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  1. 1. BLACK DATA PROCESSING ASSOCIATES - GREATER PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - 1993 ACTION PLAN Jayne M. Dawkins, Committee Chairperson Submitted - November 14, 1992 Revised - November 23, 1992 Revised - December 3, 1992 - Pending concept and/or budget approval STATS: Membership as of December 1991: 140 Membership as of November 1992: 220 Year end goal: 250 1993 year end goal: 400 or more The purpose of the Membership Committee is to service the chapter's members in three specific areas: Member Relations, Membership Growth and Membership Retention. I have listed the committee's planned activities for 1993 according to the areas which they pertain. MEMBER RELATIONS FIRST - FOURTH QUARTER ACTIVITIES: (DELETED PROJECT) Sunshine Club - Donna Jones, Nathaniel Croston Purpose is to provide a vehicle to acknowledge members in the event of a death (of an immediate family member), marriage, graduation, or hospitalization. A fixed dollar amount should be determined for each or all acknowledgements; the suggested minimum amount $25.00 per acknowledgement. Budgeted $600.00 in expenses for the year. Donna is investigating obtaining credit opportunities with florists. She and Nate will be responsible for obtaining and delivering the acknowledgements. The membership would be made aware to contact either of them in the event of such happenings. Coordination with Les will be necessary if money is needed. Pending concept and budget approval. Quarterly "DID YOU KNOW": - Jayne Dawkins (DELETED PROJECT) a. highlighting chapter growth - corporate sponsors and supporters - CAC formation/members - partnerships - profile entrepreneurs, officers and members. Highlight chapter's successes and achievements. b. a one-page newsletter - one or two-sided depending on amount of information. Format will be based on information being reported. The 1993 first quarter issue is already in the works. Budgeted $300.00 for the year. Pending budget approval.
  2. 2. Monthly "Philly Chapter ALERT": - Jayne Dawkins (DELETED PROJECT) a. this information will be mailed to members only b. a one page document listing information pertinent to all members and not captured in the 'Coming Events'. c. printed on color paper Budgeted $700.00 for the year (based on $60/mon. for 2-sided color copies). Pending budget approval. SECOND QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Chapter/Member Handbook - Belynda Jenkins, James McQueen, Jayne Dawkins a. will include all marketing materials (listed under Membership Growth: Marketing Package) b. overview of all chapter committees c. chapter and national bylaws This is a necessary resource guide for our membership. The Guide will be professional looking and easily updated. We will need to purchase binders, and will incur coping costs. Committee will put-together ourselves. Budgeted $900.000 for the year. Pending budget approval. MEMBERSHIP GROWTH FIRST - FOURTH QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Memberships: Jayne Dawkins; ** Donna Jones & James Averett for orientation back-up a. continue sending treasurer fees A.S.A.P. b. send updates to nat'l at least monthly and bimonthly is necessary c. advertise multi-year memberships d. hold brief member ** orientation at the conclusion of monthly program meetings and extend an invitation to committee chairpersons to participate. e. continue notifying committee chairpersons of new committee members. f. continue verbal communication with the membership, addressing their needs and concerns, and conveying any needs/concerns to the appropriate people. Prospect Mailings: Jayne Dawkins a. continue mailing BDPA materials within one week of receiving prospect information. b. continue telephoning prospects when given a telephone number. Have been averaging 15-25 inquiries per month (not including conference sign-up sheets). Have budgeted $150.00 for the year for postage.
