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My star planets synopsis

  1. 1. My Star Planets Synopsis [TOTAL SET : 013 NOS]. Date : 02nd /December /2011Reference’s & Prediction for Me From Many Well Known Astrologers.1>> Horoscope Reference for Star Planet Position and Content’s by the WellKnown Astrologer : Mr. Govind Moghe.The Astrolgical Prediction of Mr. Govind Moghe are from the ( “ Table Chart “mentioned from Page No.: 238 for the Star Planet House Position with Zodiac Sign’s).2 >> Different type know How of Horoscope Reference to the Context & Content forAbove Astrologer Mr. Govind Moghe’s Star Planet House Position with Zodiac Sign’sbythe Well Known Astrologer Pandit : Mr. Kishanlal Sharma ( Indian Type Movement ).3 >> It’s Their Own Horoscope Prediction for me by the Known Astrologer : DoctorMr. Vijay Thakkar ( Burmese Type Movement ) .4 >> Referenced Some Content’s for Unknown details to be Known from the Astrologer: Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate ( Indian Type Movement ) .5 >> Referenced Content’s Astrologer Doctor : Mr. Srimali Radha Krishna .6 >> Referenced Content’s From the World Known Astrologer : Mr. SepherialsFindings About Astrology .[ My Name : Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ( with my Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie )].[ My Date of Birth : 04th April, 1965 ( Time : 03.47am Sunday Morning) ] .** Important ** : [ My Astrological Star Planet Synopsis Presentation isthe mean’s of Data Acquired or Retrived for the Reason Due to my Accidentat Meditation Center Egatpuri ( Dated : May, Year 2002 ) ; Nashik ( State : Maharashtra,India ) . It’s “ A ReBirth Situation “ For Me ].
  2. 2. “ My Stars Planet’s Specification “ : Reference From Many WellKnown Astrologers ( For Mr. Deepak Sawant & Another Name : Mr.Ronnie ).Horoscope Reference’s of Star Planet’s with Zodiac Sign’s are presented inFollowing way:1>> The Star Planet Position & Zodiac Sign’s by the Well Known Astrologer: Mr. Govind Moghe The Astrolgical Prediction are based & derived fromthe “Table Chart“ mentioned on Page No.: 238 For the Star Planet HousePosition with Zodiac Sign’s .Table Chart on Page No. 238 ( Star Planets Specification with its “ OwnZodiac Sign “ ) .Star Planets : Zodiac SignSun GeminiMercury GeminiMoon CancerianMars ScorpioVenus GeminiJupiter LeoSaturn Taurus( Rahu ) Leo( Ketu ) Acquarius
  3. 3. 2 >> The Star Planet’s are also with “ Recognised Zodiac Sign’s “ For All :Star Planets : Zodiac SignSun LeoMercury Gemini & VirgioMoon CancerianMars Aries & ScorpioVenus Taurus & LibraJupiter Pisces & SagitariusSaturn Capricorn & Acquarius2 >> Another Type : It’s Their “ Important Horoscope Prediction “ for meby the Known Astrologer : Doctor Mr. Vijay Thakkar .Star Planets : Zodiac SignSun LeoMercury Gemini & VirgioMoon CancerianMars Aries & ScorpioVenus Taurus & LibraJupiter Pisces & SagitariusSaturn Acquarius
  4. 4. 3>> Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate:with content reference of Astrologer Mr. Govind Moghe. ( Please Refer To: My Star Palnet Synopsis )The Star Planet’s with the Overall Zodiac Sign’s Effects ( Includes AllLike Own, Recognised , Important & Nice ). Star Planets : Zodiac Sign’s Effects1>> Sun Gemini Own…!!... Leo Recognised2>> Mercury Gemini Own / Recognised…!!... Virgio Top3>> Moon Cancerian Own (with High ) Recognised4>> Mars Aries Recognised…!!... Scorpio Own / Recognised5>> Venus Gemini Own…!!... Taurus / Libra Recognised6>> Jupiter Leo Own (with Writer Ability) Recognised / Nice6>> Jupiter (Contd.) Pisces Recognised / Nice…!!... Sagitarius Recognised / Nice7>> Saturn Acquarius Recognised…!!... Taurus Own8>> ( Rahu ) Leo Own9>> ( Ketu ) Acquarius Own
