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  1. 1. DEEPAK SAWANT Moon Sign: Aries Constellation: Bharani Greek name: Arietis 35, 39 & 41 Nature: Dreadful Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is vigorous, intense, directed, abrupt, disruptive, forceful, wilful, combative, changeable, disputatious, wild, sensitive, and challenging. Your Competitive Focus You are a lively person with a drive to win, but which is balanced with a sportsmanlike attitude. You have a good deal of focused competitive spirit and enjoy the thrill of a challenge. You don't usually back down from a difficult situation. You can be a disciplined worker and are able to focus your mind on difficult tasks. Your ability to push through obstacles is above average. If you maintain your sense of objectivity, you can put a great deal of effort and concentration into your work.
  2. 2. Being Acknowledged Team mates can rely on you to pull your weight, although you do like to be recognised for your contribution. You like to be acknowledged for your efforts, and feel ever more inspired when others take the time to express their appreciation for your hard work. Energetic & Spring-like You are an energetic and driven person. You love life in all its aspects, especially when it comes to new activity, change, movement, and speed. You possess a natural dynamism that permeates your entire character. Some people may see you as driven, and maybe even somewhat forceful, but this is a natural expression of an energy that is qualitatively like the season of spring. New buds and creepers push their way through the ground in spring, proclaiming their birth and their prominent role in the wheel of life. You possess this sense of self-importance, and you are often seen pushing your way through the crowd to a position of prominence, recognition or centrality. A Sense of Momentum You are an action person, and enjoy the sense of movement. A lack of movement can make you feel claustrophobic. Stagnation is completely against your nature. You enjoy getting out there and making things happen. You want to achieve a lot with your time and energy, and you have learned that even if you are not getting important things done, it's necessary to maintain a sense of momentum. That will keep you focused on the goal ahead.
  3. 3. Spinning your Wheels The down side to this trait is a tendency to spin your wheels -- especially if you get over-excited. To avoid aimless efforts, you will need an element of discipline in what you do. While movement is important to your nature, progress requires both focus and structure. Without these, you could easily be busy continually, thinking you are getting a lot done, when you are actually only going round in circles. Speaking Freely You are a creative, inspired and generally energetic individual. You love to communicate and are often outspoken with your opinions, which you share with others in a pleasant, easy going manner. It's a real challenge for you if you feel you can't freely speak your mind; and even though it may be awkward, you do your best to be heard -- albeit in as palatable a way as possible. You also value others' opinions and enjoy exchanging viewpoints. In fact, it's the exchange and stimulation of good conversation that you find most interesting. There is at least a little of the radio show host in you, as you not only have the gift to speak, but are also able to inspire others to share their own thoughts as well. Playing Devil's Advocate You are not by nature a stubborn person. Rather, you tend to a more contrary nature that appreciates the value of debate and counter-opinion -- if only to uphold the principle of "another point of view". Others may view this as stubborn, but to be stubborn means to be fixed in deeply rooted ideas. While
  4. 4. you certainly have strong ideas, you don't usually exert your influence through "intractable opinion", but rather through an "abundance of opinion". This is in fact a very agreeable part of your character. You as a Listener As a good listener, you are generally able to recount the substance of any discussion. However, this does not necessarily imply that you have agreed with or taken a real interest in what was said. Whether you also really hear what others are saying also depends on the subject at hand and your interest in it. Again, at times you may be too preoccupied with the entertaining nature of your own ideas to listen deeply to a discussion, but that is the exception rather than the rule. You appreciate others listening to your opinions, and like to reciprocate accordingly. Regardless of your interest, you can artfully convey an interest in the other person, much to their pleasure. An Upbeat Nature Your circle of friends value your cheerful disposition, and they enjoy the theatrical, unpredictable side to your character. You may even be known for a truly eccentric, unique personality. You can be at least a little mischievous and tricky, enjoying a practical joke now and then. Your light- hearted spirit is a great tonic to friends who are down in the mouth. No wonder they are always keen to have you around. Inspiring Others You bring a vitality to your surroundings, and this spark of life inspires others. When others recognise your contribution and the stimulation you offer, you will in turn feel inspired.
