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Business networking its a new big strategic business plan


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Business networking its a new big strategic business plan

  1. 1. Date : 25th / July / 2011<br />Business Networking : Its A New Big Strategic Business Plan <br />[ Total Set : 03 Nos. ]<br />Kind Attn.: <br />To  : Mr. Dennis Rodman [ Managing Director ];<br />& C.C. : ( The  Corporate Management Authority )                                                                                      <br />M/s. Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. Scotland. <br />A Time Warner Company ;  Warner Village , <br /> A 96 , Narin Road , Edinburg – Scotland.   <br />C.C. : 02 <br /> To : Ms. Jessica Zacholl ( Warner Bros. Entertainment )Director Corporate Communications <br />M/s. Warner Bros. Entertainment . CA 91522 , <br />C.C. : 03 <br />Mr. Jon GilBert [ President )<br />M/s. Warner Brothers Facility Studios Limited. <br />A Time Warner Company ;<br />CaLiFornia. <br />Subject / Topics : Its A New Big Strategic Business Plan <br />Dear Sir & All Concern ; <br />In Recent Time It Had Now Became Like Possibility In Future About The Film & Movies Business in Entertainment World . It Could Be the Direct / InDirect Interent Email Interaction Messaging. <br />In Recent New System oN about Text “ Following “ with Companies ProFile <br />I was to know about Many Corporates Group From M/s. Time Warner Inc. & M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc.. [ Newer M/s. M/s. Warner Music Companies ].<br />I Hope I Know Some InFo. Is Acquired Like About the Top Industrial & Big Sir Personality in Name Mr. Tim F. With Another Similiar Like Name Mr. Tim M. . It was Recieved Info. Like From M/s. Business Line , The Hindu News Paper , Chennai Publication , Received By Me at Thane . India . <br />I Doo Receive News About Film Business in News Paper Business Standard , Mumbai Publication , Recieved By Me at Thane . India.<br />Another News Paper Economics Times , Mumbai Publication , Recieved By Me at Thane . India <br />First Point : It’s a New Big Strategic Business Plan .<br />It Includes Top Corporate M/s. Time Warner Inc. Support with Our Corporate M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc..]<br />My Thinking Process Also Main Involvement with the Following Plan Support From Top & Many Corporates i.e. Hollywood Industries All Principals Like ! Twenteith Century Fox ! Paramount & Universal Pictures ! WaltDisney Movies ! Sony Columbia & TriStar Pictures with Big Post Production Houses . <br />It will Also Include Indias All Top Corporate Multiplex Partners & Many Multiplex Companies.<br />In Mutual Understanding with All Multiplex Corporate Patners Like !PVR Cinemas ! Kanakias Cinemax Cinemas ! Star Cinemas i.e. Cinepolis Multipexes ! Big Cinemas ! IMAX Cinemas ! Fame Cinemas.<br />It Can / May Link to Formation For this New Big Strategic Plan to succeed with Future Newer Generation to Take Lead From 25 years till their Expertise Conclude to Function From Year 35 years Onwards.<br />The New Big Strategic Plan will Require : 025 Years on Process with Posiibilites In Some Areas & Segment At In Following Many Big Countries & Continents For World Wide Entertainment . <br />The Big Countries & Continents : Asia / China / Europe / GulF / Africa / U.S.S.R. [ Its My Own Interest ].<br />Planning Movies with Multilexes & Broadcast Programmes in this Big Areas & Continents.<br />Regards All,<br />Mr. Deepak S. Sawant [ Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie ]<br />