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The Importance Of Online Reviews To Your Business


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Today, consumers seem to prefer using the Web to research about a company and its offerings. According to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal on consumer behavior in 2009, 92% of its respondents say they had more confidence in information they find online than anything coming from a salesclerk or other source.

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The Importance Of Online Reviews To Your Business

  1. 1. Online Reviews And How It Can Contribute To Your SalesOnline Reviews Page 1
  2. 2. Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer to use theInternet to discover important information about a company, orthe products it sells. In fact, a poll carried out by the Wall StreetJournal showed that more than 90% of customers trustinformation they find on the Internet more than any othersources. In that same survey, 78% of consumers said thattelevision ads no longer have enough information they need. Inanother study done by Businessweek, it was found that 70% ofconsumers consult reviews or ratings before purchasinganything.Reviews are available on consumer protection websites, socialnetworking websites, online forums, product comparison sites,and other 3rd-party websites made specifically to collecttestimonials from customers and experts. Studies show that64% prefer reading reviews they found through search engines,58% on shopping sites, and 47% on the company’s website. What these researches fundamentally demonstrate is that customers show great preference for consumer- submitted reviews. It comes as no surprise that businesses that have reviewsystems in place enjoy better sales than those that don’t.Reviews also encourage consumers to stay longer on thecompany’s website. In another study, reviews on the companywebsite can boost conversion to more than 20%.Many businesses these days also try to use social networkingwebsites to gather and share consumer opinion about theirOnline Reviews Page 2
  3. 3. company and offerings. Interestingly, by using those platforms,they also increase traffic to their official websites. The goodthing about these platforms is that it makes it easy for people toshare reviews with peers, relatives, and workmates, therebyamplifying the impact without necessarily requiring cash outlayon the part of the company.Many consumers consider a favorable review as somethingthat has an equal or greater bearing than price and specialoffers in terms of their purchasing decisions. This is reflected ina web-based poll done by Webcredible, a customer experiencefirm. The poll showed that 29% of customers consider goodreviews as one of the most crucial variables they considerwhen purchasing on the Web. To find more articles about theonline reviews, click here: There are a number of strategies you can employ to motivate consumers to leave reviews on your website. For one, you can simply ask them to do so. For example, you can print the URL of your corporate website on your receipts, or include this on any emails you send to your clients. Using incentives can be an effective way of enticing customers to review a company and its offerings as well. This would include handing out coupons orgiving discounts to customers who submitted a review. Be sureto reply to the reviews, regardless if these are positive ornegative, in a professional and prompt manner. This will showthat you care about your customer’s experiences and you’recommitted to improving your services.Online Reviews Page 3