  5. 5. You are ambitious and expect much from life, your environment, and those around you. People are important to you; indeed, you possess a special ability to understand others and to encourage them to develop and grow. You like to contribute in this way, yet, because you are sensitive and dislike being taken for granted, it is very important that others reciprocate with you. Big Expectations The enthusiasm and vigour with which you approach life can at times bloom into big expectations. This is especially so in relation to your interactions with people. While it's good to set goals and have a vision for where you want to go in your relationships, it's also good to temper your expectations of others. They may not be able to live up to your high ideals, and this can be disappointing, adversely affecting your relationship with them. Taking a more easy-does-it approach makes for a more pleasant, flowing exchange between you and those important to you. A Pioneering Spirit You are daring -- at least in your emotional life. You like to explore and discover life's treasures, and you enjoy sharing your discoveries with your companions and friends. You are always game for a challenge, and are often challenging to others also. The strong spark of life in you urges you forward to undiscovered territory, and the journey for you is as important as the destination. You like a sense of spontaneity in your life, and enjoy taking on a new experience or adventure. You are the type of person who gets a thrill out of being at the cutting edge of things. You like to be where the action is and, even more importantly, you like to get there first.
  6. 6. Keeping Fit You likely enjoy sporting and sporting events. Keeping fit is important to the way you feel. Regular exercise, in particular walking, is a great way to stay healthy in body and mind. Allured by the Exotic You are always on the move; you like to travel a great deal, especially short journeys in and about town. Any chance to travel to far away places captures your interest, and you sometimes long for a special getaway from the pressures of daily life. Exotic place are high on your list of travel interests, since they make for good entries into your diary and collection of reminiscences. Your interest in the exotic extends to intellectual pursuits. It includes an interest in philosophy, history, anthropology, spiritual ideals and the like. You value the ideas of other cultures, and most likely find spiritual and philosophical ideals to be of great interest. Although you may not always avail yourself of such ideals, you find inspiration in their wisdom. Making New Trends We all have at least two parts to our character -- our inner, more secret self and the external person that we present to the world. Ideally, these two compliment each other, and create just the right amount of creative tension to fulfil and enrich us. In many ways, this is true for you, especially with regard to your interest and concern for new trends and ideas. You have an intuitive sense of shifts in social attitudes, and you like to be involved, if you can, in facilitating change for the greater good.
  7. 7. A Rebellious Streak You are something of a rebel also. Because you are inspired by the new, and by movement and change, you dislike old and outmoded fashions. You sometimes express this in a forceful way, full of emotion, feeling and purpose. Sometimes those around you who are less animated than you wonder where you acquire your energy from or why you are so "full of yourself". This does not matter to you, as you prefer to associate with people who have your gusto for life; and, as time passes, you come to understand and accept that few people can be at the cutting edge of life. Reigning in your Impetuous Side You carry considerable restless energy. Try to channel it toward productive outcomes. When you are distracted by an overabundance of energy, take a moment to capture your thoughts and feelings. Centre yourself with some calming visualisation or meditative thought. Once centred, you can direct your energy more precisely and thereby heighten your potential for gain. You possess a quick mind; you quite easily get to the point. Take care with others, however, since their nature may necessitate a slower and more careful approach to issues. Try not to finish their sentences or draw hasty conclusions for them. While your impetuous nature may land you into hot water sometimes, that is just the price you must sometimes pay for being so energetic. Sensitive & Forgiving Under pressure, you have a quick temper, but one that also passes quickly. You respond well to the encouragement of others. This contrasts with your sensitive nature, which makes it difficult for you to tolerate the critical views of others. You are generous and forgiving, and you trust in the capacity of
  8. 8. others quickly and easily to forgive. Try not to be too disappointed if others do not let go of a slight or an insult as easily as you do. A Combative Spirit You are sportive, and at times competitive. You like the stimulation that comes from facing challenges, and you meet obstacles head on. You may express your competitive spirit in a combative way that can be helpful at times, but that can also cause others to misunderstand you. Ensure you have good reason to bring this powerful side of yourself into the open; applying such caution will enhance your personal effectiveness. Influence & Inspiration You are an influential person, at least in your own environment. You have the ability to inspire others and thus to direct their interests to important subjects. When discussing key topics, you listen as much as you expect others to listen to you; if someone invests their attention in your opinions, they easily earn your favour. You have artistic inclinations that may include an interest in the theatre, writing, music and possibly even dance. Your artistic side will inspire you in your life. Self-aware You may occasionally be moody or despondent. This may result from a thwarted sense of control of your life. You can be self-conscious. You are very aware of your own faults and limitations. This is quite healthy, as long as you don't try too hard to overcompensate for your shortcomings.
