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Sense IT Media Social media Audit Brochure - Perth Western Australia


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Sense IT Media Social media Audit Brochure - Perth Western Australia

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Sense IT Media Social media Audit Brochure - Perth Western Australia

  1. 1. How do companies implement integrated communications strategies in the new social landscape? Whether you have tested the water or are struggling to know where to begin, Sense-IT Media can help you engage. Monologue has given way to dialogue. Social Media has Understanding what’s driving your customer is only part of created and magnified a new range of influencers across all the answer, you also need to consider your own, internal industries and increasingly smart businesses are integrating readiness. Does your current business model allow you to social media participation into their management strategies. proactively listen, learn, measure and respond in real time? Without appropriate intelligence about customer, employee The second part of the Sense-IT Social Media Audit looks at or stakeholder needs, values and challenges, it can be difficult how your business is structured across all customer touch to decide what the most appropriate model for engagement points; static, interactive and human, to identify gaps and next should be. steps: The Sense-IT Media Social Media Audit is a completely · What progress have you already made in social media? individualised process based around your business. The audit will give you the chance to consider how your brand is · What channels do you use? perceived in the market and guage your Social Media maturity. Most importantly, perhaps, the audit process is a focusing · What is your current level of engagement in each exercise, designed to assist you judge what it would take to channel? reinvigorate your tired and aging models of marketing and · What negative or positive business impacts have customer service delivery. been derived from existing social media activities? Key questions that we will assess in the Audit include: Talk to us today about how a small investment in a Social Media Audit of just $ 8,250 (incl. GST) could assist you • What conversations are taking place relevant to your facilitate genuine engagement with your customers across social business; channels and participate in conversations that were previously taking place without you. • Who is saying what about your brand or industry; • Where are they saying it; and For more information • What sentiments are being expressed? Please contact the Solutions Director, Ronny Braunstein E • What impact is this having on their buying behaviour? M +61 414 718 | T +61 8 9481 8111 | F +61 8 9481 8133 | LEVEL 2, 43 VENTNOR AVENUE WEST PERTH WA AUSTRALIA 6005 1