App, Meet eBook. Ron Martinez, eBooks for Everyone Else NY, SF 2011


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App, meet eBook. Presentation by Ron Martinez at Publisher's Launch conference, eBooks for Everyone Else, San Francisco and New York, 2011.

For more information, email to contact at aerbook dot com.

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App, Meet eBook. Ron Martinez, eBooks for Everyone Else NY, SF 2011

  1. 1. App, meet aerbook Aerbook • San Francisco • Los Angeles • New York • Paris
  2. 2. AerbookWe design, develop, and co/publish nexttablet-centric booksApp-like eBooks, book appsPremium original development andadaptations, packaging, w/ rev shareNot a conversion house. ~A dozenprojects in development, more in pipeline
  3. 3. The Law of Surprise and Demand On new platforms... Surprise (and delight) people with useful new experiences And they will demand more of them And bigger surprises
  4. 4. Siri.
  5. 5. Why Tablet Publishing?Categories that have sat out therevolution can now play.New platforms (temporarily) levelplaying fields.Suddenly there are a lot oftablets.
  6. 6. iPad
  7. 7. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
  8. 8. Definitions:What Are These Things?
  9. 9. eBook, n.A text-based bookin digital form.(We’re covered.)
  10. 10. Enhanced Book, n.A perfectly goodeBook ruined bydistracting,superfluous video. 2009-2011, R.I.P.
  11. 11. Examples.Numerous attempts.But, you know, non-fiction with tv news clips,author interview, etc.
  12. 12. How To.Don’t. Even marketleaders have moved on toricher experiences. (But give them credit for innovating.)
  13. 13. Check out the new Vook
  14. 14. Illustrated Book, n.A book with alot of pictures.Typically, “fixedlayout,” non-reflowable text.
  15. 15. Examples• Children’s Picture Books• How To• Education• Special Interest• Culinary Titles...
  16. 16. How ToConversion house.Sign up with iTunes, getsamples and guides.Get Liz Castro’s
  17. 17. Try out Book Creator, a$6.99 iPad app.
  18. 18. Book App, n.An interactive, touchablefiction or non-fictionnarrative, built withnative technology.Sold in app store.
  19. 19. Examples
  20. 20. Activity Books
  21. 21. ConsiderationsWhat is the fun, informative,delightful thing that you do?Native dev expensive.Apps generally sell forless than eBooksDiscoverability an issue.
  22. 22. How ToNative Apps: expensive,proprietary development Hybrid Apps: Written inHTML5, with nativewrapper: less expensive,portable, some limitations
  23. 23. Baker eBook Framework
  24. 24. PugPig
  25. 25. True Native: DemiBooksComposer app ~$500 per title.
  26. 26. App-Like eBook, n.An interactive, touchablefiction or non-fictioneBook (not app).See: ePub 3 (Sold in bookstore)
  27. 27. ExampleFeatured in iBookstore
  28. 28. New Experiences in eBooks Animation Touch Controls Quizzes Testing Activities Social Sharing
  29. 29. App-like Children’s eBooksRead To Me, Ambient Soundtracks,Highlighted Words now Standard, iBooks
  30. 30. Graphic Novels, Animation
  31. 31. CulinaryHow ToRich presentationInteractivediagramsIngredient mailersSocial sharingmore...
  32. 32. NumerousUntappedCategoriesSpecial InterestBiographyHumorHistorymore...
  33. 33. ConsiderationsWhat is the fun, informative,delightful thing that you do?iBooks now, ePub 3, newplatforms comingAttention-getting, higher prices,discoverable, less expensive
  34. 34. As The Medium Evolves...“Conversions” won’t cut it.Digital first titles will make thebest use of device capabilities.Includes originals, adaptations.Different set of talents required.
  35. 35. Thanks!Happy to talk in more detailthis afternoon.