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My new film career with all creativity & all project work outs in two parts total set 054 nos


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My new film career with all creativity & all project work outs in two parts total set 054 nos

  2. 2. Page No.: 01** Start For My Film Career Detail Related To My Corporate Experience inFilm Industry & Broadcast Industry ** :{ Its Makes Me To Form Like Mind Process to Work On Proper Like FilmScapping For The Film Project Work Outs & Another Generating The FilmProject Work Outs in DiFFerent Ways )Main Point : 01# First ; During My Corporate Working For Film Industry :1. It was always Neccescary For Film Presentation on the Screen i.e. Single ScreenTheatre or Multiplex Screen. The Exact Needs or Quality Requirements For theFilm Presentation were Requisite From the Following Film Personalities :< Film Producer / Film Director ;< Film Distributors & Film Exhibitors< Film Actors & Film Actress (i.e. During the Premier of the Films FirstPresentation on the Screen ).< Team Associated with Film Industry Like Film Sound / Audio Mix Related ChiefEditors ( For The Proper & Exact Film Sound Mixing Parameters ).< Involvement oF Film Corporate Team Members ( For The Proper Screening ofMovies ).2. The Film Industry Related Product Promotion & the Product Working In Top/ Big Post Production Houses .Thats the Training Like Faculty Experience works In Understanding theComplete Working oF Film / Movie Making in Relation to its Presentation ForEvery Screen Scenes with the Proper and Quality Requirements i.e. Projection& Audio Equipments Complete Application . The High Professional Sound /Audio Mix with Audio Mixing Procedures on the Professional Audio Mixer.
  3. 3. Page No.: 02Main Point : 01 ( Continued )# Next ; During My Corporate Working For Broadcast Industry : BroadcastChannel Related Duties Associated Work Outs .1. The High Definition Video Color Correction For Film on HD Monitor & DaVinci & Many High Profesional Imported Product By Film ProFessionalPersonalities . In Top High Post Production Corporate & House at Cities LikeMumbai & Chennai.2. The Cintel Film Scanning Process for Broadcast Channel.3. My Own Dubbing Like Speaking & Singing Trial with slight expressionrequired During the Speaking Takes at Corporate M/s. Star India Pvt. Ltd. ,Mumbai.4. Editting Know How at Corporates My M/s. Star News India Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai& M/s. B.R. Films Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai . High Definition Trial “ HD SR Format “Video Recorder Editting Demo / Trial at Top Production House M/s. RajtaruVideosonic Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai . Multi Camera Set Ups Working at M/s. Star NewsIndia Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.One SpeciFic InFo. : My Registration Work For Three Months with M/s. ITechSolutions Pvt. Ltd. , India . It was the Writing & Reading Work Documentation.This House Assignment work For Me In Better Writing Abilities with ProperPresentations.
  4. 4. Page No. ; 03Point : 02AMy Concept Works : Its Related To The Faculty Like Experience / ImportantSound Formats & Projection Installations .# ‚ The Faculty Like For Me ‚ Benefited From The Film & Movies Projects .My Corporate Name : M/s. Cinecita Private Limited.( Executive Director of theCorporate : Mr. Shirish Agarwal ) [ My Film Related Project’s : From Year 1996 toYear 2000; Again Year 2003 to Year 2004 ].Project’s were Associated with M/s. Cinecita Private Limited : [ Mr. Deepak S.Sawant : Project Manager ]It’s my Communication : My Previous working experience in Product Promotionwith CustomerSupport. The Newer Form to say is that the Film PersonalitiesExpertise on the Film Related Product Utility has now been be like “ TheFaculty Like For Me. “.Film Personalities & Their Firm’s Name : [ Project Like Detail’s ]<< Mr. Subhash Ghai ( M/s. Mukta Arts Ltd. ) In House Producttion Release<< Team Members oF M/s. Mukta Arts Limited., Mumbai In House FilmProduction Release<< Mr. Yash Chopra [ During The Demonstration For ” The Professional FilmAudio & Sound Mixer Euphonix “ ]<< Mr. Sunny Deol ( M/s. Vijaya Film Production ) In House ProductionRelease<< Mr. Nestor D, Souza ( C.E.O. : Metro Theater, Mumbai ]<< Mr. Vivek Vaswani ( Producer : Interaction with Mr. Nestor D, Souza For theFilm Script & Film Location )[ For Their In House Film Production Project ]
  5. 5. Page No. ; 04Point : 02BMy Concept Works : Its Related To The Faculty Like Experience / ImportantSound Formats & Projection Installations ( Continued )Film Personalities & Their Firm’s Name : [ Project Like Detail’s ]<< Mr. David Dhawan ( Film Director ) [ During the Film Release Concernity ]<< Mr. Rajiv Mehra ( Film Producer & Director M/s. Eagle Film Production Ltd. ,Mumbai : For The Future Film Product Promotion ]<< Mr. Suniel Anand ( Director : M/s. Anand Film Mixing Center , Mumbai )<< Mr. Kuldeep Sood ( Chief Recordist : M/s. Anand Film Mixing Center ,Mumbai )<< Mr. Mustaq Nadiadwala ( Director : M/s. Empire Film Mixing Center : A ,Mumbai )<< Mr. Feroz Nadiadwala ( Executive Director M/s. Empire Film MixingCenter : B , Mumbai )<< Mr. Anup Dev ( Chief Recordist : M/s. Empire Film Mixing Center , Mumbai :During The Film Release Concernity ]
  6. 6. Page No. ; 05THE DIFFERENT PRESENTATION TO MY CREATIVITY WORK OUTS :INTRODUCTION TO MY FILM CAREER PROFILE :Point 1A >> Education Benefits >># My Graduation in B.Sc. with Physics. Mathematics and Statistics in First Year ;Second Year Physics and Statistics with Finally Last Third year in Physics withInstrumentation at the Graduation Time. During my Graduation Time : Subject’slike “ Statistics “# Post Graduate Studies Master Degree In Administrative Management : SixSemester Part Time Mumbai University Course ). During my Graduation Time: Subject’s like “ Statistics “ & During At the Time Foe The Post GraduationStudies : Subject like “ Econometrics “.Its important that Time the Studies were related from the Book From the Writer“ Damodar Gujarathi “ Named : Basic of Econometrics.These Both Subjects knowledge have provided me to Draw Many Differential &Variation Like Hypothetical Conclusion’s related to “ Ideas “ , “ Assumption “ & “Imagination by Me “ thereby strategically Planning The Final Work Out’s .
  7. 7. Page No.: 06Point 1B >> Experience >># Total 022 Years of Corporate Experience was very useFull in my Life.Important Note : My Observation’s & Emails writing’s were always known to allMy Freinds About the Presentation Work Outs .Point 2 >> CreativityOne Aspect : Many Times it need to work’s on the Modulation Thinking LikeProcess.Its Like “ Forming Four Identities to Interact at a time alternatively “. It is beenorganized by me of my Own .Here In Every one identity role play gives me the ample some time & availabletime to make all Input their conclusion & a Final plan to be implemented.This works For me to plan effectively in Forming / Generating Role for Roleplays ( i.e. For Actors / Actress / Film Crew Members ) in Screen Play writing /Film Script writing .Film Screen Play / Film Screen Script Writing : This has been worked onprincipals about my own observation with experience on the Field.Another Aspect : The Total Interest in veiwing the National / InternationalFilms Right From Year 1981. That had provided now the exact know how aboutthe Film Presentation Techniques . Also some time certain Films do make theEntertainment to view it Again due to our Friends Interest / Freinds Involvementto Interact during the Time available amoung Ourselves. . That leads to Film tobe discussed within the Friends About the Film Acting Members / FilmTechnicallities in Some aspects of the Total Presentation For Film Making .
