Mediastream Fze Executive Summary (Abriged) 2010


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Mediastream Fze Executive Summary (Abriged) 2010

  1. 1. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 BRIEF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY –MEDIASTREAM FZE Mediastream FZE is UAE Free Zone company registered with the Ras Al Khaimah Media free Zone as a developing business which focuses on the world of New Media & satellite Television Production, Broadcast & Distribution. The company envisages fulfilling the needs of a large arena of support services catering to the following business streams worldwide but primarily across the Middle East & Africa region. Some of the main avenues of our business thrust are: 1. World wide New Media & Conventional acquisition & relicensing via distributors of Television content like; a. Digital Cable Networks b. Hotels c. Airlines d. Telecom service providers (IPTV /VOD/Mobile VAS) e. The web (online cinema/online media portals) 2. Management of Television stations broadcasting out of UAE, broadcast licensing and set up of media entities across the UAE (set up consultancy) 3. Channel representation for overseas channels desiring to set up distribution and sales operations across the MENA region 4. Setup and operations of Niche language In-house Television channels (Cable & satellite delivered) as independent profit centres 5. Television production: a. Localized TV shows across the Middle East region for Expatriate and local audiences. b. TV commercials c. TV shows (international formats / All Genres) d. Local event coverage: Live and recorded e. Mobisodes for Mobile ( proposed) 6. Turn key IP based projects (Hotels & building complexes) including digital content supply for VAS (value added services) in conjunction with large local & regional Telecom and IPTV service providers)
  2. 2. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 7. Marketing & Sales of New media products via non electronic means ( e.g. Internet Tv boxes/IP based boxes/Content sales/promotion via flash cards / digital signage links via IP etc) 8. Media Consulting and conducting localised media based events for clients from across the MENA region as well as the Indian subcontinent. THE SCENARIO & THE OPPORTUNITY The digital experience gaps faced by today‟s consumers mean unrealized revenue for content providers (especially from the worlds most prolific film and Television Industry –BOLLYWOOD), technology manufacturers, service providers, and last-mile distributors, as well as frustration, confusion, and unrealized digital potential for consumers. The subcontinent, itself a huge consumer for digital content has left the other nearby regions of the world relatively unattended and wanting for South Asian content primarily because the content aggregation mechanism is not fluent and experienced enough to cater to this developing demand ( as is the industry in western countries like the US studios). The Middle East & Africa are ripe and potent regions which, due to their geographic proximity and age old trade routes have an intrinsic bond and affinity for Indian content either in its mother tongue or dubbed/subtitled into the local language. Mediastream FZE‟s management team has conducted both primary and secondary research into the new digital multimedia market both regionally and internationally. We have identified a significantly underserved segment within it – That of large-scale, multiple-source & tailor-made content aggregation, new media distribution and ongoing management opportunities as well as local Tv show production. Mediastream FZE‟s digital content rights aggregation, distribution and management services are uniquely positioned to fill this gap in the market because of our centralized, streamlined, and simplified approach. We promise a “solution boutique” of integrated content supply/delivery and related management services that will enable last-mile distributors to deliver full digital experiences to their subscribers. Industry research estimates that world wide successful efforts by way of this content-service bundled strategy will generate US$13 billion by 2010.