  5. 5. Astrological Prediction for Me : “ Star Planet Positions & Star Planets Positions withZodiac Signs “Pratham i.e. The First House >> Lagna ; ( Lagna Lagnesh ) <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Good Health , Clean Person , Courageous , Two Wives .>> Lagna ( Capricorn Sign ) <<2. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar>> Proper Health>> Very Intelligent>> Family Oreinted Work ( Intelligence )>> Cool Minded>> All liking related to the Religious Humanism>> Worship and Prayers To The God’s>> High Respect to the Religious Maintainer’s for their Worship and Prayers To Gods .>> Very Good Friend’s Relation>> Earnings , Generous living and Wealthy>> Always Trying for Wellness of Others.>> Lagna ( Capricorn Sign ) <<3.. Refferrence : Mr. Srimali Radha Krishna>> The Above Star Lagna with Zodiac Sign Capricorn Is Ideal For Star Planet Venus &Star Planet Mercury For Their Good Fortunes .
  6. 6. >> Second House : Satturn <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Living at Various Housing>> To live on Eatbles and Heavy Drinks like : Tea>> Migration>> Respectable Human Being ( i.e. Rajya Level )2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Taurous Sign )>> Wealthyness>> People related Work>> Lottery>> Sporting Games ( Mainly Related with Casino Games ) ( Or In Sports like Cricket Taking Wicket’s )>> Big Industrial Business Concern>> Rick Industrialist like Star Planet Position3. >> Second House : Satturn ( Continued ) Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar( Aquarious Sign )>> Intelligent Individual>> Responsible Personality>> Family Oriented.>> Big Rich Industrial Business Personality Involvement to make “ A Big Business “ .>>This Star Planet Position Provides “ A Special Business Reputed Name”>> Liking to make very Good Works>> Instinct to Earn very Good Money.
  7. 7. >> Third House : Sun i.e. Surya <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Speaker>> Very Good Eternal Mind>> Wealthyness>> Brother’s Caring Nature>> Donation of Wealth>> Courageous2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Gemini Sign )>> Silent Nature>> Concentrated Working Nature>> Social Work Benefited>> Intelligence Oreinted>> Leading Capabilites>> Always Trying for Soft Dominant Position>> Soft Differentiation in Brotherhood for Silence Staying 3. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar( Leo Sign )>> Worship Oriented Human Being>> Many Opportunites For Wealthyness>> Previous and self Generated Income with Land Acquisition>> Willingness in making Investments in various matters.>> Social Name4. Important Reference Content : Its From The Astrologer Mr. Govind Moghe : TheStar Hore Kundali From Page No.168 & 169 .It Indicates About the Star Planet Suni.e. Surya to be with Zodiac Sign Leo & Star Planet Moon with Zodiac Sign :Cancerion . [ This May Be Perfectly In Context To The Astrologer Mr. SepherialsFindings For Star Planet Sun i.e. Surya i.e. From The Horus ].5. Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate : For The StarPlanet Sun i.e. Surya related with Zodiac Sign : Leo ( Main ) & Leo ( i.e. RootTraingle Formation ) Provides Good Output .