  8. 8. Page No.: 07Point :03 Next is the Important Aspect in my Film Script / Film Screen PlayWritings : In certain Part of Film Making to know in Better ; that will lead tounderstanding about my writings.Creative Process in writing : Veiwing Certain Locations / Certain Songs from theFilms ; It would be Not related to my Film viewing . This makes My Mind toExplore about Important visualization to Form the Film Sequence with smallersegments in Different minimum Two way work outs . These smaller segment arein also another segmented Form that are slightly Bigger segments to make theFeel some Film Scenes Presentation . Its also about the certainity In Film / International Albums For manyInternational & National Film Stars in my own way of projecting the Art .Point 4 >> This like A Concept or Concentration Toward’s the Art Direction.A) Creativity Was also been explored by Me in Means of Singing VoiceModulation.It Leads to singing of my own voice in different modes for voice modulationprocess to the National / International Big Star Singers . This provided anopportunity to present my singing voice with talents of acting like Acceptanceduring the Singing .B) Next was the Dance sequences and various Dance movements technique towork on many ways. It was Dancing on Slight Watery on My House Staying Floor& Another Some Karate Takes Included In the Dance on Music Audio OutputFrom the Audio Deck Music System
  9. 9. Page No.: 08Point 4 >> Art Direction ( Continued ) This was Conceptualized / Developed / Worked by me with the Explorationto plan the Role Play Acting for Film Stars / Film crew members in strategicway . All Role Plays work outs Especially For International Film Stars werethe Formation that were presented For the Film / Movies Projects.First : I Hope that it will / may work for Better viewing For the Audience’s .Yes It Worked ; Some Important International Film Stars / Film crew membersstrategically plan Role Plays were Right / Proper in making my Art DirectionFor the Film Projects.It was Later been noticed by me During the Time the International Moviesreleases were Viewed .I was Thrilled to Know that Moment that After / On my completion &Presentation of Certain Film Projects Importantly For the International FilmStars have worked Perfect to the Top & Big Corporate M/s. Warner BrothersPictures Inc. Co. Scotland
  10. 10. Page No.: 09 My New Film Career Some Important Details [ Continued ]Important Communication Related to My Corporate Expertise About The FilmCaptures / Film Video Capture Takes .A) My First Explaination Is Related to Experience on Sony High DefinitionProFFessional Broadcast Cameras with VTR / Camcorder & Digital BetacamVideo Camcorders. [ The Corporates Were M/s. New Video Pvt . Ltd ; Mumbai& M/s. CMS Computers Ltd. ; Mumbai ]The Training From The Principals About Product Promotion : SONYProFessional Broadcast High Definition Products with Feild Demonstration/ Trials For Big Customers . Their With Big Customers Accompanied By theirProFFessional Cinematographers these were All Important For my FilmContent Projects.B) Previous Another Important Experience with Top Architect / BigConstruction Corporates Consultants For Construction oF Multiplexes &Drive In Entertainment Centre in India. [ The Corporate M/s. Cinecita PrivateLtd.; Mumbai ].Their Expertise For Plot Ground Layout / Land Layout for Implementing theFuture Construction Plan was Important for me in understanding the variousImportant Amenities Needed to be provided for Next up commingEntertainment Centres.C) Last Explaination Relates To‛ 35mm ARRI Film Camera Work Out ‚ . InContext To This My Corporate Experience In Field For High ProFileSurveying Equipments.It Comperises High ProFile Electronics Pentax Equipment / NavcommSatellite Land Surveying Equipment. [ The Corporate M/s. Lawrence & Mayo (I)Pvt. Ltd.; Mumbai ]The Single Prism / Triple Prism Tripod to Detect the Laser Beam For Field /Land Veiw on LCD Based Technology with Electronics DistanceMeasurements . It Enables the Proper Movement of the Pentax Total StationSurveying Equipment Land Scapping Incorporating the Lateral / Horizontal /Vertical Land Surveying Parameters. Three Prism Allows to Explain theMeans oF Camera Capture to Visualize the Space & Area Available FromPentax Total Station At A Distance with Movements InCorporating FocussingFeasibility Qualities .Another Sophisticated Navvcomm Latest Technology : It Incorportes SatelliteBased Land Surveying Results with Proper & DiFFerent Land SurveyingCalibration .
  11. 11. This All Embeded In Me to Form the Proper MindScapping of Film ScreenScene Play Camera Captures with ProFessional Cinematographer AboutWork Outs In My Mind.Page No.: 010. My New Film Career Some Important Details [ Continued ]The Creativity Related To Art Direction & Its Conceptualization : Point A( My Introduction to This Above Points with Complete Explaination ) FirstAlways Importance About TheTotal 22 Years oF Corporate Experience. It HadAccounted to Mainly The Film Industry & Broadcast Industry For 09 Yearsi.e. Nine Years of Expertise In Corporate . It Leads Me In Initiatiating &Generating the Active Interest For Making The Film Content ProjectsImportant Film / Movie in Both Sectors For National / International viewingwith its Related Creativity mind exploration By Me with Friends had alreadybeen explained By Me in My Film Career Singing PortFolder. Its Too In thecontext to Explain About the Faculty Like experience with the variousProduct Promotions Time with the Big Customers Theirby the Adequate &Some Training From My Principals.Theirs Too Include My Presence : Importantly Over All Proper Utilisation ofImportant High ProFessional Post Prioduction Product’s in Film / BroadcastIndustries . Its Top Personalities & Big Personalities Involvement withExpertise to Explain with their Managing Personalities about ProductImportance of that Particular Industry’s PerFormances Pertaining To ItsNeeds & Application.[ Final Trial Time : Its Prior Time The Film Scenes to be Ready For the Public/ Audience veiwing in Multiplex / Single Screen Cinema Halls ] .The Complete Film Trials were Planned with the Application of Projectionwith the Sound Format to Be checked / verified For the Total Presentation onthe Screens.
  12. 12. My Involvement was Too Related with M/s. Film & Television Instittute oFIndia ( i.e.FTII ) In Pune City for Projects & Importance About ProperApplication In Context To Sound & Projections On Screen.That’s Important Factor Allowed Me to Write the Composition For the FilmScreen Script / Scene Plays. I Hope the Film Script Writing have also beenexplained in my Creativity Mind Exploration Explaination In This Main Folder .Page No. ; 011. My New Film Career Some Important Details [ Continued ][ The Creativity Related To Art Direction & Its Conceptualization : Ponit B ][ The High Definition ProFessional Video Camcorder working know HowExpertise with Principals Training Acquirement ].The Simultaneous the HD Camcorder Trials of its Working with ProductPromotion / Demos . The Luck Factor For Me was Big Film Director withProFessional Cinematographer Involvement In Planning & Composing theFilm Video Takes .My Primarily Conclusion : It Always Will Be In Context to Film EnscappingBy The ProFessional Cinematographer Involvement In My Film Projects toForm the Mind Scapping For the Film Take / Film Captures .I Like To Present My Context Say About Important Mind Film Enscappingi.e. Film Scenes Composition To Be Film Captured By the High ProFile 35mmARRI Camera In Following My Explaiantion :First My Thanking to Mr. Glenn D,Souza From Corporate ( M/s. Lawrence &Mayo (I) Pvt . Ltd., Mumbai )For Providing Training On the Pentax TotalStation Surveying Equipment & Navcomm High ProFile Sophisticated LandSurveying Equipment In Point Coordinates with Satelliete Based PointCordinated Acquirement with its Subscription.( This Invloves For the Pentax Total Station with the Prism Based PointCoordinates Findings . Proper Foccussing of Equipment to Find Prism Based
  13. 13. Points & various Prism movements Land Directions by its calculations. AllForming the Proper Land Coordinates Determination in all Different Angleswill / may Lead to the Exact Film On Land Scapping). Total Experince ofThree Months with Previous Corporate Experince of Two Years in this Field ].Subsequent For Me The Government Authority During my Corporate WorkingIn Year 2007 For Arranging the Navcomm Equipementt Demo for their WorkUtility Purpose : Prime Authority From The Government SurveyingDepartment ; C.B.D. Belapur Town , District : Thane , Maharashtra , The India.BeautiFull Thanking From Me To Them : In Explaining About the Importanceof the Satellite Based Surveying Equipment For Determing & Obtaining theCoordinate Points in Sea Water Related Projects.Page No. :012. My New Film Career Some Important Details [ Continued ][ The Creativity Related To Art Direction & Its Conceptualization : Point C ]** My Creative Art Like DiFFerent Direction For Film Work Outs ** .In Another Important Work Oreintation Time , It was the Creativity ForDiFFerent Film Art Direction Conceptualization .[Important Point : I had worked with Important Customer Top Corporate i.e.M/s. Reliance Industries Limited , at Thane Belapur Road , Thane , NewMumbai. It was For their Oil & Natural Gas Acquirement From the Sea withPipeLine From State : A.P. to State Gujarat.]
