Florida Gubernatorial Fellow Multimedia Presentation Rosemary Edits


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Florida Gubernatorial Fellows Multimedia Presentation

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Florida Gubernatorial Fellow Multimedia Presentation Rosemary Edits

  2. 2. I. Welcome
  3. 3. “I believe public service remains one of the greatest callings a person can follow.” Dear Students: GOVERNOR CH A R L I E C R I S T I encourage you, Florida’s best and brightest university and college students, to consider using your skills and talents to serve the people of Florida as a Gubernatorial Fellow. The Gubernatorial Fellowship Program provides leadership training where you can learn firsthand how state government works. By spending two semesters in Tallahassee, you will gain invaluable on-the-job experience and insight that will impact whatever career path you choose. It is indeed a privilege to serve the people of the great State of Florida - my boss. I believe public service remains one of the greatest callings a person can follow. This challenging and rewarding duty provides the opportunity to impact the safety, well-being, and livelihood of Florida’s 18 million residents. I recognize the honor and responsibility it takes to serve with integrity, openness and a listening ear. I invite you to apply for Florida’s most prestigious program for leadership and public service. May God bless you as you consider your future education and career goals. Sincerely, Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida
  4. 4. II. Program Mission and Goals
  5. 5. II. Program Mission and Goals Developing Florida’s next generation of leaders Encourage best and brightest to enter public service
  6. 6. II. Program Mission and Goals Provide a high-level, insider’s perspective to state government
  7. 7. II. Program Mission and Goals Unique opportunity to sit at the table with current leaders
  8. 8. II. Program Mission and Goals Designed as a cohort experience so that Fellows can learn from each other
  9. 9. III. Program Elements 4 Main Components - Agency Placement - - Leadership Development - - Service - - Policy Development -
  10. 10. III. Program Elements INTRODUCTION: LIFE AS A FELLOW Each Fellow’s experience is unique, thanks to the broad diversity of projects through which they express their talents. Fellows live and work in Tallahassee throughout the program year and participate in Fellowship events in Tallahassee at least once a week, and often more frequently. Housing is entirely the Fellow’s responsibility. This program is open to full-time undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students statewide. In order to maintain full-time status, students take courses at Florida State University, online courses, or fulfill internship and directed independent study requirements.
  11. 11. III. Program Elements 1. PLACEMENT The Fellowship director and agency heads work carefully to match the interests and expertise of each selected Fellow with a complementary project. Herron Gaston with Secretary Walt McNeil
  12. 12. III. Program Elements 1. PLACEMENT State agencies where the Gubernatorial Fellows are currently implementing projects include: Education Juvenile Justice Management Services Emergency Management
  13. 13. III. Program Elements 1. PLACEMENT Fellows also currently serve in the Executive Office of the Governor: Office of Policy and Budget Energy Office Office of Drug Control Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development Each Fellow is expected work 20 – 40 hrs/week. They are treated as high-level staff and are expected to perform at that level.
  14. 14. III. Program Elements PLACEMENT EXAMPLES Chris, Class V Fellow, has quickly become a key member of the Florida Office of Economic Recovery. Governor Charlie Crist created the office to administer the distribution of $15 billion in federal stimulus funds through the year 2011. Chris has joined the office’s small staff to help administer the funding, which involves more FELLOW: CHRIS TANNER than 75 different programs and most state agencies. CLASS V PLACEMENT: In his role, Chris is involved in project management for FLORIDA OFFICE OF ongoing and new programs at federal, state and local levels. ECONOMIC RECOVERY He’s getting a hands-on education in the full life cycle of SCHOOL: state funding, from budget preparation to appropriations FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE OF LAW to expenditures, all the way through reporting. And he’s AGE: helping manage both the administration and oversight of 30 YEARS OLD HOMETOWN: programs that address the full gamut of government services. TAMPA, FL
  15. 15. III. Program Elements PLACEMENT EXAMPLES Climate change is an issue Governor Crist immediately considered a priority for his administration. Jessica’s project focused on one of the state’s most critical concerns: the relationship between climate change and water, a driving force behind the state’s economy, environment, and quality of life. FELLOW: JESSICA BOLSON, CLASS IV Jessica worked with DEP and the state’s five water PLACEMENT: management districts to research how climate change DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION may affect Florida’s water resources. Her report SCHOOL: identified steps for necessary actions to address present UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI and future environmental policy, including how PHD CANDIDATE, best to manage our valuable resources and counter ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES some of the adverse effects of climate change. AND CLIMATE CHANGE AGE: 31 YEARS OLD
  16. 16. III. Program Elements 2. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Each week, Fellows congregate to discuss each other’s experiences and also hear from a guest lecturer (such as the Governor, Cabinet officers, agency heads or other top officials). Fellows are required to participate in a broad slate of government activities, including budget and policy briefings and press conferences.