  3. 3. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Mission Statement Mediastream FZE aims to be the leading regional integration/ consulting/production & Content Clearing House for licensed, Indian, Western & International TV, radio, film, music, sports, and games content across multiple new digital media platforms worldwide, creating value for content providers and last-mile distributors. Company Description In December „08, Ron Kapadia a Satellite & Cable industry veteran of over two decades founded Mediastream FZE (the “Company”), a TV production/broadcast consultancy/multimedia integration and digital rights management company that aggregates and manages content license rights and secures its distribution via conventional as well as new digital mediums. The company started operations in the fall of ‟09 right in the middle of the recession looking at incubating a business entity with minimum cost. Envisaging the quantum change in the way video content is being viewed by users across the world by the effective utilization of emerging technologies with innovative marketing applications we realized the considerable scope for a business model catering to this demand. The Company is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with strategic alignments with content and service providers worldwide ranging from the USA to Singapore [for more information on the promoter please see ANNEXURE1] Some of our business partners are listed below: 1. Verismo Networks, California, USA – IP box – 2. FunLittleMovies, Hollywood,USA – 3. United Television Studios, India – 4. Big Entertainment -ADLABS ( a division of the Reliance ADA Group) – India – 5. Shemaroo Video Ltd – – 6. ARY Digital – 7. Yash Raj Films – 8. Venus records & films- 9. StarTV – 10. Zee Network – 11. Sixinchspace –
  4. 4. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Mediastream FZE is currently in the growth phase of its development, with a core team having expertise in different yet synergistic areas of the media industry. The Core team is assisted on a case to case basis by industry professionals synergistic to Mediastream The company has developed strong business relationships/representation with key Tv and film production studios and content providers across the Indian subcontinent for conventional and new media content and media services [see list above]. Within the next 12 months of operations, with a positive growth, the Company expects to reach a staff strength of 10-15 skilled & multi-tasking manpower specialized in various facets of the Television arena, which will enable the Company to be well-positioned for further growth and profitability. One of the key aspects of profitability is the utilization of experienced and multifaceted staff members thereby keeping the head count to a minimum. However one must understand keeping in mind the positive potential of the business, rapid expansion of the business would require local, regional & international staff/consultants to be recruited. Business Strategy Mediastream FZE‟s strategy is to offer scalable, tailor-made solutions for the aggregation, distribution, management, consultancy and associated value-added services („VAS‟) revenue generation needs of content providers and last-mile distributors as well as quality production services to local & international clients. By creating a centralized content clearing house for distribution, the Company is streamlining and simplifying an otherwise often tedious, complicated, and disorganized process. Both content providers and last-mile distributors have recognized that Mediastream FZE‟s horizontally-integrated approach provides the missing link in the value chain.
  5. 5. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 There are four main revenue streams to the business model: 1) Content Aggregation a. Revenue sharing percentage of net revenues (i.e., after last-mile distributor shares) achieved from subscriptions and/or advertising sales of distributed content, payable by content providers desiring distribution; and/or b. Retainer plus fixed, performance-related fee structure per channel (revenue share or CPS model), payable by last-mile distributors and middleware vendors requiring content aggregation services; and/or c. Percentage of savings achieved against costs of channels/content provides versus current CPS rates, payable by last-mile distributors with existing video services; d. Consultancy fees, payable by last-mile distributors launching new platforms or revamping existing services. Content Management (i.e., Back Office Support Services) a. Revenue shares with last-mile distributors (i.e., similar to a commission), b. generally ranging from 6% to 30%; or c. Fixed management fee per channel/program/event per year; or d. Fixed management fee per last-mile distributor/platform.
  6. 6. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Mediastream FZE aims to successfully combine content, devices and services into revenue-generating “experiences” through content-service bundles. Mediastream FZE‟s services are scalable, fully customizable, and can be configured to meet a wide variety of client (i.e., content provider, middleware vendors, or last-mile distributor) needs: Commercial & Legal a. Management of all contract negotiations, license renewals, and additional rights procurement with content providers and last-mile distributors b. Structuring of commercial terms c. Consulting last-mile distributors re: business modeling & pricing d. packaging e. Administration f. Database management, including: i. Content providers and relevant contacts ii. Contract terms and conditions iii. license rights conditions and restrictions g Market Research, including: I. Developed and emerging markets II. New digital media platforms and related industry developments Revenue Management a. Treasury i. Collection of revenues from last-mile distributors ii. Payments to content providers iii. Accounting & Financial Analysis iv. Training of last-mile distributors and their compliance with standardized v. reporting templates for associated billing and issuance of invoices vi. Maintenance of proper books and records b. Production of required statutory and management accounts i. Revenue assurance ii. Reporting iii. Production of required subscriber reports, as per affiliate agreements iv. Generation of subscriber analysis reports, including active subscriber base,