  14. 14. During This Demonstration For Week Time with The ProFessionalNavcomm Surveying Equipments at their Corporate Office : With SatellitePoints Acquirement Licentiated From Principals & Supportative PentaxTotal Station .The Graphics Presentation Two Way Acquirement was able to Accessvarious Points calibration of Land Surveying For Many Land DistanceMeasurement’s & this Graphics Controller Like also Enable to Deter minevarious Points Measurements For Land Enscapping Measurements .That’s How it Would Work For the Film Capturing In DiFFerent Way : IfThe Movement’s could Be on Sea Travel On Ship & or with PneumaticBase Trolley For ProFFessional HD Camera or Film Cameras on LandBeside Van i.e Four Wheeler Car. The Cinematography Can Be Acheived ByMe with Overall Support From ‚ The ProFFessional Cinematographer ‚ .Page No.: 13The Creativity Related To Art Direction & Its Conceptualization (Point D ) ;Continuation):Topic Related To My Television Content & Broadcast ProgrammesWriting’s. [ Its Neccesiciate For Todays World In Context to theAbove Sectors Application ]. I Already had Newer Option’s In MindExploration with its Inclusion for Providing the T.V. Content &Broadcast Programmes.The Following Content Programmes would Be in Near FutureConceptulaization ;
  15. 15. First : A/c. Snack Centre with the vicinity inclusion For Lake Boating.Another in Future : Entertainment Center For Childrens with theirParents.In This I Need to Explain the Expertise & Invlovement FactorsResponsible For Knowing the Proper ProFessional Video CameraTakes i.e. May Be Digital Formats Oreinted .My Special Thanks to My Following Corporates : 1. M/s. New VideoPrivate Limited. Mumbai ; 2. M/s. CMS Computer Limited , MumbaiNow ; Application Acquirement were Feasible / Possible By The MeansoF Top Customers Supportativeness :M/s. Star News India Pvt. Ltd. & M/s. TVI8 Business News Pvt. Ltd.Application Acquirement Form the Above Broadcast Channels :< Multi Camera Set Up with Its Working Application. < Editting Set Ups /Graphics Rooms with some Application Know How.< Sound Mix / Camera Switchers Sets Ups / Lighting Avalibility / ManyProgramme Related Feasible Products Avaliable For Like Live SingleEvent/ Programme .
  16. 16. Page No. ; 14My Involvement Leading To ‚ Film Script Writing Imagination ‚ & AnotherDirection i.e. Live Musical Singing & Dance Concert Assumption For MyFriend’s.<< Job Employment with M/s. InterWorld Digital Limited; Mumbai .[ From First Week of December, Year : 2005 Till Year 2006 . Duration : AlmostYear ]<< Mr. Man Mohan Gupta [ Chairman & Managing Director ] ,M/s. InterWorld Digital Limited ; LinkWay Estate, Malad (West), Mumbai.[ My Film Script Writing Imagination1. One Important Source :During the Spare Work Time i.e. Lunch Time / Tea Time . The Interest &Interaction Between Friend’s Discussion Time were Utilised By All . It was Likethe Inhereint & Developed Talents By me for the above Film Script Imagination).2. Another Important Source :The Main Factor i.e. Our Corporate was to start their Own Film Projects with FilmDistrubution For Satellite Digital Cinema Technology.The Explaination about the Film Project’s by means of Film Synopsis to theDistributor’s / Exhibitors for the release of Our Corporates Films i.e. Own HomeFilm Production ,It was the Promotion / Introduction For the Satellite Digital Cinema Technologyin India for my Corporate( ‚ Year 2006 ‚)It was Creative Like Direction for Live Musical Singing & Dance SequncesConcert Assumption For My Friend’s In Mumbai . ]
  17. 17. Page No.: 15‚ My CREATIVITY IN MANY ASPECTS ( SINGING / DELICATE SINGING &DANCE SEQUNCES ) :# Creativeness In Singing Voice & Dance Sequences / My Creative Art Like Thinking /Work Outs on Singing Voice Modulation with the Art Direction with Assumption toLive Concert Hall Singing for My Freinds ## Creativeness In Singing Voice & Dance Sequences ( Year, 2003 Till Date 02 / August/2010 )By Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ( Another Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie )( Certification Acquirement In Singing ):** Ranked first in “ Maharashtra Sugham Geet Samiti “( Geet Praveshika ) In Year 2003.** Certificate of Recognition and Apprecitation for Participation in “Vocal“ (Singing)From “Jumbo Group Company, Dubai “In Year 2003.A >> Film and Album Singing : I have modulated My voice in different Singing Especiallyto meet the Singing Voices of the Following Important Hindi Film Song’s SingingPersonalities :1. Mr. Mohammed Rafi ( Best Singer )2. Mr. Kishore Kumar ( Best Play Back Singer )3. Mr. Amit Kumar ( Best Play Back Singer )4. Mr. Bappi Lahiri ( Best Play Back Singer )My Acheivement In Singing Voice ( By Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ). For “ Swar Manch“ Singing Institution , Thane, Maharastra, India : Attended “Guru Pournima“ InFollowing Respective Year’s : Live Concert Hall Singing . [ Year , 2003 / Year ,2004 / Year , 2005 & Year , 2006 ] .
  18. 18. Page No.: 16B >>International & National Album Song’s : Working for many Singing Voice Modulationwith Delicate Singing Voice Modulation :1. Gypsy King ( Music Album ) // 2. Its My Life for “ Pop Singer “ Mr. Bon Jovi [ ( Music Album) ( Singing Voice ) ]3. Endless Skies ( Europe Music Album ) // 4 Theme of James Bond 007 released inYear 2009[ Ms. K.D. Lang ( Singing Voice ) ].5. Alabina – Desert Groove [ ( Music Album ) ( Singing Voice ) ] // 6. Eagles - California [ (Music Album ) ( Singing Voice ) ]7. Dance – Dance ( Music Album ) [ Singing Voice ] // 9. Sweet About Me : Ms. Gabreila Climi[ ( Music Album ) ( Singing Voice ) ]10. Modern Talking ( Music Album ) [ ( Music Album ) ( Singing Voice ) ] // 11. Baby One MoreTime : Ms. Britney Spears [ ( Music Album ) ( Singing Voice ) ]. / 12. ( Bonus Track Music Albumfor Ms. Sheryl Crowe ( Singing Voice ) ]13. Tu Main Ban Gaya for Film “ Aamne Saamne Type “ B “ ( Singing Voice ) ] // 14. Mana HoTum for Film “ Toothe Khilone “ for “ Film Singer “ Mr. Yesudas ( Singing Voice ) ]15 Indrayani Kaati for Legend Singer Mr. Bhimsen Joshi ( Singing Voice )] // 16. Bulla KiJaana Mein Kaun for “Pop Singer “ Mr. Rabbi Shergill ( Singing Voice )]17. You Can’t See Me ( Assumed to be Mr. Jay for this Singing Modulation ) ]// 18. One Love :Blue ( Assumed my Own Some Word Narration for Singing Modulatioi.e. One Narration LikeOne Love No its Two Love at some Time Word of my own Singing pattern ].19. Lion Its Zion ( Pop Singer Mr. Bob Marley for Singing Voice ] // 20. Mohabatt BadeKaam ( Dual Combination Singing for Singer’s Mr. Kishore Kumar & Mr. Yesudas)]21. Chaand Mera Dil & AA Mil Ke …. MehFhil Hai Tere , Duniya Ki Bahare Ter Liye ( DualCombination Singing for Singer’s Mr. Mohd. Rafi & Mr. Kishore Kumar )] // 22. MeraSooroor ( For Singer Mr.. Himesh Reshmiya )]23. Pyar Mein Jeena ( Film : Do Ustaad for Singer Ms. Usha Uthup )]
  19. 19. Page No.: 17C >>International & National Album Song’s : Work Out’s For Various Dance Sequences :1. Theme of James Bond 007 released inYear 2009 :[ ( Dance Sequnce to Music of Mr.JohnArnold2. The Party Album ; Vengaboys ( Music Album )3. Billie Jeanie : Mr. Michael Jackson [ ( Music Album ) ]4. Dance with me : [ Music Album ]5. Bailamos : [ Mr. Enrique Illegas : Music Album ]6. Tu Main Ban Gaya for Film “ Aamne Saamne Type “ B “ for Actor Mr. Mithun Chakraborty]7. Paradise : [ For Actor Mr. Govinda : Music Album Vengaboy’s The Party AlbumWork Out’s : Singing Voice Modulation International & National Album [For Important MaleLegend Singer’s]By Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ( Another Name : Mr. Ronnie ( From Year January , 2003 Till Date)1. GYPSY KING ( Music Album ) // 2. “ IT’S MY LIFE “ For “Pop Singer“ Mr. Bon Jovi [( MusicAlbum )(Singing Voice)]3. ENDLESS SKIES ( Europe Music Album ) // 4. EAGLES - CALIFORNIA [ ( Music Album ) (Singing Voice ) ]5. DANCE – DANCE ( Music Album ) [ Singing Voice ] // 6. TU MAIN BAN GAYA ( For Film“Aamne Saamne” Type “ B “ (Singing Voice)]7. MANA HO TUM ( Film “ Toothe Khilone“ For “ Film Singer “ )Mr. Yesudas(Singing Voice)]// 8 INDRYANI KAATI ( For Legend Singer Mr. Bhimsen Joshi ( Singing Voice )]9. BULLA KI JAANA MEIN KAUN ( For “Pop Singer “ Mr. Rabbi Shergill (Singing Voice)]