  17. 17. III. Program Elements 2. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Policy study trips: Fellowship alumni consistently refer to these trips as among the most rewarding experiences they’ve had. In addition to getting an inside look into operations at several state agencies in the Tallahassee area, Fellows take field trips to other cities. These journeys include a visit to Florida’s military headquarters in St. Augustine, a tour of the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center near Starke, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, and the crown jewel: a three-day visit in Washington, D.C. In the nation’s capital, Fellows get to meet and speak at length with an array of leaders, including Florida’s two U.S. Senators and members of Congress.
  18. 18. III. Program Elements 3. SERVICE When Fellows make a commitment to public service, it’s not some idle promise for the future. It’s a steadfast vow to actively assist Floridians here and now. While Florida Fellows already are active in their home communities, they also spend time during their program year doing hands-on service in the Tallahassee area. These service projects allow Fellows to share their interests and strengths while encouraging young people to become involved citizens.
  19. 19. III. Program Elements SERVICE PROJECT EXAMPLES: PROJECT: ADOPTION EXPLORE ADOPTION Governor Charlie Crist has made adoption and children’s well-being a priority in his administration, creating the Office of Adoption and Child Protection and the Explore Adoption Initiative (adoptflorida.org). In service of the initiative, the Class V Fellows volunteered their time and energy to raise funds and help with two important events. On Nov. 13, several Fellows helped at the Heart Gallery North Florida Exhibit and Reception. And on Nov. 23, Fellows contributed to a mass adoption ceremony at the Leon County Courthouse. The Heart Gallery is a traveling exhibit featuring portraits of children who are in the Big Bend’s foster care system and are available for adoption. Jarrid and four other Fellows greeted attendees, sold raffle tickets and answered questions, freeing up Heart Gallery personnel to focus on critical matters.
  20. 20. III. Program Elements SERVICE PROJECT EXAMPLES: PROJECT: GIVE TO LIVE GIVE TO LIVE The Gubernatorial Fellows Class V has partnered with several local agencies in Tallahassee to give back throughout their fellowship year, based on needs within the community and Big Bend area. In January, the Fellows collected over 85 winter coats through the Warm Coats, Warm Hearts coat drive. The drive provided coats for the needy served by organizations including the Haven of Rest Rescue Mission, the Refuge House domestic violence center, and the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter. The Fellows also collaborated to create care packages for members of the Florida National Guard. These packages will be delivered to the men and women serving our country overseas. The Fellows will continue to implement service projects each month under this initiative.
  21. 21. III. Program Elements SERVICE PROJECT EXAMPLES: PROJECT: KIDS VOTING KIDS VOTING Members of Class IV adopted two local precincts on Election Day (Nov. 4, 2008), working with Kids Voting Leon County, the local affiliate of Kids Voting USA. It’s a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that engages students and families in the voting process. This unique program combines dynamic classroom civics lessons with an authentic voting experience. Fellows set up Kids Voting booths and assisted students as needed. Jennifer Blalock served as the Precinct Captain.
  22. 22. III. Program Elements 4. POLICY DEVELOPMENT JEB BUSH AWARD Fellows are expected to take the lead in WINNERS determining solutions to issues facing 2007 TYLER CATHY Floridians today and in the future. JENNIFER HARTZLER Fellows direct an independent case study FINANCIAL LITERACY: wherein they identify a problem confronting IT JUST MAKES SENSE the state or its government. They conduct 2008 BRAD BODIFORD comprehensive research, interview involved JAKE CREMER parties and individuals and propose a sound FASHIONING GOLD solution through a policy proposal. INTO GREEN: FLORIDA’S FUTURE IN BIOFUELS A special honor is reserved for the most outstanding proposal each year.
