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Ronnie Montano Presents: Tips For Finding JV Partners And Affiliates For A Launch


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Ronnie Montano (Internet Marketer) gives great tips and advice for finding JV Partners to promote Internet Marketing Launches. Visit:

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Ronnie Montano Presents: Tips For Finding JV Partners And Affiliates For A Launch

  1. 1. Ronnie Montano Presents: Tips For Finding JV Partners And Affiliates For A Launch Hey Guys, Ronnie M here. As you know, Many people are adept at creating astounding products but they are not great businessmen. Having several joint venture partners and dedicated affiliates promote your product can do wonders to your online business. Most affiliate marketers already have audiences which can be monetized within a matter of days. Partners and affiliates do the most difficult and the �dirtiest’ job for you – they take care of the selling. Even if you do have exceptional selling skills, still, affiliates and partners can further contribute to your revenue. However, finding reliable, hardworking affiliates and JV partners is easier said than. Mentioned below are a few tips to help you to get started. 1) Get your branding right: Affiliates risk their reputation by recommending you to their subscribers. Thus, you must first convince them that you have the best product in that particular niche. This is done by creating an authoritative identity and by being original instead of copying other peoples’ ideas and opinions– Your brand is what makes you unique. It is what enables you to stand out among countless other similar �experts’. 2) Go to Clickbank! This is the most popular marketplace for digital products. It is the number one choice for affiliates and vendors alike. As of August 2013, Clickbank has more than 10 thousand products and over 100 thousand affiliates. You may also consider other websites like comissionjunction, linkshare, Google affiliate network, share a sale, amazon associates etc. 3) Look up blogs and websites that focus on, or are pertinent to your niche about your niche. Make a list of the ones you like and make them an offer. If you have followed step one right – you are bound to get some positive responses. Even if you manage to strike a deal with only a couple of top rated blogs/websites in your field of expertise, you can earn a substantial amount of money in a very short time. 4) Pay authority websites to review your product: Top bloggers and webmasters will review your product for a fee. However, please note that the fact that they are charging for a review does not necessarily imply that the review will be positive. However, if your product impresses and you get rave reviews – thousands of people will buy your product almost immediately. 5) Note the essential difference between JV partners and affiliates. Anybody who is looking to make money by promoting other peoples’ products is known as an affiliate. A joint venture partner on the other hand, is a bigger, badder version of an affiliate. They have an excellent reputation and bigger lists. Their recommendations are way more valuable than those of affiliates. Thus JV partners can help you to earn more money and it is advisable to give them more preference. However, it is much more difficult to prove to these Super affiliates that you do really have a credible, functional and legitimate product. Remember that affiliates are as eager to find a good product to promote as you are to find a good affiliate. A few noteworthy affiliate directories include, affiliate seeking, affiliate scout and so on.
  2. 2. Treat your affiliates and partners fairly – they are ones who enable you to keep your income truly passive! I hope you enjoyed this, now get out there and take action! ~ Ronnie Montano P.S. Let’s connect online!! Ronnie Montano LinkedIn Ronnie Montano Facebook Ronnie Montano Google Plus Ronnie Montano Youtube Ronnie Montano Website (coming soon)