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Discussion on how the mobile web and mobile apps are rapidly becoming the same thing

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  • Web is app 01 13-13

    1. 1. The Web is the App
    2. 2. Goals• Discuss how companies are using HTML5 to build mobile apps –Examples are media companies, principles apply to any company• Debunk any myths around the “readiness” of HTML5• Highlight that the web/HTML5 is an ideal platform to distribute content• Have a non-technical conversation about HTML5 and mobile
    3. 3. Intro• Business Development, Mozilla –Lead apps and content strategy for Firefox Marketplace • www.marketplace.firefox.com –Work with devs to create and distribute HTML5 apps• Previously: business development and marketing –Cisco –DDN
    4. 4. VS
    5. 5. It is about the experience• End-user doesn’t care how an app is made• The HTML5 has achieved parity with native –Performance –Features –Device-level access• Web is easy to: –Monetize –Test new ideas –Resurrect the archives –Stay close with your users
    6. 6. Strategies: Web<> AppThe web is the app The app is the web• App specifically built in HTML5 • The app is a re-purposed• Benefits: website; feels “app-y” –More controlled distribution • Benefits –Better relationship with end-user –Web, app are entirely integrated• Examples –Only one codebase is maintained • Examples
    7. 7. The web is the app
    8. 8. FT: App experience powered by HTML5
    9. 9. Times Crossword: Turning a Section into an App• Times of London “app-ified” its popular crossword puzzle game• Existing content targets new segment (gamers)• Goal: Lightweight app to drive new users to the newspapers• Tablet optimized
    10. 10. Benefits• Effective way to manage distribution –Leverage existing web presence• Web app can be re-packaged –Write once and optimize• Easy way to experiment with new ideas/content
    11. 11. The app is the web
    12. 12. Boston Globe: Entire experience, one package • BostonGlobe-> Premium version of Boston.com • Full write once, run anywhere • Takes full advantage of advanced HTML5 capabilities-> off-line reading Web app that provides off-line reading
    13. 13. Studio 1290- Repackaging Content• “unplugged” promotion sessions with artists• Put session on website-> drive traffic to artist stores• Repurpose content for web app• Audience engagement-> provide unique content for fans
    14. 14. The Vault: Value from Archive • The Vault is an interactive history-> 40 years of Atlantic videos • Users use a slot-machine style dialer to choose a year, find videos • Experiment: use archive to engage with users
    15. 15. Benefits• Transform existing web presence• Maintain single code base• Leverage existing business models –i.e.: web ads appear on the apps• Easy way to experiment with new ideas/content –Testing a new idea as simple as creating a website
    16. 16. Summary• Web<>App –It is the experience that matters –Parity is rapidly being achieved• Web is more flexible –Leverage existing content, web presence –Easy to test ideas• Merge what is great about the web with the use case of an app
    17. 17. Thank you• Connect: –Email: rpiovesan@mozilla.com –Twitter: @ronpiovesan –Blog: www.ronpiovesan. com –LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronpiovesan –Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/ronpiovesan