  9. 9. Directing your Wilful Nature Because you have a wilful nature, you may occasionally try heavily to influence, and even to dominate, a situation. This arises from your very clear conception of what you wish to achieve, coupled perhaps with a sense of self-worth that depends upon the success of your undertakings. When this situation occurs, you should try to "let go" of these urges to domineer. Domination may work sometimes; . During such times, you need to direct your fiery nature more consciously. It's impossible to "put the fire out", nor, if it were possible, would it even serve your growth. Rather, simply try consciously to direct your powerful mental and emotional energies toward your desired outcome, while exercising added flexibility and patience. Knowing Where You're Going It's easy to understand how important it is for you to have a clear direction in your life: the sense of movement, speed and dynamism that comes with your emotional nature demands that you know where you are going and what you wish to achieve. In fact, this quality gives you a natural ability to manage. If other factors in your chart support this, you will find yourself in important positions that affect many others. You are naturally eager to succeed, and you will make great progress in your chosen field of effort.
  10. 10. Freedom! You dislike limits, and may feel claustrophobic when life conspires to keep you in check. However, do not mistake discipline for limits, as it is through discipline that you will achieve the greatest freedom. When you are confronted with barriers, try not to let it affect you negatively. Keep an open mind; apply your considerable energy to working through the problem. In most cases, you will dispense with the problem quickly through your determined efforts and keen focus. Good Career Paths You are inclined towards an enterprising career. You may be attracted to trade, business, banking, or any number of efforts that involve people and movement. You are suited to electronics and electrical products, also. Any effort that involves communication, movement, mediation, and bringing different parties together suits you. The media, writing or publishing may offer you especially good opportunities. Lucky with Finance You can generally do well with finances, and have a sense of how to invest wisely. You can be a good earner, but you may find at times that your finances become unstable or changeable. Your efforts with money can give quick returns, as long as you follow the principle of "looking before you leap". You will have a chance to earn through property, especially rental or commercial property. You will own decent vehicles, and may also earn through the sale of vehicles or through efforts related to transport.
  11. 11. A Thirst for Knowledge You are naturally inquisitive. Your curiosity constantly drives you to explore new territory. You feel that it's very important to be well informed, especially in your chosen field, and you use your abundant energy to dive deep into any subject matters that interest you. Education will play an important role in your life, and even if you don't go on to higher degrees you will always enrich yourself by tutoring yourself, attending courses, and inquiring continually. Life is a lesson that excites you on many levels, and what you gain from your explorations you will want to share with others. In this regard, you can make a good teacher or instructor yourself, especially because you have a natural enthusiasm for the learning process. Intelligent & Motivated You possess a good memory and intellect, and are good at getting to the heart of a matter with the help of your analytical skills. As you are generally an energetic person, you tend to be self motivated and usually don't need a push to get going on a project -- unless of course you find it boring or uninteresting, in which case you may need to muster up the discipline to see it through. The same nature and energy that gives you such an inquisitive mind will also at time cause you to easily lose interest in a subject. It's thus easy for you to feel that a subject has lost its relevance -- "at least for now" -- which makes you feel you are free to move into uncharted territories. While a subject may loose its momentary relevance, you enjoy keeping it readily at your disposal for the pleasure of future use.