  20. 20. Page No.: 18Work Out’s : Singing Voice Modulation International & National Album [For Important MaleLegend Singer’s] [ Continued ]10. YOU CAN’T SEE ME ( Assumed to be Mr. Jay for this Singing Modulation )] // 11. ONELOVE : BLUE ( Assumed my Own Some Word Narration for Singing / Modulation i.e. OneNarration Like One Love No its Two Love at some Time Word of my own Singing pattern )].12. LION IT’S ZION ( Pop Singer Mr. Bob Marley for Singing Voice ] // 13. MERASAROOR ( For Singer Mr.. Himesh Reshmiya )]14. TANHA DILL ( For Singer Mr..SHAAN ) ] // 15. DUNIYA HASEENO KA MELA ( ForSinger Mr. Udit Narayan )16. PYAAR KI HAI YE AADA ( For Singer Mr..Bappi Da Lahiri ) ] // 17. HAR TARF TERAJALWA ( For Singer Mr. Daler Mehndi ) ]18. SAPPNO KE SHAHEIR MEIN ( For Singer Mr. Abhijeet ) ]
  21. 21. Page No. ; 19The Exact Start For My New Film Career :( Film Script’s Sreen Play Writings From Year 2008 to Year 2009 : It was myRenewed start that Actively worked on some small Film Script’s with CreativeIdeas For Entertainment Sector.Film Script Writing ( Duration : Nearing to Two Year’s )A. Initial Work Out on Three Film Script Writing.B. The Jewel ShalimarFilm Script’s Writing with Art Direction Work Out :( Duration : From Year 2009).From Year 2009 OnWard’s : My Newer Role was a Creative Aspect with ArtDirection For Film’s Making / Ad’s Film & Assumption Like For this Another OnLine Editting Live Broadcast Programme .Important Role Factor was my own Singing Voice Modulation with DanceSequnces for various song’s. This then Lead to Film Script Writing with ArtDirection Techniques.First Presentation : For Film Script’s with Art Direction Started with Following :First International Film : The Man with Golden Solar Energy & Games.
  22. 22. Page No. ; 20The Exact Start For My New Film Career : ( Contd.)On Receipt of Job Employment Offer [ In Year Dated : 14th/October/Year :2008 ]From M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc.; Scotland .Film Projects : My Film Script Writing with Art & Commercial DirectionTo the Top / Big Corporate :Mr. Dennis Rodman [ Managing Director ] ; M/s. Warner Brother Pictures Inc.Ltd. ( Scotland ), A Time Warner Company ; Warner Village, A 96, Narin Road,Edinburg– Scotland.( My Own Interest & Curiosity with Time Utilisation / Time Investment thatInitiated to Form For Me ReBorn Like Process . The Film Projects were alsoworked on many Aspects with Creative Mind Like Involvement).** Film Projects Work Out : The Total Seven in All Film Projects Work Outs frommy House ( In India ; City : Thane West, State : Maharashtra ) for the aboveCorporate / Firm **. Film Projects Work Out were Overall Started From August2009 with Submission to the Corporate Email Account From Year October 2009& were Completed In Year April 15th , 2010.Film Art Direction : It’s From my point of view contributes to a Film Scenes /Film Capture consisting Location perceptive with main Involvement of Acting bymany various personalities including Actors / Actress / Film Crew MembersAspect’s for completing the Film / Movie . Its For Me is to be Like a InnovativeFormat of making the Film Movies for Better Film Project Presentation .This was also to Conclude my Probable Role / Inclusion in their Corporate FutureFilm Project’s by submitting these Following Seven Film Project’s writing’s :1. Mr. M. Jay Once in Forest. / 2. Life of Mr. Vijay Kumar’s. / 3. Memory of Life IFImagined .4. Two Seen in Cities : Mr. Zius A. & Mr. Zius M. . / 5. Life Savers : Mr. VarryingGood & Mr. Good .6. Love Triangle / 7. Bear Wild Animal Appereance in the Jungle
  23. 23. Page No. ; 21 My Future Film Projects to The Top / Big Corporate & Corporate Management Authorities & The Respective Head Offices :A. Mr. Dennis Rodman [ Managing Director ] ;M/s. Warner Brother P ictures Inc. Ltd. ( Scotland ), A Time Warner Company; Warner Village, A 96, Narin Road, Edinburg” Scotland.C.C. 01. M/s. Warner Bros. Entertainment . CA 91522 :Ms. Jessica Zacholl [ Director Corporate Communications ]; ( M/s. WarnerBros. Entertainment ; CaliFornia). The Newer Businesss Networking Films & Movies With Film Direction QWulaity Points Review For The Top / Big Corporate & Corporate Management Authorities & The Respective Head Offices :To : Ms. McCarthy G. [The Concerned Management Higher Authority oFThe Corporate ]:M/s. Warner Brother Pictures Inc. Ltd. ( Scotland ), A Time Warner Company ;Warner Village, A 96, Narin Road, Edinburg” ScotlandC.C. 01 : Mr. Jon Gilbert [ President ] M/s. WARNER BROS. STUDIOFACILITIES ; Warner Bros. Studio Facilities “ 4000 Warner Blvd. “ Burbank, CA91522 .
  24. 24. Page No. ; 22The Continuation With Newer Film Project’s Submission From August,2010 :1. Apes Planet with Human Occurrence of One Soul . ( Application Type One :Multiplex / Satellite/ Projection HD )Apes Planet with Human Occurrence of Many Souls . (Application Type Two :Broadcast )2. Ghost Like Appereances On Farm Island ( Submitted on October 05, 2010 )3. Big Business Exporter For Shining Pearls ( Submitted on November 02 , 2010 )FIRST PROJECT FOR T.V. CONTENT / BROADCAST PROGRAMME : PART ONE1. A/C. MINT SNAX CENTRE WITH LAKE SIGHT SEEING BOATING & NEWER OPEN CLUBHOUSE , GARDEN PARK WITH SMALL CAR DRIVE . ( Submitted on December 30 ,2010 )Film Project : Film Screen Play writing with Art Direction Concept :Sea Lion’s at Sea Ocean Rally. ( Email Corporate Account Submitted on March11 , 2011 )
  28. 28. All Project Work Outs [ IN TWO PARTS ] .By Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ( Another Nick Name Mr. Ronnie ).Part One : [ Total Set 05 Nos. ]1. International Corporate Strategic Plan Work Outs( Year 2008 to Year 2010 ) [ In Detail Project PlanStrategics].Part Two : [ Total Set 022 Nos. ]1. The Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates FromValueable Experience Acquirement with Talents2. My Own Project Work Outs ( Year 2005 Onwards )3. .Newer Technologies Related To The Film / MoviesProduction( Year 2010)4. The National & International Some Aspects with theProject Like Importance ( Year 2010 )5 . Film Promotion & Entertainment Sector ( Year 2010 )
  29. 29. Project Work Outs ; Part One : [ Total Set 05 Nos. ]Page No. ; 01 International Corporate Strategic Many Plan Work Outs :[ Year 2008 ” Year 2010 ]Corporate Strategic Plan Work Out For International AutomobileIndustry :M/s. Hino Motors Limited : ( Country : The China ) ( Job EmploymentOffer :Date February , 2008 ) Mr. Lee Cho [ Sceretary to the Director of M/s.Hino Motors Ltd.: China ]( Year 2008 ) Job Designation Offered ‚ Management Consultant :Customer Support ‚.My Role Play : It was for me going to get recruited for the following theCustomers in International Market for their Customer Support. ThePayment facilities Interaction by me with customer’s . TherebyPrincipal’s Interaction and Despatch of these Product to the Customer’s.My Services with the Strategies would have provided for this Project likeWork in My Country The India. Project was Assumption by me :Business In India with the Manufacturing Unit i.e. the Production set upin various Cities of India. It Included mainly the Segment for LuxuryBuses , Utility Vans.Meeting the Govenment Authorirtes for sanction of Land for setting upManufacturing Unit’s in many Cities.Meeting Financial Analyst for this Project.Forming the Dealer Network.Export of this Product’s Avaliability to the International Market.Product Training for the Dealers Employees.Identifying the Inovation Needed for Newer Products Entry in Market.
