentalconditions.Prime and Seal Surface:Depending on the original compositesurface. Flow on one or two layers of eitherASTEC Base Sealer #8 for Rubber, orASTEC Base Sealer #4 for Aspl70lt.Both apply as Fluids. filling all cracks. andcuring as a seamless. pliable. membraneover the entire roof.ASTEC® Re_PlyTM Systemfor Rubber & Asphalt Roofs<0Prepare Surface:Pressure wash the old surface to eliminateloose material. Repair substrate. blisters.and cracks as needed.Seal Seams:Reinforce all roof. vent. duct. and flashingseams and laps with high tensile strengthfabric. saturate with the appropriate ASTECBase Sealer.The asphalt roofing on this retail facility was restored to better-than-original condition by adding the advantages of the ASTEC Re-Ply System.The savings in cooling expenses alone will easily pay the cost of restorationover the life of the ASTEC Renewable Warranty.Improves Composite Roofs• Creates a seamless. weathertight barrier.• Stays pliable and weathertight in all climates.• Withstands ponding water.• Resists fungi and algae growth.• Reflects away heat and harmful U V radiation.• Surpasses R19 heat gain testing.• Saves big temperature control and cooling costs.• Greatly reduces wind damage risk.• Improves appearance.• Eliminates roof replacement expenses.• Provides a 1O-Year Renewable Warranty.
  5. 5. ISO International Organizationfor StandardizationISO. The source of ISO 9000,ISO 14000 and more than 14,000International Standards for business,government and society.ISO. A network of national standardsinstitutes from 148 countries workingin partnership with internationalorganizations, governments. industry,business and consumerrepresentatives.A bridge between public andprivate sectors.www.iso.chRegistered by NSF-ISRProvider of ISO 9000, ISO 14000.OS-9000 Management SystemsRegistration, and related trainingand publications.www.nsf.orgTHE FSCT SOCIETY FOR PROTECTIVECOATINGS"DADEtCompliance Approved byMIAMI-DADE BUILDING CODEwww.miamidade.govlbuildingcode,<§>APPROVEDFACTORY MUTUAL SYSTEMApprovedwww.fmglobal.comASTEC®Systems AffiliationsMember of theNATIONAL ROOFINGCONTRACTORS ASSN.www.nrca.netMember of theROOF CONSULTANTS INSTITUTEwww.rci-online.orgCharter Member of theCOOL ROOF RATING COUNCILwww.coolroofs.orgAn ENERGY STAR Partnerwww.energystar.govASTEC Re_PlyT.Roofing Systems& Specialty CoatingsManufactured byINSULATINGCOATINGSCORPORATIONICC is recognized as a worldleader in fluid-applied ceramiccool roofing technology,as represented by tilefollowing affiliations:ASTEC® Re-PlyT. Systemsare products of:DDInsulating Coatings Corporation - North103 Main StreetBinghamton. ew York 13905Telephone: 1-800-223-8494Fax: 607-723-1700Insulating Coatings Corporation - South956 South Highway 41Inverness. Florida 34450Telephone: 1-800-345-5306Fax: 352-344-8370Visit for additional detailsYour ASTEC® Re-Ply· Authorized Contractor:COPYRIGHT 2006 INSULATING COATINGS CORPORATION GRA37·J06M