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Point of view


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beginning thesis

Published in: Design
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Point of view

  1. 1. Hypothesis Reinvention in late middle life through creative “design”methodologies
  2. 2. Creative references: One Insights (1) Picasso Cubism wasn’t new in terms of content, but new as a way of seeing/expressing the content (2) Lennon After leaving the Beatles John used his craft to come to grips with life as he experienced it. (personal ideologies) primal therapy on stage. (3) Burton Influenced as a child by Corman horror films and Vincent Price and adopted the role of the isolated misfit triumphing over repressive mediocrity
  3. 3. Creative references: Two Insights (1) Jobs You can’t connect the dots in the future—only in the past (2) Lucas The man is the work—something doesn’t come out of nothing (3) Kalman Good design id “the unexpected and the untried”
  4. 4. Graham Wallas, Art of Thought, 1926 (1) preparation (preparatory work on a problem that focuses the individual’s mind on the problem and explores the problems dimensions) (2) incubation (where the problem is internalized into the unconscious mind and nothing appears externally to be happening) (3) intimation (the creative person gets a ‘feeling’ that a solution is on its way) (4) illumination or insight (where the creative idea bursts forth from it preconscious processing into conscious awareness) (5) verification (where the idea is consciously verified, elaborated, then applied)