~~ Newsletter from astroved ~~ birth of an avatar represents true hope for the world, ~~


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~~ Newsletter from astroved ~~ birth of an avatar represents true hope for the world, ~~

  1. 1. 8th Moon Tarpanam Sasa Yoga Help the Elderly Rama Navami: Rama's Birthday brings True Hope FREE: Group Sun & Moon Homa, March 30th, IST **Important Update: AstroVed Seminars on March 23rd & 30th, Cancelled** Aishwarya Yoga Seminar & Rewrite Your Destiny Seminar have been cancelled, see below for Details. Dear DEEPAK S, The sound "Rama" will elevate your status in life, it can even liberate you. In the epic story of Rama (Ramayana), Rama elevated the lives of many individuals that he came across. They were elevated by their association with Rama: a monkey to divinity, a warrior to a king, a hunter to his brother, and many others along the way. Rama can also elevate youfrom any situation you find yourself locked into. Be elevated to the next level: career wise, socially, and spiritually. Connect with Rama and rise effortlessly and quickly.
  2. 2. Birthday for the Lord Rama Avatar Tuesday, April 8th IST, is the birthday for Lord Rama. He was born on the 9th Waxing Moon (Ram Navami) in the 12th month of the vedic solar year. Birth of an avatar represents true hope for the world, it's a reminder that this is the time you can awaken their energy within your own self. Rama embodied all virtues. He is a warrior and fought for truth all his life. He is committed to human beings for improving conditions of their life leading them to prosperity. His energy is forever and is available to anyone who makes contact with him. This is the energy that is readily available on his birthday, and this is also made powerful through chanting of the sound 'Rama'. Astrological Considerations for Rama Navami The star on April 8th, is Pushya which is the 2nd star to Lord Rama's birth star Punarvasu, this is auspicious. It is aTuesday so the day lord is Mars, which is also good. Pushya's star lord is Saturn. Currently, Saturn is exalted, aspected by Jupiter, interchanging sign with Venus. These planetary alignments are all auspicious and indicate that the energy of Rama is available for protection from any problems and enmity. Also Saturn in the sign of Justice (Libra) assures protection from litigation. Connecting with Lord Rama will certainly prove beneficial and will also protect you from any approaching danger.