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Bill clinton

  1. 1. Bill Clintonwhy we like him?Any man who can pull away from the scandalous, ridiculous, backstabbing, lyingsituations that Clinton found himself in and still remain respected and loved -- evenby his wife -- deserves to be Man of the Week. The only reason everyone hasforgiven him is because at some point in our lives, we have all been him. He just gotout of it a lot better than most of us would.why is he famous?Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States for two consecutive terms(1993-2001) and did a damn good job. There was also a certain indiscretion with aWhite House intern that made headlines for a little while.overall rating 85Bill Clinton is a very complex individual who has often been described by friends andfoes as the smartest, most natural politician they have ever met. Aside from the 1
  2. 2. moral questions involving the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, Bill Clinton is smart, charmingand clever beyond compare.Dont let the Southern charm fool you; behind it lies a very careful, intelligent manthat plans his every move in the way an architect plans a building. This isnt a flaw;its an invaluable trait of success.personality & talent 96Lets not kid ourselves, anyone that is elected President has charm. People vote forcandidates they like, not just the ones who promise to make the most changes. Afterall, didnt Jesse Ventura get elected Governor of Minnesota?In fact, many women claim that Clinton is unbelievably charming and that they areinstantly hypnotized by his charisma. Whether he is speaking to the nation or to akindergarten class, he gets across to people and inspires an awe-like loyalty amongsupporters.His political prowess is unparalled and revered. He somehow convinced the Americanpeople that he screwed up royally, yet still deserves to remain in the most importantposition in the country. If that isnt a testament to his political power, then nothingis.Manliness 88He certainly looks the part. Big, bulky, masculine. If he wasnt a former President ofthe United States, youd still watch out in a back alley before you made a move onthe big guy. Very few people know just how big he actually is height-wise. But evenwithout the physical attributes, it takes quite a man to be the most powerful personin the world.women magnetism 81Some women find him repulsive but most find him quite attractive. Most womendescribe Bill Clinton using the regular adjectives: charming, masculine, confident,sensitive. But deep down they know there is a bad boy that can sweep them off theirfeet. Clinton is a prime example that intelligence is a trait that women find attractive.accomplishments & fame 99In a political arena, one has reached their acme once theyre President. What elsecan you do? Perhaps becoming Dictator of the World is more powerful but that is 2
  3. 3. setting standards a little too high. He has accomplished everything one canaccomplish during a political career, with one exception, his legacy will be tainted.coolness factor 79We were sold when he played the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show. He knowshow to have a good time, and he is instantly the center of attention wherever hegoes, regardless of whether he is the President or not. Privately, even his worstdetractors admit he is one cool cat.personal style 65He wears conservative suits, knit sweaters or over-sized jogging shorts. He oncenoted how everyone gives him ties for Christmas. He has so many ties that he canwear a different one for the next 100 years. But we will cut Billy Boy some slack,after all, he has more important things to think about than the latest fashion trends.That if Mr. Clinton ever decides to nearly destroy himself and his career again, thathe at least pick a woman worth the anguish.Quote"I ask that all Americans demonstrate in their personal and public lives... the highethical standards that are essential to good character and to the continued successof our Nation."- Bill ClintonBiographyWilliam Jefferson Blythe III was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. He wasnamed after his father, William Jefferson Blythe II, who had been killed in a caraccident just three months before he was born.Needing to find a way to support herself and her new child, Clintons mother,Virginia, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, to study nursing. Clinton stayed with hismoms parents in Hope. Despite not having his mom or dad around to raise him, 3
  4. 4. young Bill was nevertheless surrounded by many loving relatives and had a happychildhood.After receiving her nursing degree in 1950, Clintons mother returned from NewOrleans when he was four years old. That same year, she married an automobilesalesman named Roger Clinton.When Bill Clinton was seven years old, his family moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas,which offered better employment opportunities. Roger received a higher paying jobas a service manager for his brothers car dealership and Virginia was able to find abetter job as a nurse anesthetist. In 1961, the future American President had his lastname legally changed from Blythe to Clinton.In 1962, when Clinton was a senior in high school, he was chosen to go toWashington, D.C., to participate in Boys Nation, a special youth leadershipconference. The young men of Boys Nation and the young women of Girls Nationwere invited to the White House to meet President John F. Kennedy.Clinton was one of the first in line to shake President Kennedys hand in the RoseGarden. That event was one of the most important experiences of his youth. Afterthat, he knew he wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people of Americaby becoming President of the United States.Inspired by the success of such leaders as JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., Clintonthrived on the hard work that his academic and extracurricular activities required.As a lively member of his church, he raised money and prepared charity events. Inhis spare time, he would read books such as The Silver Chalice, The Last of theMohicans, The Robe, and Black Beauty. Playing the saxophone was also one of hisfavorite pastimes.Thanks to the many scholarships he received because of his high academic standingand his musical talents, Clinton attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC.He chose that particular University because it had an excellent foreign serviceprogram.While working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in International Affairs, Clintonworked as an intern in the office of Arkansas. Thats where he began learning howgovernment worked and what it was like to be a politician.When Bill Clinton completed college in 1968, he won a Rhodes Scholarship, whichallowed him to study at Oxford University in England. While he was there, he studiedgovernment and played rugby.Upon his return to the US, he began law school at Yale where he continued to workhard. He maintained his interest in government by campaigning for a Senatecandidate in Connecticut. By this time, he had met Hillary Rodham, whom he wouldlater come to marry. 4
  5. 5. When he completed law school in 1973, Clinton returned to Arkansas to teach law atthe University of Arkansas. This is when he began concentrating on his ambition torun for political office.A year later, he had his first opportunity, which he ran for. Although he lost the race,Clinton learned much about politics and met people who have remained his lifelongfriends.Hillary joined him in Arkansas and helped him campaign. She also began teaching atthe University of Arkansas. They were finally wed on October 11, 1975.In 1976, Clinton was elected Attorney General of Arkansas. Then, at the age ofthirty-two, he became the youngest governor in the US. As governor of Arkansas, heconcentrated on improving the states educational system and building better roads.In 1980, the Clintons brought a new addition into the world, their daughter ChelseaVictoria.Unfortunately, Governor Clinton lost the race for a second term to Republican FrankWhite. Feeling that he had not accomplished all that he wanted, he ran as theDemocratic candidate in the next gubernatorial election.Campaigning throughout the state, he guaranteed the voters that he would addresstheir specific needs, and he was re-elected in November 1982.By 1991, Clinton believed that the country needed someone with a new vision andplan, and decided to make a run for President. He believed that he had thenecessary experience as well as the best ideas for changing the US for the better.At age 46, Clinton became the youngest man to be elected President of the UnitedStates since JFK. But despite his youth, Clinton entered the White House withconsiderable experience in executive government.Despite many rumors regarding Clintons infidelities, he has managed to makepositive and substantial changes to the quality of life in the United States. He servedhis second and final term in office, and handed over the White House to George W.Bush on January, 21, 2001.Bill Clinton can now be seen and heard giving speeches, and whatever he does, hecommands attention. Hopefully, we wont be seeing the last of little Billy. 5