  7. 7. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 c. New sales, churn, net growth, as well as an associated breakdown by territory, d. Package/a la carte, contract period, invoice period, method of payment 2) Television /Video Services related to various forms of New Media delivery a) Technical support for content re-purposing and re-packaging b) Stand alone Tv production: a. TV commercials b. Corporate films c. Mobisodes d. Real estate based 3D walk through e. Local UAE based Tv programming f. Event based production services/Tv coverage/capsuling (for Tv channels/films/media events) 3) Media based consultancy a) Designing/operating/conducting local events for overseas clients b) Sourcing sponsorships and event based sales c) Broadcast, business setup & licensing consultancy for start up media enterprises in UAE 4) Channel representation & regional distribution a. Local/regional distribution of channels wanting to enter the Middle East and Africa space b. Regional advertising sales for these channels c. Multiple distribution revenue generation modes for partner channels through effective carriage on multiple mediums across the region like Digital Cable networks/mobile/IPTV/broadband/Hotels
  8. 8. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Target Market Last-mile distributors often market technology and applications, but fail to offer subscribers the content and services that bring them to life. Content providers lack the internal resources to effectively monetize niche distribution of their content via digital multimedia mediums. And middleware vendors (e.g., network infrastructure providers, portable device Manufacturers, software application developers, content management platform operators, etc.) Attempt to sell stand-alone software, technology, or devices versus integrated services under the control of a single application, all of which results in lost revenue opportunities. Mediastream FZE’s management recognizes an enormous set of unmet content- related needs in this global digital multimedia ecosystem, particularly the following platforms, which worldwide market research says will dominate pay TV over the next decade: . Triple Play (i.e., voice, data, video) . IPTV (Internet Protocol) . PC Broadband/Open-Access Internet . Video On Demand (VOD) . Mobile Telephony . Airlines (content sales and/or live streaming from satellite or IP-based distribution on commercial airlines, private & corporate jets) Industry Market Potential and estimations: Management estimates the market represented by Mediastream FZE‟s target digital multimedia platforms is currently at US$11 billion, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 55% to nearly US$100 billion by 2012. The following industry research supports management‟s forecasts:  IPTV: IMS Research forecasts that the worldwide IPTV market will climb from 1.9 million subscribers in 2004 to a little more than 27 million households by the end of the decade, while worldwide IPTV service revenue is projected to grow from US$635 million to more than US$44 billion respectively, according to Infonetics Research.
  9. 9. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965  PC Broadband: According to ABI Research, the worldwide broadband video market will continue to grow rapidly, from US$6.9 billion worldwide in early 2005 to more than US$16 billion by 2010. Both pay and ad-supported broadband video markets saw growth in excess of 100% year over year in 2005, driven by consumers' continuing increase in broadband video usage and by content owners' demand for alternative outlets as existing channels mature.  VOD: Research from Informa Telecoms & Media shows that in 2010, 350 million homes will take VOD or NVOD services, equivalent to one-third of the world's total TV households, generating revenues of US$10.7 billion, up from US$2.8 billion in revenue by the end of 2006, and of which, non-adult video content delivered as subscription or pay-per-download over the Internet will have a worldwide retail value of US$2.6 billion.  Mobile Telephony: From fewer than 1 million global subscribers today, according to ABI Research forecasts, demand will experience strong growth so that by 2011 as many as 250 million customers will subscribe to video services on their mobile phones. What is now a US$200 million business will by the end of the decade be a US$27 billion one.  Airlines: Industry forecasts call for sales of nearly 9,000 new aircraft over the next 10 years and sales of more than 15,000 commercial transports valued at US$1.3 trillion over the next 20. These trends are based on annual airline passenger increases of almost 5% per annum. Average airline spend on telecommunications and IT (by Asia-Pacific airlines) remains pegged at 2% of revenues for the second year running. Competition Mediastream FZE‟s current competition is primarily with existing studio, broadcast television channels who are building their own in-house teams, in-house content acquisition departments of last-mile distributors and content providers‟ distribution teams. All of these do not have a wide variety of offerings since they have inducted manpower primarily to syndicate their own in-house content To a lesser extent, some content management platforms operators are also attempting to aggregate content as a means of selling their software, technology, or platform and managed services. However, for each of these potential competitors, content aggregation or its distribution – particularly for new digital multimedia platforms – is