  30. 30. Page No.: 02International Corporate Strategic Plan Work Outs ; For InternationalAutomobile Industry : [Year 2008 ” Year 2010 ]2 [ M/s. THE BMW AUTOMOBILE COMPANY ( RECRUITMENT CENTER )My Application was Dated on 12th / June / 2009. for ‚ Senior Manager :Customer Support ‚ .<< Important Top Corporate Personality >>Mr. Clarence WoodMd..Board Of Recruiters Committee.[ M/s. THE BMW AUTOMOBILE COMPANY ( RECRUITMENT CENTER ) ;,22 Garden Close, Stamford ; Lincs, PE9 2YP ; London ; United Kingdom]( Job Employment Offer : Date : June , 2009 )Job Designation Offered ‚ Senior Manager : Customer Support ‚.My Role Play : My Services with the Strategies would have provided forJob Assignment Project Work in the ‚ Country The U.K. ‚ .Job Assignment Potrayed By Me : It Included mainly the Segment forTop Segment Car’s with Two Wheeler Motor Bikes.Always Looking for any suggestion’s and Advice if Necesscary for theDealers Development Unit’s in many Cities.Forming the New Dealer Network with the Development for their Unitand Facility Provision for the Customer & Service Support .Export of this Product’s Avaliability to the International Market.Product Training for the Dealers Employees & All.Identifying the Exact Need’s for Newer Products Versatility in DifferentMarket’s.Event Organisement for Newer Product’s in Market with its BroadcastChannel Arrangement about its Application Know How.Awareness of New Product Launch Programmes. Management for the New Product Promotion Feasilbilites avaliable forthe New & Avaliable Dealer Developments in All respects.
  31. 31. Page No. ; 03International Corporate Strategice Plan Work Outs : [ Year 2008 ” Year2010 ] ( Continued )Relates To The Job Assignment Acquirement :01. M/s. Paramount Group of Hotel’s , Manchester , U.K.( Job Employment Offer : Date : January & March , 2008 )( RecruitmentAgent of the Firm : Doctor Mr. Gordon Brown )Job Designation Offered ‚ General Manager : Customer Support ‚.My Role Play Explained in Presentation to the Top CorporateManagement :>> Offering services to Customer’s in terms of Stay , Leisure ,Entertainment & Sports coaching aspect’s in mind.>> Visits to the different location of other group of Hotel’s for overallmanagement concerning to its functioning & thereby understanding anyproblem in Solution Provider.>> Follow up team support for the customer’s in their arrival therebyreturn back journey to their home town .>> Greeting’s in all seasons to all customers.
  32. 32. Page No. ; 04International Corporate Strategice Plan Work Outs : [ Year 2008 – Year2010] ( Continued )Relates To The Job Assignment Acquirement02 . << My Project Like Working : M/s. Michelin Tyres Limited ; U.K >>( Job Employment Offer : Date : August , 2008 )( Project Director of the Firm : Mr. Martin’s Moore )( Important Note : It was Direct Interaction with ‚ The Project Director :Mr. Martin’s Moore ‚ . Communication Media was Internet Email ).Job Designation Offered To Me : ‚ General Manager : DealerDevelopment & Customer Support ‚ .My Role Play Explained In Short By Me in Presentation to theCorporate Director :General Management concerning & Formimg the Manufacturing Unitswith Dealer Development & their required Support Systems Services.Related to the Job Assignment in U.K. . I requested to their ProjectDirector setting up the Manufacturing Unit of Tyre’s in India in variousCities of My Country ( i.e. The India )Beside Dealer Network of sale and after sales service support for theProduct’s with Export of the Product In the International Market.Working on A Service Support Network from Dealer Network by theOrganisation : SMS can be provided with registration from the Buyer’s(Important Note that the Cost : Will be to the Buyer’s Account forProviding Service or Product Replacement ), enabling them to retrieveservice in Field especially in most Remote / Rural / Urban Areas for theTransporters plying their own Vechicles.
  33. 33. Page No. ; 05 International Corporate Strategice Plan Work Outs : [Year 2008 – Year2010 ]( Continued )Relates To The Job Assignment Acquirement3 . M/s. International Car Shipping Limited , Dublin , Ireland .( Job Employment Offer : Date : November , 2009 )( Managing Director of the Firm : Mr. Waleson DaleJob Designation Offered To Me : ‚ Senior Marketing Director ‚ .My Role Play Designed By Me / Potrayed By Me in Short Description:OverAll Management Functioning for the Newer ProductManufacturing with its Avaliability in the International Market . [ # Ship Car Tracking Service Support for the Customers to their ShipCar / Ship Cargo ( it would be the probably from my point view theStatelite connecting media for the repairs or the service to reach thelocation / place for the service. # In the International Market the Ship Car avalibility of the newerdesign & development to be incorporated i.e. the demand’s orrequirement of the Buyer’s. ]
  34. 34. Project Work Outs ; Part Two : : Total Set 022 Nos.Page No.: 01A. The Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates From ValueableExperience Acquirement with TalentsAgriculture Life For Mr. Deepak S. Sawant :It was During My Small / Young Age i.e. Grand Parent’s Time at MyNative Place.It Lead to My Interest in Nature Life Preservation. Understanding seed germination process / tree plantation with needof Water Storage / Provision Facility.Agriculture Farmming Procedures.HouseHold Techniques know How in preserving Food .My Supportativness & Love to my Grand Parents .Singing & Dance Play Outs : Year 1981 Onwards . It was My ParentsMusic Players Present to Me . The Hindi Films Like ‚ Yaarana ‚ & ‚Satte Pe Satta ‚ . The Music with Songs Started to Inspired Me FromYear 1981 to Work of my Own Low Singing Voice Tone & DanceMovement Application. Later On It was the Interest that Build Up inMe For the International Music Listening Applications.Sports Acheivement : ! My Cricket Team From Kurla & ChunabhattiCombination Team ,Mumbai. We Won Limited Over Tennis Matchwith Top Team From M/s. Godfrrey Philips Cricket Playing GroundTeam, Mumbai. My Right Handed Batting matched with Batting Talentsof Cricket Legend Mr. Mohd. Azharuddin during his entry in IndiasCricket was known to my Friends.! The Cricket Team From our M/s. Ravi Classes , Mumbai . We had won Limited Over Season Match at M/s. V.J.T.I. CricketPlaying Ground , Mumbai. It was during the Final Year Time
  35. 35. Page No.:02A. The Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates From ValueableExperince Acquirement with Talents ( Continued )My Important Creativity Like Work Out’s : For Corporate Houses1. Year 1991 to 1993 : Two Year’s Work Out for Temperature Control PenRecorder’s in Corporate M/s. Digital Electronics Limited , Mumbai .Dead Zone Clearance It Relates to the Pen writing on TemperatureControl Chart Movement Recorders For Industrial Application .2. Year 1996 to 2000 : Concept, Introduction & Installtion of S.D.D.S.( Sony Dynamic Digital Sound ) Sound Format In India.It was to make Customer’s understand about the Concept inTechnological Product Installations in India . The Dynamic SoundQuality Importance for its Exhibition in Indias Market For Reproductionof Newer 7.1 channel of Sound with its Scientific Evaluations ByInternational Standard’s .……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….( Human Safety Life Project Work Outs For Cops ) In Year 2002 : Itwas Always My Ambition to take Big Assignment in AuthoritativePosition for Human Safety Life. I have worked always in a SubAuthoritaive Position For my Own Project Work Out During my Free &Holiday time in year 2002 at my House.However the Human Safety Life Project Initiated : Due to theteachings oF ‚ Buddhism ‚ acquired by me from theCourse of ‚ Vipasana ‚ / Meditation in year 1996 ( Credit For My Papato acquire this course by me ) . It was also Important for meAbout the ‚ Wise Kings ‚ Efforts in Ancient Time‚ Mr. Ashoka Bindusura Maurya’s For Bringing to the People withEstablishment of ‚ Buddhism in Our Country The Bharat .It gave me an opportumity to work on various strategies like creativityat that Time Forsee could / would have been introduced as per myambition.