  23. 23. III. Program Elements ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS Maintain full-time status Combination of coursework to stay on track for graduation; may include online or distance learning courses, directed independent studies Opportunity for visiting student status at FSU or FAMU
  24. 24. IV. Eligibility
  25. 25. IV. Eligibility All academic disciplines are welcome Full-time students at a Florida university or college Undergraduate juniors or older Preference is given to graduate students a. Outstanding academic achievement – no GPA requirement b. Strong written and oral communication skills c. Applied leadership skills d. University and community activism e. Working knowledge of government f. Desire to serve the people of Florida
  26. 26. V. Selection
  27. 27. V. Selection Deadline is March 19, 2010 Sample Application – what do you need to enhance your application? Initial review and consideration, regional interviews, finalist panel
  28. 28. VI. Financial Benefits
  29. 29. VI. Financial Benefits $10/hour OPS Initial $1,000 stipend if selected Tuition Waiver (*in most cases) Opportunity for several scholarships including Hoffman Public Service Incentive and Jeb Bush Policy Award
  30. 30. VII. Great Resources
  31. 31. VII. Great Resources a. Al Hoffman Endowment b. Board of Directors c. Alumni Association d. Governor’s Office e. FSU Office of Graduate Studies
  32. 32. VIII. Fellows’ Perspective
  33. 33. VIII. Fellows’ Perspective A. TESTIMONIES “The activities we did as a group really forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. JESSICA BOLSON It was a tremendous CLASS IV FELLOW learning experience.”
  34. 34. IX. Question and Answer Session
  35. 35. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Are Fellows required to live in Tallahassee? Is housing provided? A. Fellows must reside in Tallahassee during the program year. Fellows make their own arrangements for housing. They receive a $1,000 stipend to assist with relocation.
  36. 36. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. What is the selection timeline?
  37. 37. IX. Question and Answer Session A. OCT. 23, 2009 Application process opens for 2010-11 Gubernatorial Fellows Class
  38. 38. IX. Question and Answer Session A. MAR. 19, 2010 Application deadline: All materials must be completed and received by this date. This includes the candidate’s official transcript, three letters of recommendation and the online application. Early application is highly recommended.
  39. 39. IX. Question and Answer Session A. APR. 5-16, 2010 Regional interviews
  40. 40. IX. Question and Answer Session A. MAY 10-21, 2010 Finalist interviews in Tallahassee
  41. 41. IX. Question and Answer Session A. JUNE 4, 2010 Fellows are notified of selection no later than this date
  42. 42. IX. Question and Answer Session A. JULY 2010 Program Orientation (specific date TBA)
  43. 43. IX. Question and Answer Session A. AUG. 16, 2010 - MAY 13, 2011 Program year
  44. 44. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. What are the eligibility requirements? A. Applicants must be enrolled as graduate students or undergraduates (seniors or juniors) at a four- year, accredited public or private university in Florida. Preference is given to graduate students.
  45. 45. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Is there an age restriction? A. No. Current enrollment as noted above is sufficient.
  46. 46. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Does a candidate’s political affiliation factor into the selection process? A. Not at all. The Fellows program is strictly non-partisan, and all Fellowships are awarded on a non-partisan basis.
  47. 47. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Are Fellows required to be U.S. Citizens? A. No.
  48. 48. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. What are the requirements for letters of recommendation?
  49. 49. IX. Question and Answer Session A. Applicants must submit letters of recommendation from three references. It is best to have letters of recommendations from individuals who know the candidate personally. For example, a recommendation letter from a prominent person would not be helpful if that individual could not speak specifically to the candidate’s background and character. Letters of recommendation must be submitted no later than March 19, 2010, to: KELLI C. GEBBIA Executive Director, Gubernatorial Fellows Program Executive Office of the Governor 400 South Monroe Street The Capitol, LL-10 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
  50. 50. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Will applicants undergo security and background checks? A. At the finalist stage, yes. All finalists are subject to the same security investigations as current senior managers in state government. Anyone selected as a finalist must submit a Social Security Number and driver’s license number.
  51. 51. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Are Fellows compensated? A. In most cases, Fellows will receive free tuition as they continue their studies throughout the program year. Additionally, Fellows are considered OPS (Other Personal Services) state employees and are paid approximately $10 per hour for their work. Fellows also receive a $1,000 stipend to help offset relocation expenses.
  52. 52. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Can Fellows receive outside income from other sources during the program year? A. Fellows have a full and demanding schedule, and it is expected that they will be fully dedicated to the program. If extenuating circumstances create the need for additional income, Fellows are encouraged to discuss the issue with the Executive Director.
  53. 53. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. How are previously-scheduled commitments, such as planned vacations, handled during the program year? A. Fellows are expected to make a full-time commitment to this program. Under certain circumstances (and with the approval of the Executive Director and the Fellow’s supervisor) special considerations may be made.
  54. 54. IX. Question and Answer Session Q. Where can I direct additional questions? A. E-mail questions to fellows@myflorida.com.
  55. 55. X. Closing Remarks
  56. 56. 400 South Monroe Street The Capitol, Ll-10 Tallahassee, Fl 32399 850-410-0501 Online: FloridaFellows.com Facebook: facebook.com/FloridaFellows Twitter: FLFellows