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Lecture slides for class two of BUS94. Date: April 10

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  • Rise of new category of ecosystem partner-> the influencerThe person who seems to be in the know, who people just listen toHighlight the influcener… who is this person?
  • Tool has become the goal rather then the means to a goal
  • HpcLinkedINgrou[
  • Intel circles
  • If you recall from last week, this is roughly when things got all crazy for companies
  • Intersection v04 08-12

    1. 1. The Company is the ContentLecture 2: Intersection Between Social Media And Marketing
    2. 2. Housekeeping Request to focus on local social marketing. Of interest? Interest in taking time to look specifically at certain tools, explain how they operate and how they may be used?  Facebook  Google+  LinkedIn  Twitter  Blogs/podcasts Groups  If you’re in one but want to do an independent project, let’s talk  If you’re not in one, and you want to be in one, let’s talk
    3. 3. Agenda Review thoughts from last week Introduce “Four Steps” model to rolling out a social media campaign  Model is re-purposed from the textbook Discuss Cisco case study  Apply Four Step model to case study Next week’s assignment
    4. 4. ….c. 2009 You are PressCustomers here Analysts Compan yChannel Influencer Markets truly became a conversation
    5. 5. Summary: Finding the conversation Community Content What are Who are you you going to speaking to? say? Conversation
    6. 6. How to “do social” The following are not social media objectives  Creating a Google+ circle  Creating a Facebook page  Posting a YouTube video  Doing something and hoping it will go “viral” The following are social media objectives  Collect leads  Increase media coverage  Increase brand recognition Even though tools have changed, basic principles remains the same You need to plan, you need to measure
    7. 7. Play with the websites at the endGoal Metrics Tactics Tools • What • How you • What • What you measure you do you use want Resist temptation to “go social” Understand the entire process first Gillin, Schwartzman’s “Four Step
    8. 8. Four Steps in Action Goal  Improve customer service Metrics  Time-to-answer  Customer sat surveys  Decrease load on call centers Tactics  Proactively address concerns  Open new channels of communication Tool
    9. 9. Four Steps in Action Goal  Increase sales Metrics  Increased inbound calls  More targeted outbound call  Focus on High-Performance Computing Tactics  Increase DDN’s presence in the maket  Position DDN as a “trusted advisor” not just a hardware supplier Tool
    10. 10. Four Steps in Action Goal  Target communications Metrics  Increase awareness of certain messages to key groupd  Surveys  Impressions Tactics  Segment and identify key audiences  Target messages ONLY at those audiences Tool
    11. 11. Applying to CiscoSummary: Cisco is a massive company that sells networking geat  68,000 employees  $40 billion in revenue Launching a new product ASR 1000  An “edge router” that carries network traffic to an end- point (computer, phone, video conference)  Sold to large corporations, telecom companies Benefits  More efficient in routing network traffic  Eliminates the need to buy a lot of other network equipment-> saves money
    12. 12. Goals Successfully launch a new product Tie in the ASR 1000 with the increasing trend to access digital content  2008: huge rise in digital content being created and consumed Be cool
    13. 13. Metrics Seems abstract “Buzz”…”cool” Where is this going?
    14. 14. Tactics 100% digital release Make entire launch event virtual Demonstrate the digital power of the ASR 1000 Did this work?
    15. 15. Does this work?
    16. 16. Tools
    17. 17. All over the place  Humorous  Try to get funny characters to explain network traffic  Sci-Fi game, not tied to main theme  Community gathering
    18. 18. Conclusion  Resonated  Drew interest  Attracted users and interest  Not as successful
    19. 19. TCO Environmental Impact Strong cost-saving and green message Didn’t integrate with “stork” and “cupid” messaging
    20. 20. Assignment Launch a product Clearly lay out your four steps  Goal  Metrics  Tactics  Tool(s) Four slide preso:  Slide 1: Explain product competitive differentiator  Slide 2: Explain your Goals, Metrics, Tactics  Slide 3: Choose your Tool, explain how it ties back to your Goals, Metrics, Tactics  Slide 4: Why is this Tool the best for this campaign?
    21. 21. Assignment Due April 17 All groups must hand in their preso  Email:  Post on SlideShare Three groups will be chosen at random to present