  36. 36. My Mom’s Ambition for me to become One of the Top Cop in SafetyServices was one another Factor . That has enable me to completeN.C.C. Three years ‚ C ‚ Certificate course with training .Page No.: 03A. The Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates From ValueableExperince Acquirement with Talents ( Continued )Strategic Plans For Human Safety Life Project Work Outs For Cops )In Year 2002 :Presumming the Sub Authoritative Position For this Strategic Plans.^ Computer Networking of Data of Every Individuals From All overCities making the State complete Human Safetyier Life .^ Details of Every Individuals with their occupation / staying InFo. Itwill / may be Easier to understand Person’s Identity .^ The If any given point of Time the Conflicts arises . Then it can betackle with Individuals during that Time to clear their problems andactions to resolve the problem with solutions.^ Supportative Subordinates networking & with cordless system atall important places of Town .
  37. 37. Unfortunately For ME : I had an Accident in year May 2002 , atMeditation Center : Egatpuri , Nashik ( i.e. State : Maharashtra ; India )].After that Day Onward’s oF My Rebirth Like Situation. My New LifeStarted with Newer Interets & Diversification with Differentiation inLifestyles.
  38. 38. Page No.:04A. The Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates From ValueableExperince Acquirement with Talents ( Continued )My New Life Communication : About New Sports Play Outs , Year2004 till Year 2006 .My Left Hand Cricket Playing with Society playing cricket Team, in theCity of Thane. This was Encouraging for me to communicate now All that : I havecoincidentally viewed on Broadcast Channel about my Left HandCricket Playing capabilities Matches with Big Cricket West Indian LeftHand Batting Talent Player ‚ Sir Mr. Garfield Sobers ‚.The New Cricket Playing Abilities are now valiblw whenever Timepsermits For Me in Year 2008 till 2010 was at Cinemax EternityMall , Cricket Playing Turf , Thane.In all this Time the Total Corporate Experience Valuation Work For‚022‛ Years .
  39. 39. Page No.: 05B. My Own Project’s Work Outs :(Development & Economic Growth In Many Aspect’s) By Mr. Deepak S.SawantMy Role Play On Visualization & Observation : [ Important Note : Itwas the Indirect & Direct Interaction with All My Friend’s International/ National Friend’s / Family Members with the CommunicationMedia to be the Internet Email. Ii will remain my Exisiting & FutureInternet Email Communication ] .My Corporate & Business Life related Personalities have In All &always been Beneficial for my many Development Purposes . It gaveme the opportunity for implemantaion Like ways in organizing in mymind for completion for Project Like Work For Business & CorporateLifeMy Own Project’s Workouts : (Friend’s & Family Members Involved withthe Email Internet Communication with me for My Project Work Out’s )Friend’s National :Mr. Karthikeya WattsMr. Jayesh PareikhMr. S. R. YadavMr. Godwin GomesFriend’s International :Mr. Harish Tontai ( Job Employment is at the ‚ Dubai ‚ )Ms. McBride Dannii ( Hi5 Web Site : Related International Friend )Family Members :Mr. Shivesh SawantMr. Saket SawantMr. Swapnil SawantMr. Kiran Sawant
  40. 40. Page No. ; 06B. My Own Project’s Work Outs : (Development & Economic Growth InMany Aspect’s) Continued** First Factor ** : Country The India ( In Some City of Chennai & SouthZone Life )( My Direct Communication with the Traveller’s During my TravelingTour to City of Chennai For Development’s in many Aspects ).( In Year 2005 : It was my Two weeks stay in Chennai ) It is theObservation During My Roaming :1) City Chennai ( India ): Scarcity of Water with the Solution for theWater Storage & Avalibitiy facilities.2) Zone : South India ( India ) : Rice Plantation and Water Storage &Avalibitiy facilities.My Own Project Work Out’s ( Year 2006 ) :About Newer TechnologySatellite Digital Cinema Project’s Related To ‚Corporate BusinessLife‚.Corporate & Business Life : Big Corporate Personalities in theirRespective Firm’s1.Mr. Man Mohan Gupta ( CMD ) M/s. InterWorld Digital Limited,Mumbai.2. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh ( MD ) M/s. Gaurav Entertainemt Limited ,Mira Road , Thane West Maharastra , India.For Following State : U.P.; Gorakhpur ( India ) :Satellite Digital Cinema Technology and Different language FilmEntertainment.Interest in Improvisation of Living Being in many Cities of U.P. .
  41. 41. My Own Involvement with Film Exhibitors Relations During myCorporate Working Tenure & with Mr. Man Mohan Gupta ( CMD ) M/s.InterWorld Digital Limited,Mumbai. For the Following StatesState : M.P. ( India ) : C.I. & C.P. : Digital Cinema Technology andDifferent language Film Entertainment .State : West Bengal .; Kolkatta ( India ) : Digital Cinema Technology andDifferent language Film Entertainmen.Page No.: 07B. My Own Project’s Work Outs : (Development & Economic Growth InMany Aspect’s)Year 2007 ” Year 2008 )** Second Important Factor ** : In Some World Life (Business Life &Nature Preservation Life)( My Interest Towards Development’s in many Aspects ( Related toOur Country The India & the World Life ).1 > Economic Development’s for the Export of Various InherentProduct’s Avaliable in India to World : ( Like : Pearls , Jewels ,Flowers , Gas , Food’ Products like Jowar and Bajra ).2 > Preservation of Plantations including Tree Plantation to Control thePollution : Herbs for Ayurveda Medical3 > Preservation of Plantations including Tree Plantation to Control thePollution : Herbs for Ayurveda Medical.
  42. 42. 4 > I Even thought to Explore Migration in Europe ( Country : TheKhazakstan : Due to ‚ Hari Krishna ‚ & ‚ Shri Krishna Namah ‚ )Especially Firstly for our Hindu’s and many all religions From myCountry [ For Staying & New Living Birth’ s] & for Working LivingSource.Page No. ; 08(Newer Technologies Related To The Film / Movies Production )Date :01/ August / 2010To Respected & Dear All,My this E mail interactions is about the Following Tecnhologies that I like tocommunicate ; what I Forsee in Future Film / Movies Avaliblility for the FilmAudience / Film Spectators in this World .Another Technology is about the importance of Sony Digital Sound in 5.1Sound Format Reproduction in Muiltplexes in Pretext to the Quality of SoundReproduction by SDDS 7.1 Sound / Audio Mix Presenation .Film / Movies 3D Technology :I think the Film Camera comprises of Film Capture with Two Types ofsimultaneous Image takes on the Film Print ( Raw Stock ) specially made for3D Films.The working is like the Two simulation process of Film Capture(01) Filmed atOnce and another brought in the Fron t for the Film Camera for Record &Film Capture Means .
  43. 43. In this Another could be the Animation Graphics Film(02 )PresentationMeans.I Hope During this Two Simulation Film Capture Type / Techniques : Importantthat I Forsee would be the another Film Capture by Next means of FilmCamera.This moments of Next Film Capture ( 03 ) can be visulaised to be speciallyprocessed on the Film Final Prinitng Like a Graphics or Special Effects on theFilm Sides or Upper Section of the Film Presentaion.Its For me Now to Work on Film Screen Play / Film Script with Art Directionwith 3D Film Technology in my Mind for Future Writings .Page No. ; 09Film / Movies Sony Digital Sound Format (5.1) Sound Mix Technology :It always Important for the Distributors / Film Exhibitors to get to implementceratin parameters with constraint of Budget.My Thought is About : Sony Digital Sound Format (5.1) Sound Mix Technology.It comprises of New Reader to Read , what I proposes newly made Sony5.1 Sound Mix the track can be super imposed on the Side Aanother to theStereo 4.1 Tracks .
