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Reset life details after accident in year may , 2002.


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Reset life details after accident in year may , 2002.

  1. 1. RESET LIFE DETAILS AFTER ACCIDENT IN YEAR MAY , 2002.<br />THE The Stars Planet’s IMPORTANCE In MY New Reset Life By The Astrologer Mr. Govind Moghe For Mr. Deepak S. Sawant [ Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie ]. Date : 04th / December/2010 Total Set 04 Nos.<br />Points : <br />1>>Referenced Some Content’s for Details By The Known Astrologer : Mr. Govind Moghe For the Star Planet’s After Some Years From Date oF Birth Its Importance. ( The Baghyodaya i.e. Future Life Acheivements is Derived From Page No.:220 ) with Referrence to My Previous Life : Date oF Birth 04th April, 1965.<br />2>> ** Important : [ My Astrological Star Planet Synopsis Presentation is the mean’s of Data Acquired or Retrived for the Reason Due to my Accident at Meditation Center Egatpuri ( Dated : May, Year, 2002 ) Nashik ( State : Maharashtra, India ) . It’s “ A ReBirth Situation “ i.e. Reset New LiFe For Me ].<br />3>> The Following Star Planet SUN with Root Triamgle Formation : Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate : For The Star Planet Sun i.e. Surya related with Zodiac Sign : Leo ( Main ) & Leo ( i.e. Root Traingle Formation ) Provides Good Output . <br />4>>Another Is It’s Their Own Horoscope Prediction for me by the Known Astrologer : Doctor Mr. Vijay Thakkar ( Burmese Type Movement ) .<br /> <br />5>>Referenced Content Also By Astrologer : Mr. Sharma About the Star Planet Sun “ wits Its Dev Gruha having the Fast ReAction with Attraction .  This Applies at the Meditation Center i.e. Dev Gruha . After Soul had Been Reset in My Body with & After Bhakti & Prayers For My Living Life. The Process Starts Its Initiation Fast to React with Star Planet Sun with Gayetri Planets in Body to make Body Intiate It Living Life with Shiv Som Dev & Vayu i.e. Air For PuriFication,<br />6>> Important [ Reference form " Gayetri Mantra Bodh “ by " Writer : Mr. Milind Madhav ] ( The First Three word’s of Gayteri Mantra Pronunciation contributes to “ Sun i.e. Surya “). It is also Indicates In the Book written By Astrologer Mr. Milind Madhav On Page No. 11, <br />Its About the Mark “0” i.e. Brahma Related To the Word Ohm. On Forehead , Hands & Many parts oF Body constitutes “ Gayetri “ From PageNo.14,15 & 16, ] Reffred Also From the Shri Navgraha Puja Vidhan By Astrologer Mr. Alankar Bharti About the Formation oF Star Planets with Brahma Importance. That How the Star Planet Jupiter i.e. Guru is Initiated with be Bhagdodaya New Years To Be 024 / 025 { i.e. Thats my Conclusion From All Star Planet / Palmistry & Spherials Findings with Gayetri } and that way all Star Planets.<br />Thats the Main reason to conclude the Accident year After May 2002 with Star Planet SUN to be “ Baghyodaya to Year O22 onwards with Gayteri & many Important Mr. Spherial Findings.. The Astrologer’s Spherial Findings The Baanz Fal i.e. ( Baanz Fruit ) Sign on my Left Leg Base with Roreva Gayetri Point on Left Leg Second Toe & Ship Signs on Both Leg Base with Lefh Hand Palm . It Explain’s about the my Lady Lovers ; they do Bhakti & Prayers For My Living Life & For Our Meeting.<br /> <br />SHRI NAVGRAHA PUJA VIDHAN [ WRITER : MR. ALANKAR BHARTI ]. DISTRIBUTOR : GARG & CO. , C.P. TANK , MUMBAI : 04. PAGE NO.: 013<br />STAR PLANET ADIDEVTA PRATYADIDEVTA<br />SUN i.e.SURYASHIVAGNI<br />MOONUMADEVIJAL<br />MARSSKANDAPRITHVI<br />MERCURYNARAYANVISHNU<br />JUPITERBRAHMAINDRA<br />VENUSINDRACHANDRA<br />SATTURNYAMRAAJPRAJAPATI<br />RAHUKAALSHARVA<br />KETUCHITRAPATBRAHMA<br />IMPORTANT HAPPEN IN MY RESET LIFE :<br />1>> JAGUAR NIGHT MARE WITH ME & MY FAMILY PARENTS & RELATIVES IN YEAR DECEMBER 2006 : AT MY NATIVE PLACE ASRONDI , NEAR VIA : KANKAVLI , TALUKA : MALWAAN ; STATE : MAHARAHTRA . COUNTRY : THE INDIA .<br />AFTER DEV & DEVTA PUJA & PIRATES FLOWER OFFEERING , I MY SELF STARTED TO MY NATIVE PALCE STAYONG HOUSE QUITE KILOMETERES AWAY FROM MY NATIVE PLACE TEMPLE. <br />IT WAS ALIENS NOISE WITH VICINITY OF JAGUAR TO LEAP ON ME WHILE PROCEEDING TO MY NATIVE PLACE HOUSE . <br />AFTER WARDS WERE ALSO SAFE FOR MY FAMILY PARENTS , MEMBERS & FAMILY RELATIVES TO MY NATIVE PLACE HOUSE. <br />