  12. 12. Making Connections You are quick to move from topic to topic, both in terms of your general interest, as well as in your general conversation. You enjoy exploring the relationships between subject matters, and are able to discover or create links even between apparently unrelated topics. For you the connection is quickly apparent, and you can see relationships in almost anything. At times, it can be difficult for others to follow your logic -- especially if they like to think in a linear fashion. To understand your thinking, one has to first sense the possibility of a connection, and then be inspired to confirm it. Taking that approach will help one discover and appreciate the continuity in your thinking and enjoy the creative nature of your mind. A "Multi-task" Person You can at times appear eccentric in demeanour or expression. People may not so easily appreciate the flow of your mind or your apparently unusual way of looking at things. At times, you may appear distracted or even uninterested in what's going on around you. This is not the case, as you are a "multi-task" person -- able to do or think more than one thing at a time. People's lack of understanding can cause you to make extra efforts to get your point across, and at times this can be frustrating for you. Helping Others Keep Up You can help others a bit by taking a more sedate, leisurely approach to communication. That may not be easy for you; but it will help, especially if you take a little time to structure your thoughts before presenting them. The real difficulty can come when you are in a creative flow, exploring ideas, and
  13. 13. moving from concept to concept quickly -- well before anyone else can catch up. Try to signpost where you are heading in your communication, and maybe explain a few points ahead of time to help others keep up with you. Full of Energy & Fire If you have such a chance, you can channel the fire of your emotional nature in a very productive and powerful way that compliments your practical efforts. This could, for instance, be expressed via political or social efforts or via associations of which you are a member. Your natural ability to communicate is invigorated by your energetic, fiery inner character. This makes you all the more able to present your ideas, and others will take you seriously for your contribution. It's safe to say that your convictions are deeply felt, and that any efforts you make for the greater good will be powered by strong emotions and a will to succeed. Influenced by your Mother The figure of your mother has a strong influence on you, affecting in many ways your own attitudes to life. In most cases, she will support you, tolerating inconveniences on your behalf. An Urge for Change You like variety, and can be impulsive. A change of setting is always inspiring to you and brings out the best in you. It's a need for self expression that drives your urge for the new.
  14. 14. Emotions via the Intellect On occasion, you may process emotional experience through your mind and intellect. While this will help you keep things in a practical perspective, it can also rob you of valuable and enriching experiences -- especially in regards to intimate exchanges. In part, any tendency to this comes from an understandably sensitive nature that is somewhat cautious in emotional matters. Finding a sense of balance here will bring you a good deal of value and help you relate with people in a deeper and more meaningful way. Affairs of the Heart Relationships are important to you, and you enjoy dealings with the opposite sex. You have a romantic nature. You love the exchange that comes from being with a soul-mate who understands you and challenges you. Indeed, you are especially taken by the excitement and discovery of a new romance. This may urge you to wander to new experiences in pursuit of the ever-fresh, although you are also a loyal and reliable partner. You can at times be a demanding partner, but in general you possess a sweet nature which, if you are able to express it, can keep relationships fresh and young. High Ideals Noble acts inspire you and touch the romantic within you. Chivalry is not dead to you, and you pride yourself on bringing good works to the world. Give free reign to these instincts, since they will draw quality people around you who can support you in your efforts. Your magnificent efforts will be rewarded, but you must remember to be patient in receiving those rewards.You can put your vital
  15. 15. energy to beneficial use by aligning yourself with your ideals. Stay true to your inner vision and to your hopes for a better world. You can achieve much through effort, patience and steady endeavour. Everything has a season and a cycle. Try to harmonise yourself with your environment, and you will, in due course, achieve your heart's desires. The End If you want to confirm or change your birth details, Click here. You can also do so on the 'Birth Details' in the 'Profile' section. Amaze your friends - send them their own FREE Lunar Report! If you find value in the Lunar Report, why not try our revolutionary Time Planner Choose from over 250 activities - anything from planning a romantic date to attending a job interview - search the future for the times that are astrologically perfect for your actions. Seach for the best times of your life Love & Romance Success Health Business Happiness Communication Social Life Creativity Use every minute of your day effectively