  44. 44. This is For 5.1 Sony Digital Sound Format ( Known to be Sony Digital Soundi.e. ‚SDS‛)It always that at least In this World for Multiples Film /Moves Presenation theImportant / Beautifull Track Sony Dynamic Digital Sound ( SDDS : 7.1 Sound/Audio Mix Reproduction ) Should make waves in the Multiplexes.For All : Nice Life to All & Good Business Life to All.From : Mr. Deepak S.Sawant ( Another Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie )
  45. 45. Page No. ; 10My Personal Aims with Interest & Observation For TechnologyInnovations Development’s in Film’s / Movies Production ] By Mr.Deepak S. SawantDue to my own Film Project For ‚ 2D ‚ Film Making Application.I like to Say ‚Sorry to All ‚ , So that their need not to be any MisleadingFrom Any of these Communication’s.Newer Technology : ( Year 2010 )1 >> ‚ Projection with High Definition ‚ like to name it ‚ Projection HD ‚ isnow been introduced in many parts of World , it’s a eachnolgyInnovation Introduction.2 >> It comprises of Projection system with Film Capture on HighDefinition Camera with Recorder . It is projected in Multiplexes with thistechnology3 >> The Movie Visulaize By Me at ‚ Eternity Multiplex ‚ in Thane ,Maharashtra , India with this technology : ‚ English Film Armoured ‚M/s. Himanshu Kanakia : Director ( M/s. Kanakia Spaces PrivateLimited , Mumbai ). For Inovative Technogy in India .Mr. BhalChandra K. Rane ( Executive Director ) M/s. UrmilaChemopharma (P.) Limited, Off Thane Belapur Road , New Mumbai .Mr. Man Mohan Gupta ( CMD ) M/s. InterWorld Digital Limited , MaladWest , Mumbai .
  46. 46. Page No. ; 11My Special Thanking to Both of the Above Top Personalities in India.The First Reason : I have been Associated to this Big Customer Likefor this First Personality. Due to Working Tenure with M/s. CinecitaPrivate Limited , Mumbai.Important : My Film Project Will / May be able to get concluded inHollywood Industry. It is due to my know How / Expertise in HighDefinition Professional Camera / Camcoder. This will Be Benefit For Mein Art / Commercial Direction Film Capture Video Takes.The Second Reason : I have been Interacting with Second CorporatePersonalitiy in Leading to Find Job Assignment in InternationalSegment.The Second Personality has Important Business Contact in theCountry of U.S.A. & the Country U.K.. That can work as a Networking ForFinding Appropriate Leads in Job Assignment.The Third Reason : I had been in my Recent Years Associated /Worked with the Contribution with M/s. Interworld Digital Limited .Theirs will / may beFor Future Film Production Project Applicationcould require this Technology.Another are Important Service Providers by their Managemnt Teamin SMS / New Music Industry Application.
  47. 47. Page No. ; 12My Also Special Thanking to the Following Corporates For BringingNewer Technologies in India.First : M/s. Scrable Technologies Ltd., ,Mumbai .Its their Dealer For ‚ Christie HD ‚ Product Promotion In India.Another Important : M/s. Cinecita Private Limited , Mumbai .Dealers For ‘ Strong Film Print Projection / Kinoton Film PrintProjections ‘ .With Audio Equipments .
  48. 48. Page No. ;13The National & International Some Aspects with the Project LikeImportance.( This Project Details were Derived From Date : 02 / August / 2010 .Its Due to NewsPaper Bussiness Line The Hindu About the ArticleMergers on Page No.02 Dated 03/August / 2010 : The RespectiveCorporates Top / Big Personalities may Opt For New Merger orNewer Tie Ups in Future Time )A Start oF Projects Work Outs Relates From ValueableExperience Acquirement with Talents** The National & International Some Aspects with Project LikeImportance **[ Main Source : Film & Movies / Broadcast Channel / InternetInFormation on Web Site Like Google with My Email Accounts Gmail& Yahoo ) With My Business NewsPaper Readings ; 1. Business LineThe Hindu From Chennai Publication & 2. Business Standard FromMumbai Publication[ Another Source : The Registration with my Resume / C.V.Submission with I.T. Corporates at The U.S.A. & The Indias, ChennaiCity For My House Application Job Related Assignment Acquirement].01 >> Our Country The India : Development Project’sJob Employment : It was the thought that the Call Centre Jobs need toget survived Forever.Importance of IT Sectors Employees from India staying forErmployment means in the Country of U.S.A. It was always topriortise the need & Importance of Big Projects to my Country.Always to make the Water storage Factor Essential / Avaliable inEvery state with Maharashtra First Priority .Sports in some sectors to rework again ; Its application was training& Facilities Need and win to be the greater strength .Holly wood Some Big Corporate House / Bollywood Film Industry : Ialways try to compose some small Scripts narations to the BroadcastChannel & Production Big Corporate Houses for making Good Films.International & National Both Factors.Big Reliance Co. Acheivements : My thanks & Compliments forAcquiring Gas reserviors to our Country.
  49. 49. Reliance Entetainment Big Managing Sir : Concern was always theirto me about their imvestment in Entertainment Sector was to getreturn in Time .Page No. : 1402 >> The International : Development / Economic Project’s LikePerspective .## The Country U.S.ADuring The Elections Campaign in Year 2009.My thinking was that the newly Elected Government to be PoliticallyStrong for their Country U.S. ( For Any Government Formation ) .Next was Many Countries need to seek their Assistance & Supportrelated to World Bank Funding for Future & currently going Projects intheir respective Countries.The Support services like Education / Archtecturial / Funding needed toTHE MANY World Countries From this Big Country .## The Country U.S.S.R. : In the Far North.We always think that their Infrastructure needs will be supportattiveto Many Countries .The Areas of Concluded Importance would be Agriculture /Technology / Employment .For Developments needed in their Areas of New Land / New HorizonExploration Our need will be their For Work Orientation .## The China. : The Country in the Far North.Its Related to Space Work in the Space Orbit .First Two Countries The U.S. & Next Being Country The U.S.S.R.After Accident of Space Air Craft on Saturday 01st February , 2003 (The Space Astranaut Indias’ Lady Soul was lost in this Accident i.e.Ms. Kalpana Chawla )The China had entry with Space Work to Occupy the Third position inthe World.
  50. 50. It was their Inspiration That India’s would have obtained Third Positionwith Space Earth Outer Orbit Space Station Work in the World
  51. 51. Page No.: 1501 >> The Importance of Living Life in Different Types :It was for many Human beings Earnings & Business Means .The Factor of Business Export Oriented : Handicraft / Pearls /Jewelery / Furniture .02A >> The Newer Generation IF Required From Me :Its Always my Thought that Newer Family Generation PossibilityFor this World if Required , then my communication is Yes to thisThought .Important : Earnings for Me that may be needed For MyGeneration Future .02B : It has Always A Important Concern For Me About the ChildrensEducation In Our National & International with Related to TheRespective Government Authorities From All World Wide Concern inCompleting This Education Projects Like In Future Time .03 >> Thane City Staying Comprises Following For My LifeConcernity :Due To The Film Projects / Economic Growth Aspect ProjectsApplication.Governance Some Important Auhorities with Policiing Top /SubordinatesIt was Always My Main Friends / Direct & Indirect Friends Interest ForMy Life Living Safety. The Some People From Thane Staying.
  52. 52. Page No.: 1604 >> During My Travelling Time My Life Concernity :All Interest oF some Transport Plyers & their Transport Employee :About my Life Importance.It First Relates to Previous Visits In Year 1993 to Year 1995 to theState of M.P. for the Corporate Tours.During that Time their Transport Employee persons in tour time had aConcern to me about their comfortability For Food & Water .I have concern to their Families about all their health.In this Life : I hope for their need to be important Infrastructure fornearly All Travelling in our Nation.I Do Travel some time to Mumbai For Parents Meetings .Its now important For me in this context : For All Convenience &Comfort To All in This State needs Travelling & Tourism a Prime Factor.05 >> The Religious Importance :The Religious Importanec is Always their with Me.Likewise The Bhakti & Prayers in National / International .Both are with The Prime Importance .It’s A Faith & to Live Very Good Human Life.Another is various Types of Meditation Means for Every IndividualsOwn Heatlh & Mind Goodness.06 >> The Automobile Sector in India :The Automobile Big ManuFactures Like Tata Motors Heavy VechicleStar Bus / Mahindras Xylo & Heavy Trucks / Maruti Cars.The Export Benefits are very Important .The Foreign Principals Manufacturing Units In India :The Automobile Many Cos. Like Toyota / Chevrolet / Hyundai / SkodaExport Benefits with its ManuFacturing in India is very Importantin means of Job Employment.
