Evernote overview 2013


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Class to show people how to use Evernote for effectively running their businesses.

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  • Alternatives; MS One-Note, Google Keep
  • Evernote overview 2013

    1. 1. Improving Your Productivity Using Evernote An overview guide for using Evernote in your daily business & personal life. Transformative Leadership Group Ron McIntyre 01/21/2014
    2. 2. What exactly is it? • Evernote is a cloud-based storage system that allows you to store, organize and retrieve electronic notes & files of all sorts using a variety of platforms or devices. • You can upload up to 40 MBs of data per month for free (or 1 GB of data for $5/Mo or $45/Yr). • It works from your browser or as an application for Window’s and Mac computers, or from many mobile devices such as iPhones, Galaxy or Motorola SmartPhones. 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 01/21/2014 2
    3. 3. Is it safe and secure? • In general, it is as secure as your email. While it is a great place to store nearly everything, key financial & medical records and passwords should probably use more a more encrypted storage method. • Evernote keeps your PC or Mac synchronized with the cloud-based copy of your database so you can also access it locally if the net fails you. • Information is all stored in XML format so that it is transportable if anything happens to Evernote. 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 3
    4. 4. How do I get it? Easy it IS! • Go to www.evernote.com and click on the Get Started link to sign up for a free account. • Then go to the downloads section. You’ll want an application for your OS (Mac or Windows), a web Clipper for your browser and possibly a client for your smart phone. • Note the email address they give you when they confirm your information. You’ll need it if you want to email stuff directly into your Evernote database. @myEN works for the twits! yourname.00123@m.evernote.com < Call this Evernote in address books 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 4
    5. 5. Use Ideas, must have! • Build a Swipe File • Meeting notes • Client/project notes • Home contractor phone numbers • Songs (chords, tablature, etc.) • Technical knowledgebase • Travel plans • Motivational quotes • Usernames and passwords (Caution) • Recipes (Using Evernote Food) • Important (e.g., kids' medical) documents = Caution) • Bucket list 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 5
    6. 6. Do or No Do, there is no Try! • • • • • • • • • • • Networking Connections using Evernote Hello Share Notebooks with associates IP Addresses, Networking details, Diagrams Photos (Caution) Journaling – Personal and professional Keep track of all your certifications details Clip Web sites, PDF’s, Web Docs via Web CLipper Study using Evernote Peek with IPAD and Magnetic cover Evernote Clearly Isolation tool in Chrome & Firefox Birthday List, family & Friends Vacation Planner, Memory Jogger 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 6
    7. 7. Unlimited Ideas there are! • • • • • • • • • • • Coding ideas & snippets for future use Analysis of thoughts for presentations. Scripts for Speeches Use cases for Process or Application Development Expense tracking and reminders Create an active To-Do List Send emails to Evernote for tracking and archiving Let others email you documents they find directly to Evernote Create Shopping Lists for Groceries or Parts Create book reviews while reading a book Store serial & model numbers, color codes for paint etc. 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 7
    8. 8. Current Tools for Evernote • Evernote for PC, Ipad, Iphone, Android • Evernote Web Clipper • Evernote Clearly • Evernote Food • Evernote - Skitch • Evernote Peek 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 8
    9. 9. Let’s Take a Ride! 1/14/2014 2014 - Transformative Leadership Group 9