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Slides that I use to discuss Becoming a Person of Influence based on John Maxwell's book of the same name.

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  • The true meaning of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.Law of EF Hutton – when the real leader speaks, people listen
  • Increasing your influence equals increasing your leadership
  • Principle – as a leader “attract who you are, not who you want”List top 3 characteristics of who you want on your team… Do you possess those characteristics?
  • Principle – how you influence people will determine how many, how long, and how effectively you influence them. Force – no choice in the decision
  • Intimidation – my way or the highway
  • Manipulation – there’s a winner and a loser
  • Positional – we follow because we have to
  • Exchange – we both win something
  • Persuasion – we follow because we want to
  • Respect – we follow because of the request and respect for the influencer
  • Everyone influences someone, few people influence a lot of people
  • Hurt enough to have to changeLearn enough to want to changeReceive enough to be able to change
  • Principle – why you do something will ultimately determine what you doRight motives are crucial to people because leadership functions on the basis of trustContinual wrong motives are a result of bad character
  • Trust is the glue that holds people together.Does my organization have good written values?Do the leaders practice and model them for others?Do I place the interests of my people above my own?Am I accountable to others for my actions?Since I know myself best, do I like who I am?
  • Nurturing people:Does not mean needing peopleDoes mean commitment to peopleDoes mean loving peopleDoes mean lifting people to a higher level
  • Assets make things possiblePeople make things happenFear – if we are afraid of people we cannot confront themDislike – if we dislike people we should not lead themContempt – if we look down on people, we will not value themBorrowed beliefs have no powerWe become outside what we believe insideLack of belief in people hurts both the leader and the peopleThe greatest gift a leader gives another person is to express belief in that person when that person doesn’t believe in himself
  • Look at speaker – meanings are not in words, but in peopleAsk questions – this is the quickest way to become a listenerDon’t interrupt – it is just as rude to step on people’s ideas as it is to step on their toes.Don’t change subject – listening is wanting to hearEmotion – leaders must keep current of the undercurrentsResponsive listening – when people feel that their leads no longer listens or responds, they will go somewhere elseTo become a better listener:What is their heart?What is their hope?What is their hurt?How can I help?
  • Why relationships fail:Fear which causes us to erect barriersSelfishness which causes us to focus on self instead of othersKeys…
  • You cannot give what you do not haveSuccess is knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit othersSuccess – when you work hard to better yourselfSignificance – when you work hard to better others
  • There are those who can see the problem ahead and avoid it.There are those who can experience the problem and fix it.There are those who can not see the problem or fix it and they are overwhelmed.A leader is one who sees more than others see, farther than others see, before others seeExperience – been there did thatSuccess – been there did that successfullyResponsibility – I’m willing to take others on the tripCommunication – Encouraging –honest –continualPartnership – we go together – we help each other
  • Credibility + Communication = ConnectionsRelationships – people listen because of who you knowSacrifice - people listen because of what you have sufferedInsight - people listen because of what you knowExperience - people listen because of what you have achievedAbilities - people listen because of what you are able to doIntuition - people listen because of what you senseCharacter - people listen because of your integrityHumility - people listen because of your heartRelevance - people listen because you identify with their needsConvictions - people listen because of your passionGo to their world. Communicate from the heart. Find the key to their life.
  • Determine not to know everything, not to know everything first, not to become the primary source of communication, to let someone else represent you, to stay with your strengths. Empowerment means:Seeing the potential of the individual and the proper fit for the jobSaying words that encourage, equip and empower that personSharing your knowledge, experience and influence with themShowing to others your belief in and power given to that person
  • Model good leadershipProvide leadership trainingProvide leadership resourcesProvide leadership experiencesCreate a growth environment
  • Becoming a person_of_influence_jmt_2013

    1. 1. Welcome Ron McIntyre
    2. 2. 1. Better understanding of influence 2. Increase influence with others
    3. 3. WHO do you influence?
    4. 4. How do you influence others?
    5. 5. How do you influence others?
    6. 6. How do you influence others?
    7. 7. How do you influence others?
    8. 8. How do you influence others?
    9. 9. How do you influence others?
    10. 10. How do you influence others?
    11. 11. Job – Local Relationships – Church – Social Media?
    12. 12. Leaders sense:
    13. 13. Leaders sense:
    14. 14. Leaders sense:
    15. 15. Leadership is INFLUENCE My influence with others is either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE Our influence with others is usually not in ALL AREAS Our influence can GROW With influence comes RESPONSIBILITY People of positive influence ADD VALUE to others
    16. 16. Look at speaker Ask questions Don’t interrupt Don’t change subject Emotion Responsive listening
    18. 18. 80% of leaders attract followers
    19. 19. 10% of leaders attract leaders
    20. 20. 5% of leaders reproduce leaders
    21. 21. Thank You Ron McIntyre