Lecture 3 voices


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Company is the Content lecture 3- 04-14-14

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Lecture 3 voices

  2. 2. HUBSPOT QUESTIONS Define inbound marketing. Contrast with outbound marketing List and describe the three skills (according to HubSpot) to maximize inbound marketing. Why do you think inbound marketing is less expensive than outbound marketing? Why do B2B companies derive greater value from inbound marketing (and HubSpot’s offering) than B2C?
  4. 4. THREE SKILLS Write compelling content Distribute content Engage a community
  5. 5. WHY? Company Email sign ups Lead gen Surveys
  6. 6. REVIEW
  7. 7. FRAMEWORK Measure How will you measure success? Voices How do you want to speak? Listen What is the market saying? Goal What do you want to accomplish?
  8. 8. WORKSHEET Informer Seller Worker “One-liner guy” Brand awareness Influence the market Lead gen Customer support Goal Voices Tactics Metrics
  9. 9. LISTENING • Getting into the conversation • Know what is going on • Don’t be the “dig me” guy • General market intelligence • Prospecting • Hearing what the pain points are • Understanding your customers’ concerns • Empowering sales people • Support • Solving problems • Being available
  10. 10. VOICES
  11. 11. 4 TYPES • Informer • Seller • Worker • “One-liner” guy Voices add structure to social media efforts Must support the Goals Must remain authentic
  12. 12. INFORMER • Authoritative voice • Provides information • Seeks to influence
  13. 13. SELLER • Sells, but isn’t a “sales guy” • Relationship based, not transactional • Campaign oriented
  14. 14. WORKER • Solves problems • Listens the most • Reactive
  15. 15. “ONE-LINER” GUY • Playful • Focused on amusement, rather that information • Uses entertainment to communicate an idea
  16. 16. WORKSHEET Informer Seller Worker “One-liner guy” Brand awareness Influence the market Lead gen Customer support Goal Voices
  17. 17. SOCIAL ADS
  18. 18. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. - John Wanamaker (1838 –1922) merchant, religious leader, civic and political figure
  19. 19. ORGANIC VS PAID Organic Paid Evolution away from banner ads Focus on promoted content
  20. 20. FACEBOOK: MORE THAN LIKES Promoted Updates Goal Based Advertising
  21. 21. TWITTER: TWEETS AND CARDS Promoted Tweets Cards: Visual Twitter
  22. 22. LINKEDIN: CORPORATE FOCUS Banner and Promoted Content
  23. 23. CONCLUSION • Attempt to add greater metrics, accountability to advertising • Initial appeal: superior targeting • Direction social networks are going; still a work in progress • Display ads haven’t performed; focus now on content • Mobile solution Not an exact science Easy way to experiment, see what works
  24. 24. NEXT WEEK All: • Case: EMC, OSSCube • The B2B Social Media Book, Chapter 4 Credit; Grade Students: • Answer the attached questions and submit before class via email ronpiovesan@gmail.com Grade Students • Start thinking about your projects