  8. 8. >> Third House : Mercury <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Trying for the Completion of Work>> Courageous>> To live alone>> Try to make Good>> Cleverness2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Gemini Sign ) :>> This Star Planet Position is Ideal Position of this Star Planet>> Interest in Poetry & Astrology>> Creates Inherient Knowledge (i.e. Related to Plan of Strategies)>> Speaker : Important & Strong position>> Concern to make Wife ( ! )3. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar( Gemini Sign ) :>> Sometimes often Debate with Relatives.>> Friend’s Emotional Attachment>> Cleverness with Making Impact about the Personality>> Success is related in contributing Betterment to the Business Life>> Famous( Virgio Sign ) :>> Important Life with all attraction to the nature during Roaming .>> Money Generation Capabilities.>> All Religious Guruvarya respect from me .>> Religious Humanism in me.>> Internal Mind Intelligence.>> Enjoying Life patterns .>> Simple Behaviour Life Style .>> Family Orientation.>> Some time small Investment to the betterment.>> Concentraion & Yoga Exercises .>> The Wife ( ! ) with the Childrens Supportiveness to my Life.>> Utilization of Time in Proper Way.
  9. 9. >> Third House : Venus <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Slim>> To Remain more on Subjective matters>> Very Stuff2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Gemini Sign )>> Good Looking Wife ( ! )>> Loneliness>> Generation3. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar>> Love towards Nature>> Supportiveness>> Appreciation Factor works for couples (i.e. During discussion Exppressing loving )>> Appreciation Factor for creative art working>> Thinking Ability is Good( Taurous Sign )>> Intelligent>> Possesion of High Degree Education>> Wife ( ! ) ) is “ Non Owned Wife “ with my Son .>> Son Generation will be Betterment to Social and their Own Individual Life>> Satisfaction to Wife and Support to her Living >> Literatue Reading & Acquirement oF Its Education.( Libra Sign )>> This Zodiac Sign From Me Provides Father’s Proper Health with Interest in Music .It will Lead to Recognition For My Parents & Me.>> Caring Nature towards People and Public>> Authority Desperment CapabilitesReferenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate :! The Star Planet ( i.e. Venus ) is Generation Oriented.
  10. 10. >> Fourth House : Moon ( Zodiac Sign : Cancerian i.e. Another Name" Water Movement" is being described by Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate).1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Generation of Money>> Interest in Agriculture ( i.e. Farming Activites )2. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar>> Good looking Wife ( * ) and Silent Nature>> Provision to complete Support and satisfaction to Wife>> Banking and Education success for Wife.>> Wife’s very good Earning’s with support.>> Business Relations , Friends will be always find success to Life>> Value Addition Related to Proper Decision Making .Many Important Refferrence Content’s For “ Star Planet Moon “ :Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Govind Moghe ( Ref. from the PageNo.: 224).! ) It Provides the “ Significance to the Life “.!! ) The Star Planet ( i.e. Moon ) in the House Position Fourth i.e. 04th withZodiac Sign : Cancerian “ Contributes Recognition to be Good “ .Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate :! The Star Planet ( i.e. Moon ) in the Fourth House with Zodiac Sign : Cancerian ( i.e."Water Movement") is at “ Higher Position “ Provides Better Output .!! The Birth Care Fortune ( i.e. Yog ) describes That the Birth is From " Mummy " Lateron " Mommy " will take Care for the future Life .Referenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Sharma>> It Provides the Significance Like Information About the Previous Life ( i.e. Related tothe efforts of Own & from Parents for Generation of Wealth )>> Wife ( * ) with Sons & Daughters ( Their the Observation from the Freinds , Publicfrom India & Freinds International World Wide to always have Caring For me ).