  53. 53. Page No.; 1707 >> The Entertainment Industry## Holly Wood Industry :I have been Associated to this Top / Big Production Houses , Due to myService with M/s. Cinecita Private Limited Mumbai.In Recent Time I Got to know about the Film ‚ Hollywood Ending ‚Released in Year 2002.At That Time : My Film Project Work Outs were / was On For M/s.Warner Brothers Co. Scotland.It created in my mind For submitting The Initial Two Film Projects tothis Top / Big Corporate : M/s. Warner Brothers Co. Scotland. TheyWorked By Me On the First Start of Five Film Projects.My Interest & Curiosity For The Film Projects Work Outs : It Always theFuture Hope For the Survival Of Hollywood Industry ForEver In ThisWorld, Beside All Film Production Industries.On The Later & Latest Start For Newer Next 14 Film Projects to thisTop / Big Corporate .These Film Project Submission to the Above Top / Big Corporate EmailAccount will always Be Possible ; Irrespective IF At Any Given PointOF Time that I may be working in India For Another Type of CorporateWork .
  54. 54. Page No.: 1808 >> The Entertainment Industry ( Contd.)## Holly Wood Industry1I was thrilled to view the Creative / Dream Like Work Out English Film‚ Inception ‚ Released in Year 2010.In Film the Creativity / Dream Like Work Outs has enabled to resolveone question that was in my Mind about Land Scarcity.The Architectural Designs can make Provision in Future for ProperUtilisation of Current Land of Building Area in to Further orImprovisation to Construct Buildings On the Above Area or NewerBuilding in Higher Capacity.!! >> The Entertainment Industry : Product Film Promotion &Technolgy Importance## Product Film Promotion : Holly Wood Industry / Bolly Wood Industry&South Indias Tolly Wood Industry : In the Country Like U.S.S.RThe Corporate M/s. Sony Pictures Entertainement English Film ‚Armoured ‚ Released in Year 2010 . This Film is Like a FilmPromotion in Country The U.S.S.R. . All Films Need to be PromotionRequired in Above Country The U.S.S.R. By Means OF Subtitling .!! >> The Broadcast Industry .Channels Like Discovery / National Geographic / Animal Planet / Disneyare very important.!! >> Product Technolody Promotion in 3D Holly Wood Films .Its my important request to this Top / Big Corporate & IndustryTo have Facility of ‚ Sony Dynamic Digital Sound ‚ i.e. S.D.D.S. 7.1Channel Sound / Audio Mix Avaialbility Quality Presentation to thisWorld Film
  55. 55. Page No.: 19Film Promotion & Entertainment Sector.09 >> The Multiplex Entertainment Industry :## Film Promotion : Holly Wood Industry / Bolly Wood Industry &South Indias Tolly Wood Industry :The Conclusion Based From The Job Assignment From M/s.Kanakia Spaces Private Limied , Mumbai . The subsequent Interveiwwith the Corporate Management in the Month of April 19, 2010 .The Following Strategic Points :1.Probability of Job Designation would have Been ‚ GeneralManager : Facility with Customer Support ‚ , Due to my only constraintin Entertainment Division.2.On this Assignment ; My Another Involvement , Beside JobResponsibilities was also to Promote the Events Like : Art Acting /Singing related to Commercial / Pop / Classical From variousGenerations .3. Painting / Art Work Outs.4. Its a need that All Multiplexes in India need very Good Occupancyof Veiwers For Film / Movies Presentation in this Multiplexes .My Individual Say Related to Entertainment Sector : It Was OnReceipt oF FIFA 2010 Award CertiFication, Received By Me In Year2009 : My Ambition was to Install For All My Friends i.e. SomePrestigious Like Investments Could Had the Possibility ForReProduction oF Sound Format i.e.(S.D.D.S.) Sony Dynamic DigtalSound 7.1 Format in Screen No.04: At Eternity Cinemax Mall, Thane ,Maharashtra , The India. [ Latest UPDated : 18/09/2010 ]
  56. 56. 10. Eternity Mall , Thane City : Due to My Film Projects / Sports /Music.Public , Citizens & Indirect Friends . Mainly the Visiting Parents (With Their Childrens ) For the Film / Movies / Giggles.All Youth Graduates Small & Big at Eternity Mall , Thane City.
  57. 57. Page No. : 20( This Project Details were Derived From Date : 02 / August / 2010 .Its Due to NewsPaper Business Line The Hindu About the ArticleMergers on Page No.02 Dated 03/August / 2010 : The RespectiveCorporates Top / Big Personalities may Opt For New Merger orNewer Tie Ups in Future Time )11 >> The Film Conclusion For / From Me : It was For BetterUnderstanding From My Point of Veiw & Its Own Film / MovieMaking .( Interaction was Always with Friends from My Own Project WorkOuts )The Conclusion For Any Film / Movies was to known From Me : Itwas E mail Communication to My Friends that would have Broughtthe Network Like Possibility / Means To the Indirect Friends For ‚Cinemax Eternity Mall, Thane City ‛.It was Indirect Friends Interest About Me : To Develop In my ownway of Inherient Pecularities oF Speaking Guestures for thePresentation Type / Means Could Be Future Avaliable Time .11 >> The New Film Conclusion :11A } Its About the Film ‚ The Last Air Blender ‚ From the M/s.Paramount Pictures Co. Corporate . Its very Good Graphics andSpecial Effects Film.The Art Direction from the Recognised Director ‚ Mr. M. NightShyamalan ‚ The Idea to Potrayed is About : The Graphics & SpecialEffects During the Big Ship Picturised In the Sea Water .It Features The Importance For the Ship at the Sea Port BasedDuring the time of Storm.
  58. 58. Page No.; 21 11 B ) Living Life in Ancient Migration Time & INFO. About DiscoveryChannel Short Film :The English Film ‚ The Twilight Saga : Eclipse ‚ viewed By Me On02/ August / 2010.I have viewed many Broadcast Programmes related to Ancient TimeEspecially in The Far North . Its During Snow Fall Time.It has always been the search For Food & Water For HumanBeings in Snowy Region .The Ancient Time Earnings & Business were thought to be likeImportant Supposition For Living Means for Human Being .Now : One Important M/s.B.B.C. Co. Ltd. , Short Film On DiscoveryChannel About The ‚ Ganges ‚ in India . They have shown How theWild Animal Jaguar Does Hunting In Night Time.# In Previous School Going Time on vacation spending with my Familymembers at Native Place ; In Night time their was attack of one WildAnimal on Domestic Animal From Outside the Fence . To save theDomestic Animal From the Wild Animal : I was unable to view WildAnimal in the Night Darkness . The Domestic animal was saveddue to my presence at the Fence.# Next Evening Time : During the Visit to Mountain / Hill near the Nativeplace House. My Uncle : Mr. Madukar T. Sawant & All we small school agegoings were searching for Cashewnuts & Fruits.
  59. 59. My Uncle & Myself Veiwed the Wild Animal Jaguar that passed inthe Forest. In the Film Twilight Saga : Eclipse they have shownthe Film Animation Graphics how the Wild Animals could AffectHuman Life in Ancient Time . It Reminded Me About My JaguarNight Mare Incidence in Month of December , 2006. At the NativePlace : Asrondi , Via: Kankavli , State ; Maharashtra , The India . That’sHow Jaguars in the Forests are the cause oF Death For theHuman Beings . The Wild Animal Jaguar Might had caused Injuries or Death to Mei.e. To Mr. Deepak S. Sawant ( My Another name to beMr. Ronnie . This Another Name was known to me in Year 2007 ) .The Injuries to my Both Hands or caused Death to me by Leaping onmy Forehead Back or Neck Region .Page No.: 022My Importance To The Newer Youth For Freindliness : OrganisedOn , 02nd / August /2010.[ Time Factor Enjoyment During Free Time at The Cinemax EternityMall , Thane City , Maharashtra , India ]1. EVENT Singing Participation.2. Film Based Team Film Play Writing.3. National Film Songs : Short Film Takes Like Writing.It’s For Two Important Top Male Singers :Mr. Mohd. RafiMr. Kishore KumarIt’s For Two Important Top Female Singers :
  60. 60. Ms. Lata MangeshkarMs. Asha BhosleImportant Note : We can listen to their singing on Mp3 / CD / or Radio FM.[ Their Songs in the Previous Film with the Efforts of Music Directors / Lyrics& For Big Play Back Singers & Likewise with International Albums need tobe sketched in Different Types of Idea of Presentation to make Every Onein their Team Time Enjoyable.]:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::