  3. 3. Membership Drive Events: Simone Grant, Vania Abdul-Badee, Donna Jones, Jayne Dawkins a. Specific membership programs, to be held during the months of February, June and October (not a part of the monthly program meetings); solicit prospects and send out invitations; present overview of chapter and committees and encourage Q & A.; format: wine and cheese reception - open forum - prepared presentations - loosely structured; personal testimonials "what have I gained from, how have I grow as a result of being a part of BDPA, etc. e. WDAS radio spot - designed press releases - submissions to company newsletters f.. prize for member who brings-in greatest number of new members during months of February and October. There needs to be a forum devoted to prospective members, their questions and concerns. Tentative date for first program is January 20, 1992. Plan to invite NCC prospects, holiday party prospects in addition to other prospects. Hold program at a facility w/o charge in center city. Budget $600.00 for refreshments, copies of materials, invitations and postage for the year. Plan a two hour program, total time. Budget $100.00 for two prizes. Pending concept and budget approval. FIRST QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Threefold Brochure: Alex Slocum, Vania Abdul-Badee, Darren Anthony a. history - objective - mission statement - local & national benefits (tangible & intangible) - annual fees w/explanations b. mailed with revised president's letter, coming events, current program announcement, application, membership chairperson BDPA business card and note. c. printed on stock paper using laser printer and folded Membership Committee will have completed draft of brochure by 12/31/92 and will present at the January 1993 Executive Committee meeting. Budgeted at $150.00. Pending concept budget approval. Complete Marketing Package: James McQueen, Belynda Jenkins, Jayne Dawkins (DELETED PROJECT) a. will contain information listed under 'a' from above item b. chapter demographics: total membership numbers - % IT professionals - % other professionals - entrepreneurs - % students, college & high school c. representative companies, colleges and high schools of membership d. chapter structure - committees e. partnerships, corporate sponsors, corporate supporters
  4. 4. f. method of funding g. education and community programs and evolvement h. past and recent accomplishments i. national info: structure - conference - regional meetings - sponsors and supporters - etc. - chapters' representative cities j. growth of membership Professional looking document using desktop publishing capabilities, graphs and flow charts where applicable, in a BDPA folder. This is a necessary tool and can benefit all committees. Extremely useful and/or necessary for proposals and presentations. Membership committee will complete this project by 12/31/92 and will present at the January 1993 Executive Committee meeting. Purchase of folders with BDPA logo and copying costs are budgeted at $600.00. Pending concept and budget approval. SECOND QUARTER ACTIVITIES: I. Student Chapter and Partnerships Formations: Paul McDaniel, Alex Slocum, Vania Abdul- Badee, Simone Grant, Donna Jones, Paul DeCosta a. will consist of entire student body (middle & high school and college levels) (currently at 63) b. actively forming partnerships with CRCM, INROADS and OIC c. developing specific workshops and activities focusing on BET concept. Working with Education and Program Committees to accomplish this initiative. e. retain current student members while adding to the fold f. workshop for parents of middle and high school students to introduce them to BDPA and the BOD and encourage Q & A. h. develop specific marketing materials for this purpose Budgeting $250 for a 'program kick-off event' and parent workshop - Tentative date is April 7, 1992 at a site in center city w/o cost. Pending concept and budget approval. V. Black Expo USA: Ernest Gibbs, Kublai Woody, Pauline Wynn a. BDPA chapter poster - copies - electricity. etc. b. will code applications for tracking purposes Budgeted $350 for this event. To date, can identify 18 full members who found out about and JOINED BDPA through our participation in Black Expo in April of this year (represents $1350 in membership fees). Pending budget approval.
  5. 5. MEMBER RETENTION FIRST - FOURTH QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Continue Renewal Series: Jayne Dawkins a. Upcoming renewal ltr./You are a valued member/We want you back/What happened? b. follow-up phone calls (James Mason, Pauline Wynn, Simone Grant - Phila. calls; Greg Williams, Kublai Woody - NJ calls) c. Thank you for renewing letter FIRST QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Chapter Survey: James Averett, Stephen Ganges a. will be completed by 11/30/92 (complete with cover memo) and presented at Executive Committee meeting 12/4/92 b. either a 4 or 6 page, self-return-mailer c. may require a separate mailing because of bulk d. mail date would be mid January e. follow-up for retrieval of surveys already planned f. database is being set-up in paradox to contain all data captured Initially order 400 at a cost of $300.00 for black & white with us providing camera-ready copy. Self-mailer because we want to make it as easy as possible for our members to respond. (F.Y.I. to date we've received only 22 nat'l blind surveys from our membership). Pending budget approval. Membership Applications: a. redo applications to include all committees, multi-year memberships visa/mastercard information - one page, two-sided SECOND QUARTER ACTIVITIES: Five Year Pins: Donna Jones, Darren Anthony a. given to members in appreciation of their membership and service. Budgeted at $350 for the year. Suggestions: pins for 3 years and/or five years of service; plaques awarded for 10 years of service or more, awarded in five year increments. People like Howard and Maryann would receive a plaque for the amount of years of service given to date. They would receive another at 20 years. Pending concept and budget approval,
  6. 6. MEMBERSHIP ISSUES: • Monthly Program and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: a. must be made readily available to all members • Ample supply of stationary is needed • Bylaws must be updated prior to 1993 • Mailings need to be every month, even if only to the membership • Certificates should be given at the conclusion of all workshops. This will be listed as a BDPA benefit. Change membership database from Alpha4 to Paradox: a. will submit a proposal to the Automation Committee . Purchase of IBM Desktop Publishing software: a. will submit a proposal to the Automation Committee. REQUESTS: Chapter picnic: a. request issue of the chapter underwriting the food for a membership picnic be revisited at the beginning of the second quarter. OTHER SUGGESTIONS: • Sale of Tee and Sweat Shirts with logo and unique design as a chapter fund raiser. Entrepreneurial Development: This is still in the 'conceptual stage'. Purpose is threefold: a. increase entrepreneurial base of membership b. encourage entrepreneurship throughout membership c. sharing of ideas and experiences of entrepreneurs (membership) and further spread throughout knowledge to community