  11. 11. >> Fifth House : ( Jupiter ) i.e. Bruhaspati <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Freindliness>> Friend’s Life Attachment>> Richness in Mind>> Team Oreinted Speaker>> Very Well Writing Ability>> Intelligence2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Leo Sign )>> Two way Positive LiFe Living>> Friend’s Life Attachment ( * * )>> Intelligent>> Graduation Completion3. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar( Picses Sign )>> Silent and very well Inhereint Willingness>> Leadership Quality>> Interest in Music>> Future Wellness Minded with Efforts>> Car Ownership with Possesion>> Talents in Sports>> Immediate Requirement of Intelligence ( Source : Avaliable )( Sagittarius Sign )>> Responsible for Self generation of Money & Betterment>> Proper Processing of Money Income Source>> Migration to International>> Good Living Possibilty Acquisition5. Refferrence : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate( Picses and Sagittarius Sign )>> Intelligence with Cleverness>> Very Good Strategies about Work / Plan>> Important Responsible Human Being>> Working Abilites>> Valuation Oriented Human Being
  12. 12. >> Many Education Acquisition>> Fifth House : ( Jupiter ) ( Contd. )Referenced Important Content Prediction By Astrologer Mr. Govind Moghe :( Ref. from the Page No.: 224 ) . !) The Star Planet : Jupiter ( i.e. Bruhaspati ) in the “Fifth House “ & with Zodiac Sign “ Saggitarius “ is Well Known with Prosperity!!) Star Planet : Jupiter in Fifth House also tries to be Courageous . ( Ref. from the Page No.: 140 & 141 ) . ! ) The Star Planet : Jupiter in Fifth HouseDescribes it is always Nice.>> Fifth House : Rahu <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Unreachable Freinds>> Stomach Problems>> Indulge in Loneniness2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma>> Silent Nature>> Intelligent>> Eight House : Mars <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Health Care>> Proper Intake of Food and Water>> Home Oriented MindedReferenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Govind Moghe . The Star Planet : “ Mars “ withZodiac Sign are Specific & Verifying with the context of the Table Chart on Page No.198.2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma( Scorpio Sign )>> Political Life Decisions .3. Refferrence : Mr. Thakkar( Aries Sign )>> My Mother Intelligent with Good Health & Family Oreinted>> Car Ownership Oriented>> High Degree Education Acquiring Capabilites>> Good Residential Acqusition.
  13. 13. >> Eight House : Mars << ( Contd.)( Scorpio Sign )>> In any areas will have Fighting Instinct to Build Properly>> To live Proper life styles.>> Hotel Indutry , Gold Industry and Business will lead to success.>> All respect to People and Public>> Self Respected Individual4. Refferrence : Mr. Damodhar Shastri DaateReferenced Content By Astrologer : Mr. Damodhar Shastri Daate : That the Mars StarPlanet Position in " Aries " Zodiac Sign and " Scorpio " Zodiac Sign are veryGenerous and Good .>> Eleventh House : Ketu <<1. Refferrence : Mr. Govind Moghe>> Migrattion to Many Home Orientation .>> ( Their some Concern to Parent’s about me ).2. Refferrence : Pandit Mr. Sharma>> Speaking : Melodious and sensible>> Intelligent , Attractive , Acquring Life living properly>> Well Dressed , Courageous , Donation Minded, Supporting Nature>> State Wise Rajya ( In Future Life Award / Prize ).** ( Important Combination Referenced Content By The Astrologer : Mr. Vijay Thakkar )## Two Star Planets in Third House with “ Two Combination Effect “ :Star Planet’s > Budh & Shukra : Singing will be Entertaining .Star Planet’s > Surya & Budh : Good Writing Oriented .**( Important Combination Referenced Content By The Astrologer : Mr. Govind Moghe )## Star Planets with Zodiac Signs & their “ Combination Effect “ , Star Planet’s >Surya ( Leo ) & Budh ( Gemini ) & Mar’s ( Scorpio ) : Higher Earner Like Position orThe Proper Judgement will lead to the Higher Authority Position.## Two Star Planets in Third House with “ Two Combination Effect “ :( For Information Purpose Only ) . Star Planet’s > Surya & Shukra : The Individualwill be Leading Singer , Interest in Musical Instruments Like Guitar and Casino, &Interest in Science. Star Planet’s > Budh & Shukra : Silent Listener, Family Oriented,Speaker.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::