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RCS vs OTT, Rich Communication System versus Over The Top, How the operators to avoid lossing their revenue of voice and sms of current mobile business

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  1. 1. RCS vs OTT Ronhugo 2015
  2. 2. Separated Communities (X mio) The 5 bn Mobile Community • Source (key messages and embedded slide): Kobus Smit, Deutsche Telecom, RCE LT Chair, presented at RCE Euro Summit #2, Stockholm, 6 Sep 2011 OTT RCS - Need service installation : open appstore, search app, pay/download, install - No necessary installation : embedded on handset (download also available) - Separated communities only (facebook messenger, skype, etc.) - All among compatible handset - Needs provisioning setup - Automatic provisioning - Should open application first and decide between OTT call (, chat/messenger (ie.WA, FB messenger). Some messaging OTT enable voice services now, but with very bad QoS. - Easier service access : user intuitive placement, automatic discovery, reliable services. - Limited user experiences - Richer user experience (exchange image/video during voice call, file transfer, geo location, shows other contact communication capabilities) - Little to no revenue to operator (as provided by 3rd party and carried over the top of operator network) - Direct/better revenue from RCS services RCS vs OTT