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The perfect tel aviv storm


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Photographer Ron Shoshani loves Tel Aviv and wants to show his city in its best light. You might think that a blustery weekend such as this presents a challenge but in fact, Shoshani finds that storm clouds suit his textured

This is an article about the story of Ronsho, a cityscape photographer who documents Tel Aviv in a glamor, romantic and fashionable style.

Ron Shoshani known as Ronsho, is an urban photographer. He lives in Tel Aviv, specializing in cityscape photography of local architecture.

His works have been published on magazine covers, articles and media around the the world. His photographs look as though they belonged to glorify the urban dream architecture and buildings photographed.

“I realized that my city deserves such a portfolio, deserves it as a modern developing city, endlessly interesting for tourists. A city of business and entertainment, the sea and nightlife, wonderful parks, fascinating museums, and diverse architecture”

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The perfect tel aviv storm

  1. 1. Foto Friday – Ronsho’s Perfect Tel Aviv Storm December 21, 2012 ­ 2:38 AM by Rachel Neiman Photographer Ron Shoshani loves Tel Aviv and wants to show his city in its best light. You might think that a blustery weekend such as this presents a challenge but in fact, Shoshani finds that storm clouds suit his textured hyper­realism… And the rain that washes away the dust and grime also brings out the city’s colors…
  2. 2. These colors that are then enhanced through the magic of his digital paintbox to create photographic eye candy, as he calls it, that all but leaps off the screen. When we first profiled Shoshani (also known as Ronsho) back in 2010, he had just embarked on what has become a long­term project: recreating Tel Aviv’s image for the international audience.
  3. 3. As he recently recounted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Nowadays every self­respecting city is interested in tourism and has a portfolio of photos showing its potential and the beauty of its landscapes. Tel Aviv has as much to offer as those other cities, I’m absolutely sure… “I realized that my city deserves such a portfolio, deserves it as a modern developing city, endlessly interesting for tourists. A city of business and entertainment, the sea and nightlife, wonderful parks, fascinating museums, and diverse architecture.
  4. 4. Also since 2010, Ronsho has also become a regular contributor to the local edition of Time Out. Every photo posted to his Facebook page gets umpteen “Likes” from an ever­growing group of followers and he recently opened an online gallery so that his fans can purchase hard copies of his work. Definitely worth a visit — and a “Like”! Share with others Tags: • Category: Art, design, Entertainment, Foto Friday, General, History and Culture,Israeliness, Life, Picture of the Week, Pop Culture, Profiles, Travel