  10. 10. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 a non-core business, with insufficient resources allocated and the organizational structure inappropriately geared to servicing the activity. Conversely, these activities are Mediastream FZE‟s primary focus, which enables us to provide a level of experience, efficiency and value that our competitors cannot. Moreover, whereas our competitors are duplicating tasks, doubling up on content costs, and limiting its distribution (and associated revenue potential) to, in general, a single platform, territory, or last-mile operator, Mediastream FZE‟s scalable, horizontally-integrated business model leverages economies of scale both in terms of cost-effective content acquisition as well as its maximized distribution technologically and geographically. Management The founder of Mediastream FZE is a media executives with an execeptionally successful background in the Satellite & Television Media industry over the last 27years.  Ron Kapadia a media Industry veteran with over two decades of TV & media based management experience having held senior corporate & management assignments with the likes of o Sony Entertainment Television, India o CNBC-TV18, India: A multi facted broadcast and program producer presently running a bouquet of business related and entertainment channels out of the Indian subcontinent [CNBCTV18/CNBC AWAZ/CNN IBN/COLOURS ETC] o Hinduja-INCABLENET [India‟s largest MSO, with a sub base of over 250,000 HH‟s as in the year 2000] , o Modi Entertainment Network in India [ a Pay Tv distribution company] o Arab Digital Distribution (PEHLA) [The only satellite delivered Asian platform for the MENA region & part of the hugh ART group] , o ZEE Network Middle East [The world largest producer and content holder of South Asian content] & o City7Tv (Arab venture corporation) in the Middle East o And now Mediastream FZE the business of the future. (For detailed promoter profile see ANNEXURE 1) Thank you, Ron (Rohinton) Kapadia President & CEO Mediastream FZE
  11. 11. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 ANNEXURE 1 – Promoters profile P.O. Box 283220 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mobile 1: +97150 4818965 Mobile 2: +97150 3532828 Personal E-mail: Office email: Rohinton(Ron)B.Kapadia DateofBirth22-02-1958 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE APRIL to Present date - Aug ‘07 – March ‘09 President & CEO, Mediastream FZE ARAB VENTURE CORPORATION [ CITY7 TV] DUBAI,UAE , Executive Director & Chief operating Officer []  Restructuring and rebuild of the entire station ranging from broadcast technology/pre& post production/packaging/new content/transmission & operations and revamping of the team 1. Developing a credible fabric for the station as a premier local TV station [the Tv showcase of the UAE] covering content genres ranging from Local News/Business/industry/Lifestyle/Entertainment /Local sports/local UAE based event coverage and many other genres. 2. Solely managing all aspects of budgetary/fiscal & administrative control for the business
  12. 12. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Sept 03- March 07  Fine tuning the business plan to effect considerable savings on outflow to the tune of 10-15million dirhams over a year  Developing the Airtime sales activity using effective primary awareness based research  Developing credibility & awareness for the station with minimum spend on marketing.  Single handed ideation and design and authorization of a 50million dirham broadcast and production facility complex covering 200,000+ sqft of built up area out of the STUDIO CITY free zone [a division of TECOM]. ZEE NETWORK MIDDLE EAST Chief Operating Officer []  Responsible for restructuring the entire MENA region business operation from scratch.  Management of Office set up/ licensing/recruitment/operational & logistic systems  Conversion of the existing advertising franchisee based operation into a full fledged regional Satellite Tv operation for the MENA region.  Development of local Tv content to be injected into the inherited content stream from the India operation.  Initiating the build up of a new in-house Sales / Marketing and PR build up for the new and existing content line up.  Methodologies for awareness build amongst existing and potential viewers & advertisers  Focus on Local interactive programming with active public participation to build a following and cement relationships with the viewers  Building on existing relationships with carriage partners like ADD (PEHLA) assisting on anti piracy operations
  13. 13. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Jan 2003 to June 2003 Modi Entertainment Ltd, Mumbai, India President, Distribution and Subscription Sales, All India  Responsible for subscription sales of the entire bouquet of channels consisting of Ten Sports, Fashion TV, Hallmark TV Entertainment and DD sports (all channels distributed by Modi Entertainment Network Ltd) throughout the Indian Subcontinent.  Mandate to function as business head to build the sales revenues of the company as well as build the bouquet offering to take the company to the next level.  Develop a business plan to take the company from a Rs.50 Crore ( $ 10million) turnover to a 100 Crore (20Million) turn over in a single year.  Strategize and execute a business plan to successfully take the company into the CAS arena without any substantial loss of reach and revenue in the new post CAS scenario. Sept 2000 – March 2002 ARAB DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION Dubai, U.A.E / Cairo, Egypt. Director Sales & Distribution – for DTH Platform – PEHLA/ART - Middle East, Egypt & Levant. Creation and build up of the entire GCC DTH dealer network for the South Asian bouquet ‘PEHLA’ presently having grown to a subscriber base in excess of 500,000+ paying subs throughout ME and Europe. Instrumental in restructuring the entire DTH, MUDS and hotels sales and sms operations in Egypt. Substantial increase in subscription sales for the Pay TV bouquets sold by the group (Surpassed the budgeted sales target of 40,000 subscribers in Egypt. over a period of ten months). Includes overall management of the Egyptian subsidiary for an interim period of 4 months. Exceptional gross subscription revenue generation achieved of U$ 2 million + during the first quarter of 2001. Hotel subscription sales averaging $50,000 per month achieved during first half of 2001.Creation of Distributor network, business rules and sales structure in GCC and Egypt (includes co-ordination with CNE, the quasi Govt. agency controlling satellite operations in Egypt). Distributor security deposits/Bank guarantees collected to the tune of LE800, 000 an unprecedented operation in this business in Egypt. Creation and implementation of business policies, procedures and business rules for implementation across the region. Strategic planning for marketing and sales support functions. Ideation, creation and implementation of new sales approaches for the group. Significant contributions were made to the corporate affairs, legal, human resources and marketing functions of the group. An internal process reengineering, and restructuring was initiated especially in the Egyptian subsidiary (EDD), which by far improved the overall efficiency and effectiveness of this subsidiary.
  14. 14. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Dec 1999 – Aug 2000 CNBC-TV18, Bombay, India Vice President - Distribution Set up the company’s distribution network through out the Indian subcontinent. Created a basic SMS to monitor subscription sales and inventory control for IRDs issued by Star TV and sales carried out by Sony TV. Exited from CNBC India due to the company merging distribution operations with Sony Entertainment Television at the time. Dec 1997 – Nov 1999 Hinduja Group – InCable Net, Bombay, India Executive Vice President – Operations Instrumental in restructuring the entire Cable TV operations of the group across the metropolis of Bombay, covering 8,00,000 connected households Contributed significantly to the Fiber optic project layout, which envisaged connection of 23 hubs across the metropolis to one central head end. Operational and administrative control over 700 employees attached to this business. Source new locations /cities to set up new projects and present a feasibility report to senior management. June 1996 - June1997 Sony Entertainment Television Bombay, India Asst Vice President – Distribution and Operations Set up the entire Nationwide Distribution Operations for the company since its inception. Achieved a distribution reach of 20 million households across the Indian subcontinent in a span of eighteen months. Significant inputs to Airtime sales and market research depts. On issues concerning distribution and reach.
  15. 15. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Set up the ‘state of the art’ postproduction facility and operations dept in the HO at Bombay with equipment supplied by the parent company SONY CORP worth approx US$ 1 million. Established management control for the studio operations for SET India, involving staff positioning, operational systems and guidelines for post production teams, procedures for outsourcing work, authorizing & overseeing formatting and post production systems & related manpower and their effective outputs. Optimizing the overall efficiency of the studio and post-production set up at SET India in the preliminary stages of the channel operations. Overseeing the technical performance and appraisals of post-production and operations staff. Overseeing the setup organization and execution of live events conducted by SET India in the preliminary stages. Oct 1995 – May 1996 Sony Entertainment Television, Bombay, India Distribution Consultant Advisor to the board of shareholders of Ace Telefilms a Joint venture partner of Columbia Tri-Star Pictures to form a Hindi language Satellite Television channel called Sony Entertainment Television for all issues related to distribution & production/post production managment. July 1984 – July 1987 The National Radio & Electronics Company of India Ltd. Manager Sales and service all India Mass communications & Entertainment Group. Responsible for the service and upkeep of the distribution network and more than 7000 color TVs located in the Taj group of hotels throughout India.
  16. 16. RAK MEDIA FREE ZONE,AL JAZEERA AL HAMRA, EMIRATE OF RAS AL KHAIMAH,P.O.BOX 283220 DUBAI,UAE. cell : +971503532828/4818965 Additional professional activities Onsite service for RCA professional closed circuit TV systems located on the offshore oil exploration and extraction platforms of the OIL and Natural Gas commission Of India, western offshore oil fields for Hyundai offshore division, South Korea Summary of qualifications 1996 Sony Corp - Hong Kong, Short intensive course in service of high end professional Digi - Beta Camcorders and recorders used for postproduction of TV programmes. 1982 Board of Technical Education, Maharastra State, India. Advanced Television technology and service – First Div. 1981 Board Of Tech Education, Maharastra state, India Radio technology & servicing course- First Division 1978 St Xavier’s Institute of Marine Communication technology, Bombay, India Marine Radio officers course (Maritime communications and protocol). First Division Cathedral & John Connon School, Bombay, India. Indian School Certificate from the University of Cambridge local Examinations Syndicate (Run by the Anglo Scottish Education society). First Division Interests and activities  Para Gliding, Farming/Gardening, Music, Movies, Reading References (Contact details on request)  Dr. Amina Al Rostamani, Head TECOM,Government of Dubai  Mr.Yatinder Mahajan, Du Telecom, & SAMACOM, Director  Mr. Mohammed Al Mulla, Executive Director, Arab Media Group, Dubai  Mr. Jamal Al Sharif, Director, Dubai Studio City, Government of Dubai, UAE  Mr. Mohammed Rashid, Chairman’s Office, MBC Group, Dubai  Mr. Vinod Dmello, Executive Vice President, Arab Digital Distribution  Mr. Abbas Ali Mirza, Partner, Delloite Middle East, Senior Partner